US -- IN MARCH 2017

How have I not shared these photos yet? Back in March, our sweet friend Dawn (who we met in Portland this past January) came to town for a wedding and stayed with us for a few days. On a rather warm, early spring evening she snapped these photo of Scott and I in one of our favorite places -- the Salt River! I'm obsessed with the orange glow, and how Dawn captured our love of the desert, adventure and each other. 

I know I've shared these words before, but don't ever underestimate the power and joy of having photos taken with your loved ones -- whether that be your spouse, family of four, parents, grandparents or furry friends. It's surely true what they say -- a photo is worth a thousand words! Have fun with them and don't forget that dancing under the moonlight is never a bad idea! ;)

I hope ya'll have a wonderful day! Here's to love, my friends -- and photos, lots of photos!

All photos taken by the lovely Dawn Photo!

-Chelsea xo


Me-oh-my -- you're seeing me with my hair up! I honestly wear my hair up all of the time (well, at home or during our evening walks at least), but never on the blog! Why? Well, I don't actually have a good answer for that, haha! I'm just so used to wear it down with my everyday looks, but thought I would rock something a little different this time around. I was feeling a bit Parisian this day, and thought the top knot complemented my look (if I do say so myself, haha). Anyways, with the temps rising (it was 108 today), wearing my hair up feels like a must! And with no breaks to be seen until October, I'm sure you'll see me rocking my hair up way more often (if not here, on Instagram Stories at least!).

With the end of May right around the corner, I'm doing my best to prep for a long, hot summer! Living in Arizona my whole life, I've always known that once June hits - summer is here and it's time to start either hiding indoors or getting out of town as often as possible. Well, since we can't do the latter every weekend -- I'm trying to plan a few fun activities that we can do together while beating the summer heat! On the list so far -- concerts at our favorite indoor venue, coffee shop hopping (iced coffees all around) and indoor pop-up shops for Citizen Home Decor! I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as summer inches closer and closer, but here's to remembering that it's only heat and there's still so much to do in Phoenix! Well, that and -- cooler temps in California are only a short drive away! ;)

Citrus season is about over here in the desert, but you'll still find the occasional orange, lemon, grapefruit or even lime peaking through the neighborhood trees. I grew up not too far from an orange grove, so I've always loved citrus season and seeing the trees in full bloom -- chock full of yummy fruit just waiting to be picked. Scott and I have tried our hand at growing our own citrus, but alas -- it's harder than it appears! We still have an orange tree that's been holding on for dear life the past few months -- here's to hoping it makes it threw another summer and gives us some fruit next citrus season! 

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How has your week been so far? Yesterday we celebrated our sweet niece's fourth birthday, and tonight we made a strawberry salsa for a little competition tomorrow! It's been a pretty low-key week thus far, but I have a hunch that the rest of the week may be a bit nutty -- we will see! Hope ya'll have a great one, and talk soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo


How is it already May? I totally missed out on sharing our month of April, but I'm stoked be back to sharing these little monthly updates + photos from around our home! Just like April, May has been a bit of a whirlwind! We kicked off the beginning of the month with my 29th birthday! May has always held that feeling of newness for me, so it felt good to start a fresh month and a new year of life all at the same time! I had a great time celebrating with family and friends, and even wrote a whole post on 28 thoughts from my 28th year (if you're in need of a fun read)! It's still a bit crazy to think that I'm in the final year of my 20's - but alas, I've been feeling like a real grown up lately (seeing the dermatologist and making adult decisions can do that to a gal, haha). 

Anyways, since around my birthday we've been taking weekend trips up north, celebrating the birth of a new niece (I was honored to take photos of her 15 minutes after she was born and it was AMAZING), and continue to work and grow Citizen HD with my sweet love! We had a pop-up shop a few weeks back at an open house and it was super fun! We'll be at Pineapple Triangle on June 10th, so if you're local -- be sure to stop by! 

Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of May? Here they are --

-- I spy with my little eye an awfully sleepy kitty! This is by far Peter's favorite place to lounge and where he usually can be found in the daylight hours (he much prefers to roam around and play in the evenings, haha). I'm also loving all of the little beloved trinkets you can see in this photo -- candles, baskets, ceramic dishes -- just a few of my favorite things, haha! 

-- A view that I don't often share around here! If you were to sit on our couch and look to your right, this is what you would see -- our tiny dining area, our pantry/side of our fridge, and the view down our hallway. Some days it sure feels extra cozy in here, but we're just so thankful that it's all ours!  

-- Have you heard the good news? I'm featured in the May/June issue of Luxe Magazine (Arizona addition)! I'm absolutely honored that the sweet folks over at Luxe think my photos are Insta Crush worthy, and am stoked to be featured in such a rad magazine! If you're in Arizona, keep an eye out for me at your favorite bookstore or local market! ;)

How was your May? Are you feel the pre-summer heat in your hometown? June is set to be a fun one, and I'm really excited to see everything it will hold! 

Hope you're having a lovely week, friends! Can you believe that June is almost here? And summer? Wasn't it just fall? 

-Chelsea xo


Sponsored by Zappos! 

Summer is on its way and that means wedding season is almost here! Around this time four years ago, Scott and I were in the beginning stages of planning our own wedding and I remember how exciting everything felt – from picking the flowers, to finding the perfect dress to wear for my bridal festivities --- it was all so surreal! These days, the hunt is still on for the most perfect dress - but this time it’s to wear to a dear friend’s upcoming summer wedding. This is where the sweet folk at Zappos and Adrianna Papell come into the picture, as we’ve teamed up to share two looks – one for a wedding guest and one for a bride-to-be (because you gotta wear white as much as you can before the big day)!

