July 28, 2015


If I'm being honest, date night is a favorite around here. Usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, we go out for an evening of good food and good company (sometimes it's just us, sometimes we go out with our friends). Last week Scott and I decided to go out for Taco Tuesday at one of our favorite local taco shops -- Joyride Taco! After a long work day for the both of us, it was exactly what we needed to take a break -- yummy food, a few laughs and each other. 

Scott and I have always been pretty good about going out for date nights, but sometimes when life gets too busy we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things. For us, date night can consist of trips to get coffee, walking around the mall, a dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants, or even just making dinner at home and spending quality time together. However, you look at it, for us, date night is more so just about spending quality time together -- whether that be over dinner and a movie, or just a walk around Target. I love the thought of always dating your spouse, but don't like to make it overcomplicated. My motto is and always will be, "do what's best for you and our family." Anyone else agree? xo 

Truth be told, during most of our "photoshoots" Scott and I always end up making a funny face or two, or even jumping around to get the perfect floating shot. Scott was pretty proud of the photo above, tongue sticking out and all, haha. I really should have posted the outtakes from my jumping photo, though, but we'll just say that I definitely looked more like a robot than a moon walking lady. ;)

After a 20 minute wait (Taco Tuesday at Joyride is always busy -- so get there early!), we sat down at our table and enjoyed some chips and salsa while we waited for our tacos to arrive. They serve delicious, homemade chips, which we usually devour a basket full of before our meals even arrive. I always end up too full to finish my tacos + a side of yummy black beans after all the chips, but they're so worth it!

Joyride also serves delicious Agua Frescas (alcoholic and non!). My favorite is the cucumber mint, but I hear that every one they serve is just as yummy and fresh. What kind of agua frescas do you enjoy?

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We're always look for new "date night" ideas, so I would love to hear your favorites! We love going to the movies, eating out, walking around the mall (for reals -- we're those kind of mall walkers), and running around our local desert track. Also, do you have a Taco Tuesday tradition? Tell me all about it!
-Chelsea xo

July 27, 2015


Hello! This weekend was a whirlwind, but I'm back tonight to share one of our last adventures from our California adventure. On our last morning in the golden state, we visited one of our dearest friends, Courtney, for a quick coffee date before she headed into work. Per Courtney's suggestion, we decided to drive up to La Jolla before hitting the road home. With hopes of spotting sea lions and taking in a gorgeous view, we headed toward the cove -- up and down a windy road until the ocean was finally in view once again.

It had been years since I had last been in La Jolla, so we'll just that this time around it felt like a whole new experience -- wandering around the gorgeous cove and rocky shores with my sweet husband by side couldn't have felt more right. 

During our entire trip, Scott and I did our best to take a photo of a lifeguard station at every beach we visited. Well, the photo series didn't turn out quite as planned, but we did think this one was pretty cool -- not really the picture-esque ones you always seem to see in engagement photos, or on Laguna Beach, though. ;)

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To wrap up our California adventure, I'm hoping to a share fun video of our trip very soon. I've really been missing making + editing videos, and also being involved in the YouTube community. I've been planning a comeback to my channel, but would love any and all suggestions on what kind of videos I should focus on. Beauty favs? Summer picks? Fashion favorites? Let me know what you think!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Monday! Here's to an amazing week!
-Chelsea xo

July 23, 2015


While on our San Diego getaway, taking a trip to Coronado Island was on the top of our "must-do" list. As a kid I had visited this little island town with my family, and had actually been back for a quick trip in December of last year, but Scott had never been before, so we thought it made perfect sense to spend the majority of one of our days taking in the sea and sights of Coronado Island. After failing to find any street parking while circling Hotel del Coronado, we caved and spent a silly amount of money to park close-by in an underground garage and then headed toward the beach!

We took a few minutes to walk along the beach and scope out the perfect spot to lay out our towels and set up our umbrella (best, last-minute Target purchase ever!). With the Hotel Del in the background, we laid out our beach towels and applied SPF 100 (truly!) before walking toward the ocean for our first real dip in the Pacific. 

