And just like that, the last week of April is already here! I'll be honest when I say that oftentimes the spring months aren't my favorite -- March, April - those months hold some tough memories of passed loved ones and hard days from years past, but as I've gotten older (and a bit wiser) I've promised myself to try and turn those months around and take those days one at a time. I know this may be a bit deep, especially for an intro to a post -- but now that the month is almost gone, I can say that I'm happy to see it go and feel good about the progress that I've made this year during a period of time that always feels a bit hard, year after year. I have a hunch that I might not be alone in my feelings, and if so -- please know that you are also not alone in this. Oh man -- sending a giant hug to all of you reading this! So thankful for this amazing community where I can spill my guts, pull myself together, and continue on -- in three, two, one...

Now, we're onto the month of May in just a few days! May is an extra bright month around here because my birthday kicks off this warm and sunny time of year. On the 2nd I'll be starting my 29th trip around the sun and celebrating the last year of 20's. Oftentimes, I feel pretty sentimental about age (I'll always feel forever 18 in my heart), and to think that my 20's are almost over feels a bit strange. I do know, though, that the years to come are said to be even better than the ones before - and I have a hunch that 29 will be pretty darn fine!

On another note -- while blue hues have been taking over our home for quite some time, I realized that they're also slowly starting to conquer my wardrobe too. I snagged this pretty tunic after seeing it on my sweet friend, Robyn, and have been rocking my Maya Hobo purse from Fossil non-stop lately -- it's the perfect for my everyday commute and holds everything a gal could need - plus, the golden accents are quite cute (and may also remind me of my home too -- blue + golden accents = a perfect match in my eyes)! 

Anthropologie Yarn-Dyed Tunic                                                                           
Maya Hobo Purse c/o Fossil                                                                                                          Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                  Kersten Bootie c/o Cat Footwear      

Here's to a great week, friends! What has you excited this week? The sunshine? A new favorite recipe or song? Please share with me! 

-Chelsea xo


Happy Sunday! I hope everyone's weekend has been going well and that you had a great Earth Day! Scott and I celebrated by having a pop-up shop with our friend Brendan of Jar of Buttons at the Phoenix Flower Child location -- it was so fun to see so many new and familiar faces, along with getting to sip on Flower Child's delicious lemonades and teas all afternoon! Anyways, I recently saw this sweet post my old blogging pal Mara of M Loves M wrote, and thought it would be fun to share my own version. Without further ado --  

1. Scott and I met when we were 17 and 18 years old. I'll be turning 29 in a little over a week and Scott still has six months to go -- I guess you could say that I'm the older woman in his life (I find the term cougar mildly offensive, haha)! ;) 

2. I've been eating gluten-free for the past year and a half! Why? Well, after having my gallbladder taken out and then waiting over a year for my body to adjust, I still wasn't feeling right and was suggested a GF (Low FODMAP) Diet. Today, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. // PS I am in no way a medical professional and would always suggest seeking professional medical advice if you're feeling off!

3. I had braces from the age of 13 to 14 years old (with a short stint of headgear beforehand --- yikes!), and to this day I still wear my retainers every.single.night! 

4. I wasn't allowed to have a cat growing up because my dad is super allergic. Today, Scott and I have three cats -- I guess you can say that I'm making up for lost time!

5. I'm an Arizona native, but spent most of my summer's growing up in the great state of Colorado. And while I love and miss the Rocky Mountains, Scott and I don't ever see ourselves leaving the desert! 

6. I graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2011 and always dreamed of being a journalist growing up. While my professional career may have taken me in a different direction (I work in Influencer Marketing), I'll always be thankful for my J School days!

7. I'm an only child!

8. I drink my daily hot or iced coffee black -- no cream, no sugar. It wasn't always this way, though, and I have Scott to thank for bringing me over to the dark side (bad pun, sorry guys- haha!). 

9. This June will be my eight year blogging anniversary! So crazy to think that you can look back on the past eight years of my life on this little blog. Now, if only I can find all of my old Xanga and Livejournal entries and compile them all here -- that would be at least another five or six years of content, haha!

10. I have this weird talent of hearing a song and knowing exactly which movie(s) it was in. Sometimes I like to quiz Scott and he likes to quiz me back, often throwing me for a ringer when he doesn't actually know what movie a certain song is in -- geez! It's all in good fun, though!

Now, it's your turn -- tell me something about you! Favorite food? (GF pizza, obviously) Favorite song? (Coffee by Copeland) Special talent? (I like to think that I have a partial photographic memory - I can remember a certain page in a book, but usually not all of the words on it). I'll be back soon, friends, and I hope you're having a great evening! 

-Chelsea xo

PS My hat is from Cuyana and I'm obsessed with it! 


Hey, hey Friday! The weekend is SO close and Scott and I are excited for a busy one! Tonight we're meeting up with a friend to discuss something fun that's in the works (hush, hush for now, but I promise to share soon!). Tomorrow, we're stoked to be having a pop-up shop at Flower Child in Phoenix with Jar of Buttons from 11am-2pm on Central and Camelback! And Sunday? Well, we'll just call that a day for rest ! Aside from that, here's a few links that I think you'll enjoy --

-- I think I NEED this t-shirt in my life! You just might need it too! ;) 

-- One of my favorite bloggers, Natalie Borton, recently re-launched her blog and I couldn't be more excited -- I'm a fan of her style, thoughts on life and hearing her favorite items (she's a true Glossier fan and I LOVE that about her!). 