I spotted the Cameron Textured Woven Shift Dress by Adrianna Papell on the Zappos website and knew that it would be the perfect dress for a celebratory bride-to-be. The lace top is by far my favorite part, but I equally love how much this dress just makes me feel like a bride-to-be (even when when our wedding was 3+ years ago – where has the time gone)! I’ve paired it with Penny wedges from Adrianna Papell for a fun, summery look! Plus, black and white is a classic combo – especially for a bride!

Now, let’s talk wedding guest wears! This off the shoulder, short sleeve fit and flare number by Adrianna Papell is on the top of my list to wear to this summer’s wedding! I love the breeziness of the fabric, the cold shoulder detail and the fun floral print! Paired with my Penny wedges and a nude lipstick, I’m feeling all set for a summer wedding! 

If you’re also on the lookout for the perfect dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, or maybe even looking for the ultimate bride-to-be look to wear to all of your bridal festivities, be sure and check out all of the Adrianna Papell dresses on the Zappos website! I just know that you’re bound to find a gem or two among all of their beautiful styles! Oh, and don’t forget – if you’re a Zappos Rewards member you’re eligible for free expedited shipping and returns! Sounds like a win, win to me! Be back soon, friends, and I hope you have a great weekend! 

-Chelsea xo


If you take a little peek around our home, it would probably be easy to see that we love a good piece of art! Before moving into #TheApplebyHome just over a year ago, we had been collecting prints and little pieces of art for years, knowing that one day we would finally have a place all our own where we could hang and display each piece with lots of love and care. The "Work Hard & Be Nice To People" print pictured above is by the artist Anthony Burrill - a piece that I had my eyes and heart set on for quite some time. When Scott and I were in Portland this past January, we decided to splurge a bit and finally pick it up during our visit to Schoolhouse Electric (an amazing Portland based shop that carries Burrill's prints). Today it's one of my favorite pieces in our home and will always remind me of our time in Portland during our third wedding anniversary! Anyways, our home is filled with lots of favorite prints and originals, including this Postal Service print from their ten year reunion show and this original typewriter by Scott (did you know that he draws and paints too? he's a man of many trades -- awh!) -- and in all honesty, we wouldn't have our home any other way. 

In case you're on the hunt for a few new pieces of art, here's a few of my favorite shops + artists to buy art and prints from --

Do you like to decorate your home with art work, or are you more of a photo kind of gal or guy? What's your favorite print or piece of art in your home? I've had major heart eyes for our Anthony Burrill print ever since bringing it home from Portland! Much like with vintage furniture and home decor, don't forget that the hunt is part of the fun! Take the time to find the pieces that are just perfect for you -- I promise the wait will truly be worth it in the end! I hope ya'll are having a great evening, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


For the past two+ years I've spent two days a week working from home (which I know is an absolute blessing - trust me!), and over the course of time I've found a routine that really works for me -- from my early morning podcast + music jam, to my afternoon lunch break away from my computer. Knowing that many of you either work from home or might be considering the transition, I wanted to share six tips that help me to be my most productive -- in hopes that they might help and inspire you to do the same! 


1. Have a clean + uncluttered work space! // On my work-from-home days, you can usually find me in one of two places -- at my desk in our office, or at our dining room table. I tend to bounce back and forth between the two areas, but I can almost always guarantee you that both spaces will be cleaned off and ready to go when my work day starts. Having a tidy space to work in sets me up for a super productive day (well, that and a big ol' glass of iced coffee!). 

2. Get ready! // Now, I know this may not be for everyone but hear me out -- getting dressed in my everyday clothes, brushing my teeth and pulling a comb through my hair does wonder for my mental state. I feel like I can focus so much better when I feel that I'm ready for anything that day may throw my way! I typically don't wear makeup on my work-from-home days, but every once in awhile if I'm feeling tired (and need a little umph to get me going) or want to be ready to go once I've wrapped up work for the day, I'll put on a pretty minimal makeup set-up first thing! Don't think that there aren't exceptions to the rules, however -- some days you will still find me in my loungewear at noon. It's all about balance, my friends!

3. Pick your tunes! // Music and podcasts are a huge part of my work-from-home routine! Come Monday morning I usually have a whole slew of podcasts just waiting to be listened to, so I tend to start there and then hit the music when I'm needing a little pick-me-up! And if you're in need of a few suggestions -- I love The Lively Show, At Home With... and the Breakfast For Dinner Podcast

4. Take a break! // When I'm feeling stuck or find my mind wandering to other things, I tell myself it's time to take a break. I usually like to get up from my work space, grab some coffee or water, a snack and just take a few minutes to refocus my mind. I know this sounds super basic, but I swear -- it works! 

5. Eat your lunch away from the computer! // Ok, I'll admit -- I'm actually pretty terrible at doing this. I usually each lunch while I'm working away, but I do know this -- moving to a different spot in the house and taking five minutes to eat and read an article or look at a blog can be such a great refresher! Here's to promising that I'll be better about actually doing this, this summer! 

6. Keep in touch! // And last but certainly not least -- don't alienate yourself! Keep in touch with your teammates - chat, call, email! I know that some days it can feel lonely working alone (especially for those that thrive off of community and good energy), so don't forget to keep in touch - I promise that you'll be happier and oftentimes more productive because of it!

And there you have it -- my six tips for working from home! And now it's your turn -- do you have any tips? Favorite podcasts? What's your pre-work morning routine look like (whether you're working from home or not)? Raise your hand if the absolute first thing you do when you wake up is make coffee -- guilty as charged! I'll be back soon, friends -- hope ya'll have a wonderful week!

-Chelsea xo

// PS both photos were taken by Ten22 Studio for our Design*Sponge feature