The water was COLD! Now I knew it would be cool, but I didn't quite expect the numbness that overcame my whole body the second the water hit above my belly. The last time I took a dip in the ocean was well over a year ago in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and I guess I was secretly hoping it would be the same (gorgeous - yes, warm - NO!). Coldness aside, it felt so good to take a dip in the water and splash through the ocean together. 

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After spending a few hours along the shore, Scott and I packed up and headed toward the hotel for a sweet treat -- frozen yogurt for him, ice cream for me. We spent a few minutes wandering through the ornate hotel, which was built in 1888 and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, a hotel guest who's cause of death will never quite be known. Spookiness aside, we had a beautiful beach day on Coronado Island and will definitely be going back one day soon. 
-Chelsea xo

July 21, 2015


One of my favorite adventures during our California road trip was our last-minute stop at the beach in Del Mar to see the sunset. We had just spent a few hours at the San Diego County Fair, my first time back since I was little and Scott's very first time. Since we were feeling pretty beat from an afternoon in the sun, we decided to head out early and drive down to the beach. We had a little issue finding parking, but once we caved and pulled into a paid lot we parked the car, grabbed our beach blanket and headed toward the ocean waves.

As you can, the see view from the beach was breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. 

To be here and to experience this amazing view with my love felt so, so special. In October we'll have been together for nine years, and to be quite honest -- he still gives me butterflies. 

It felt almost magical to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. We saw a few surfers enjoying their last swell of the day, along with the most darling kids splashing in the water as the waves pulled back and forth, back and forth. After taking a little walk along the beach, we found a spot in the sand and rolled out our blanket to watch the very last of the sun set over the oceans waves. I had always heard that Del Mar was beautiful, in fact, I spent a good portion of my first few years of life living along the Pacific Coast and visiting Del Mar often. While I was too young to remember any of this, I never doubted anyone's comments about the beautiful beaches and charming town square in this area, but to finally be able to see all of this with my own, matured eyes was definitely special. Del Mar, you've  won our hearts and we'll be back for you soon!
-Chelsea xo 

July 20, 2015


Our trip to San Diego was almost a whole month ago, but with the whirlwind of the past few weeks -- jetting off to SLC, Scott starting a new job, and simply being busy and just resting in our down time -- not all of our seaside getaway photos have made it up to this 'ol blog. However, it's a new week and I'm changing that starting now -- with a few snaps from the Old Point Lola Lighthouse. 

After a windy drive from Sunset Cliffs, we parked the car and made the short walk up to see our first lighthouse. Being the desert rats we are, neither of us had ever seen a "real" lighthouse. My sweet friend, Tieka, has an affinity for lighthouses and has visited more than anyone I know (for reals, take a peek at her lighthouse adventures here!). So when I heard that this one was open to the public, I knew we had to make the drive up and walk through our very first lighthouse together.

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse kept a watchful eye over the entrance to the San Diego Bay for 36 years. At dusk on November 15, 1855, the light keeper is said to have climbed up the winding stairs and lit the light for the very first time. While the lighthouse seemed to be in a good location at 422 feet above sea level, it had one serious flaw -- fog and low clouds often obscured the light that so many relied on to lead their way through the ocean waves, and often foggy days. On March 23, 1891, the light was extinguished and the keeper moved to a new lighthouse location closer to the water at the tip of the Point, leaving the Old Point Loma Lighthouse abandonded and no longer needed.

Today, the lighthouse still stands watch over San Diego, standing sentinel to a vanished past. The interior of the lighthouse has been completely refurbished to resemble the way it looked when it was still in use in the 1800's, complete with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and a tiny hideaway spot up on the second story. Many visitors have claimed over the years that the lighthouse is haunted, noting that they've heard the sounds of heavy foot steps coming from the upper rooms, have experienced cold spots at the entry landing to the spiral staircase, and have heard a moaning sound coming from both bedrooms. The final lighthouse keeper, Captain Robert Decatur Israel, is said to be the ghost of Old Point Loma Lighthouse, where he remains on-duty -- even in death.

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I'll be back with another adventure soon! Until then, have a great week, sweet friends. Here's to being productive, staying cool and drinking ALL the iced coffee because it's summer! ;)

-Chelsea xo