-- I've been pinning like crazy! My "Home Sweet Home" board is my favorite to update, but I'm pretty obsessed with pinning all things cactus and flowers lately! 

-- I've been loving all of the spring looks Tieka has been sharing lately -- those pink blooms are SO pretty!

-- If I'm not drinking iced coffee from Peixoto Coffee, I'm usually drinking a hot espresso made with our at-home Nespresso machine -- I seriously couldn't recommend it enough!

Here's to a wonderful weekend, friends! 

-Chelsea xo


Hello, sweet friends! I just wanted to pop in quickly to say that this Saturday is sure to be a good one because Citizen Home Decor and Jar Of Buttons are having a pop-up shop! Join us at Flower Child in Phoenix on Central & Camelback from 11am - 2pm -- If you're local or just in the area, come shop small with us and enjoy a delicious lunch and lemonade along the way! We are SO excited and hope to see so many of you there! Scott has been working on loads of new projects lately, and we can't wait to share what he's been up to so soon! I hope ya'll are having a great one -- it's almost the weekend!

-Chelsea xo


Well hello there! For weeks now I've been saving these photos for a special day, or more so for when I actually had a bit of time to write out the stories and memories I had planned to share along with them. The Buckhorn Baths have been a staple in my hometown since the late 1930's, and I grew up driving by this giant sign and unique motel time and time again. I actually didn't think to share it's story until my sweet friend, Dawn, came to visit from Oregon and shared that she had shot a rad couple in the front of this historical sign. Seeing a peek of her gorgeous photos was all I needed to get my butt down to the baths!

The story of the Buckhorn Baths Motel goes like this -- in the mid-1930's, Ted and Alice Sliger built their home along the main street of town on this piece of land, later opening a gas station and store, which included a display of Ted's unique taxidermy collection of Arizona wildlife. In 1939, Ted discovered an unknown hot spring reservoir on their land, that produced 127 degree water, and would soon open it up to the public. In the late 1940's The New York Giants (now the San Francisco Giants) came to the Valley to utilize the Baths during their spring training (which resulted in the Cactus League soon being formed in the area). For the next 50+ years, the Baths saw everyone from baseball players to movie stars, road tripping families and everyone in-between until the day it closed in 1999. Today, the only guests it houses are those from the other side (seriously, this place is haunted!), and the state is working hard to preserve this historical place! 

Now, I'm not going to lie -- this place is creepy! Scott and I parked across the street and took photos in front of the sign as the sun was setting and loads of cars were passing us by, many slowing down to see what we were doing. We also did a bit of venturing around the property to see what else was around -- the now closed office (where we could definitely see a tiny bit of Ted's taxidermy collection), signs that led to the springs - which I hear are now dried up, along with a few casita style buildings in the back that appeared to not be vacant and may be separate from the motel now. Scott and I snapped a few photos around the other parts of the motel, which I think I'll be sharing in a separate post soon! For now, though, see a peek of the casitas here!

The sun was a bit harsh the day we went to the Baths, so I decided to have a bit of fun with editing these photos -- something different, but I'm really digging these glowy hues! 

My forever adventure buddy wearing his American Football t-shirt! Still can't believe we finally got to see them last month! Their music will always hold a special place in my heart!

Just imagine me singing -- "Sha sha shakin', sha shakin'" a la Rooney, haha! 

Madewell Bandana                                                                             
Madewell Embroidered Tunic (on sale!)                                                                                                 Cheyenne Boots c/o Cat Footwear          

If you're local or have ever driven through this part of town on a road trip, have you stopped at the Buckhorn Baths Motel before? Did you ever get a chance to peek in here when it was still open? I'm really hoping that one day they'll restore it and open it back up in it's full glory! On a side note, I loved getting to share this fun story -- kind of like in the old days when I would shared stories and landmarks from around the area. My love for Arizona is strong, and it's fun to get to share that passion here! Thanks for listening, sweet friends! I hope ya'll are having a great week, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo                                                                                           


If you were to peek into our home, it would be easy to see that we have a soft spot for vintage and vintage inspired furniture! Before moving into #TheApplebyHome just over a year ago, we began the hunt for a few well-loved pieces that could easily bring some character into our then blank space. The leather library chair pictured above was a score from a local vintage market -- a piece that Scott spotted while I was out of town and one that he quickly sent me photos of before anyone else could purchase it. Already knowing the answer, really, he waited for my heart eyed emojis and bought the chair on the spot. Today it's one of our most loved and used pieces in our home -- it's a real fan favorite with our kitties, and is easily one of the comfiest spots in the house. Anyways, our home is filled with other vintage and vintage inspired odds and ends, including our dining set from Living Spaces, our office desk and more -- and truly, we wouldn't have it any other way. In case you're also on the hunt for vintage or vintage inspired furniture, here's a few of my favorite pieces from around the web --

And just for good measure, here's a few of my favorite shops for vintage or vintage inspired furniture --

Do you like a mix of new and vintage in your home? What's your favorite vintage or vintage inspired piece in your place? I have a vintage dog portrait next to my bed that looks like my little pup Piper and it's of my absolute favorite pieces! Oh, and don't forget that the hunt is part of the fun -- it took us ages to find a few of the pieces in our home, but the wait was truly worth it! I hope ya'll are having a great day, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo