Where have you gone? My favorite month is almost over, but the best is yet to come! On Friday, we're celebrating Scott's 28th birthday -- finally we'll be the same age, haha (I'm 6 months older)! We'll be celebrating with family and friends on Thursday night, and then heading to Palm Springs the following morning to explore, relax and see my best friend get married! It's going to be an emotional weekend (I'm such a sucker for love and weddings), and I just can't wait to get the party started! I also have a full list of places we're hoping to visit while in PS (like that darn pink door), but would love any suggestions you may have! 

Even thought it's still so hot in Phoenix (in the mid-90's most days), I'm doing my best to slowly pull out my autumn pieces. Other than boots, I haven't really made any cold-weather clothing purchases just yet. Madewell and Loft have so many cozy sweaters and cardigans right now, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to buy anything remotely warm. Most years, I would have ran out first thing in early August to grab all of the cozy knits and autumnal colors -- but this year I'm playing it slow and waiting for just the right pieces. I guess you can say my buying habits are changing -- I'm more into waiting for the perfect piece than buying the first thing on the rack. Maybe that's just what happens when you get older -- anyone else with me?

With early November about to make its grand entrance, we're doing the best we can around here to get all of the pre-Halloween items marked off of our checklist. Pumpkin patch -- check! Watch The Addams Family -- check! Hocus Pocus -- still on the list, along with Halloweentown and Casper! I I also still want to carve our pumpkin for the big day, as carving pumpkins has always been a sweet tradition in our family. Scott carved the state of Arizona into a small pumpkin for the market last weekend (here, if you're curious!), and it turned out super cute! An owl, a cat or a grinning triangle face are my usual go-to's, but we'll just see how this year's turns out. Maybe I'll go crazy and carve a coffee mug, or maybe even a cacti - ha!  

Vince Camuto Wide Brim Felt Hat (similar)                                                                                          
Madewell Sweater (similar
Madewell Crossbody purse (similar
Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                       Nisolo Haper Chukka Boots

Ok, I'm off to run a few errands, bake another cheesecake (I baked one last night for Scott's birthday and now I need one more for our trip!) and then start packing for our weekend getaway. I'll be posting to Instagram Stories a lot while we're away, so don't forget to follow me there if you don't already! Hope ya have a great evening, friends! Be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


Ten years ago today you kissed me on the hand and asked me to be your girlfriend. We were so young then, unaware of what the years ahead would bring our way, but I feel certain that we already knew that this was forever. There's no one in this world I would rather drink coffee late at night with, go on wild adventures with or go through this crazy journey we call life with then you. Thank you for being my rock, my confidant, my person. I love you, John Scott! Here's to all of the exciting times and decades ahead of us! I have a feeling that this next decade will be just incredible!

With all of my love,

Chelsea xo

Photo by Rennai Hoefer of Ten 22 Studio


There's no denying that October is one of my favorite months of the year (right next December with all the magic it holds and and January with our wedding anniversary in tow), and much to my dismay -- this month has just flown on by! I rang in the beginning of the month in San Luis Obispo, celebrating my bestie's Bachelorette at the Madonna Inn -- which is equally as amazing and unique as you've been lead to believe. The second week held some much needed rest and prep for the weeks ahead, which lead us to participating in the AZ Share That You Care market with Pineapple Triangle and the newly formed Mesa Bazaar the following two weeks. This months has also held a visit to the pumpkin patch, PSLs and most recently -- lots of spooky tv shows and movies! Hocus Pocus is still on my list, but I promise we'll get to it by the end of the month! 

Aside from all the fall goodness, here's a few things that I've been loving this month --

-- Decorating our home for autumn has been the absolute best! You can read more about our fall refresh here (+ enter to win $250 for your own home!), but I'm also loving these spooky paper bats that have taken over our entryway mirror (if only they would stick better!). Love the full moon vibes this spot is giving off!

-- Spending more time with our family pups, Scout (pictured) and Piper! These two bring me so much joy and I couldn't love having them over any more! Now that it's getting cooler out, I'm really excited to take them on more evening walks and to the dog park -- they love making new friends!

- This blanket ladder (similar online, or you can pick up one at our next market!) that Scott whipped up for me is giving off all of the cozy feels! Paired with a knit blanket, it's making our home feel extra warm and ready for the fall and winter seasons. 

Can you tell that I'm home obsessed lately? I'm truly still not over our new'ish place and the thought of being homeowners -- it's the absolute best! Here's to a great week ahead, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


While we've been calling this tiny space "home" for quite a few months now, this marks our first autumn in The Appleby Home! Since we moved in during the later days of spring and early summer, we naturally gravitated toward having a very bright, airy and "cool" feeling for our space -- ya know, to help beat that summer heat! Since we're now into a cooler season, we knew we were due for a fall refresh, and our friends over at Living Spaces were kind enough to help us out in making our home feel fit for fall (and they want to help you too -- keep reading!). 

Before we started on our refresh, we did a little research and took inspiration from our favorite magazines, movies, tv shows, albums and Pinterest, of course. Scott and I both knew we wanted to draw in more warm tones, lots of texture and add in an extra layer of coziness that would be perfect for chilly fall evenings and could follow us well into the winter months. I've included a few "before" photos so you can get a feel for our place before the refresh! 

Before we headed out to our local Living Spaces, Scott and I made a quick list of colors, textures and accent pieces we thought could help in transforming our space for fall. However, we both walked into the store with an open mind -- with so many different styles and pieces to choose from at affordable prices, we knew we were bound to find the perfect pieces for our home. In fact, we might have gone back more than once -- first to take it all in, mull it over (I'm well known for doing this -- I like to think about my purchases before taking the plunge), and then back again to make our final selections. 

Since warmth and coziness were key factors in the plan we had for our refresh, we decided to swap out our white and indigo couch pillows for ones with a bit more texture and color to them -- this blue velvet pillow (similar!) was one of the first pieces I spotted (I'm a forever fan of velvet), and this Southwestern style print pillow closely followed -- and while it's not a piece I would typically feel is very fall, the colors and fabric make it feel warm and just right for our tiny home in the desert. 

While fresh flowers may feel more like a spring detail than fall, I believe it's so important to have greenery in your home -- this amber tealight vase felt like the perfect vessel to hold a bunch of my favorite golden flowers. Now that we're getting closer to Halloween, I want to fill it with some of those darling mini pumpkins on a stick that you can often find at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods -- still adding a pop of color, but keeping with those warm tones that we first had in mind. 

You all know our kitty, Boots, just can't seem to stay out of the action -- so he joined me for a few photos while he got cozy with a marine washed velvet pillow (same shape, different color). What can I say, he's got good taste!

In the midst of our refresh, we gave our coffee table an update too! We spotted these brass metal baskets during our second trip to the store and knew immediately that they would make the perfect addition to our oval space. We filled one with a few seasonal favorites -- crips apples, red pears and pumpkins. I love the style and dimension the geometric basket brings! Coffee tables are one of my favorite spaces to design, and Living Spaces had so many great stylish and functional pieces to choose from. 

To complete the space, we added in a cozy cream throw (similar!) and a pair of woven baskets that will be perfect for stacking more blankets and throws in as the days get colder and colder. I'm so happy with how cozy our tiny space now feels, and now I want to refresh our entire home for the autumn months!

I hope you love our refresh as much as we do! I'm thrilled to be partnering with Living Spaces to celebrate the fall season on Pinterest where you can win one of five $250 promo cards to shop and refresh your own space for fall! The contest is live now, so head on over to the Living Spaces Facebook page to enter to win! Oh, and be sure to check out their Fall Clearance Event online and in-store!

Don't forget that you can shop our space by checking out my Pinterest board with all of items featured! I hope you all have a very cozy Monday, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo 

A huge thank you is in order to Living Spaces for sponsoring this post!


It's no secret -- I'm all about shopping local and supporting our friends in their amazing endeavors. So when our longtime friends opened the doors to their newest shop, PHX General, we were very excited to check it out and do a little shopping! Among the pieces that came home with us that day, a Hackwith Design and PHX General collaboration dress -- the Shanna! I've always wanted a piece from HD (everything they make is stunning), and since this dress was designed specifically with Phoenix in mind --  I had to have it.  

Dresses aside, PHX General is chock full of gorgeous home and style favorites. I'm actually due for my next trip to the shop to check out their new fall arrivals -- I see lots of cozy layers, infinity scarves and modern housewares in my near future! ;)

It may only be Tuesday, but this week has been jammed packed so far. Scott and I have been prepping for Pineapple Triangle's AZ Share That You Care market this Saturday, along with trying to squeeze in some family time and our nightly walks. I'm also hoping to get in a quick getaway up north sometime soon to see the yellow aspens before they all start to fall. Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and while its still been in the 90's here during the day, I am SO ready to swap out my wardrobe, stop in at a local pumpkin patch, take a stroll through the changing leaves, watch Hocus Pocus, make homemade caramel apples and so much more. One thing at a time, right?  I know what we'll be watching during our next ornament stringing party! 

Halogen Green Army Jacket (similar)                                                                                              
Hackwith Design X PHX General Shanna Dress (similar
Madewell Crossbody purse (similar
Original Boyfriend Sport Chronograph Watch c/o Fossil                                                                 Madewell Boardwal Crisscross Sandals (on super sale!)

What's your favorite Halloween movie? I LOVE Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice and Halloweentown! I'm actually thinking about being Lydia from Beetlejuice for Halloween -- can you imagine it, all goth Chelsea, haha! 

Be back soon, friends! - Chelsea x


I have something to admit, before moving into our tiny home we were sleeping on a mattress that was way past its prime -- creaky, a bit sunken in and in need of being replaced. Since our budget was on lock down with the new home expenses, we know that buying a new mattress wasn't in our immediate future. So we were incredibly thankful when our friends over at Tuft & Needle (an amazing local company that's doing great things!), gifted us the most amazing housewarming present -- new mattresses for us and our future guests! 

In case you haven't already heard, Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 by two friends who were sick of the lack of fairness and transparency in the mattress industry. Today, their headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., are selling their adaptive foam mattresses at a true cost and are rated #1 online! Needless to say, Scott and I have so many reasons to love this company (their also made in the USA!) -- but in all honesty, their mattresses are incredible and so comfortable! 

Taking a step back, let me paint a picture for you -- we were one month into homeownership and were finally going to spend our very first night in our home. I was nervous, we had no furniture (we were still in the finishing stages of our home at this point -- flooring, appliances, water, electricity, etc.) and the only things in our unfinished bedroom were a metal bed frame, a fresh set of bedding and our new Tuft & Needle Queen size mattress (that was super quick and easy to unbox). I went into that first night with my nerves racing high, but as soon as we laid down all of my worries seem to subside (cheesy, but true). Our first night in our new home was quiet, cool and comfortable -- basically, everything I could have hoped for, and every day since has been just the same (well, other than those evenings when the high school band just won't stop playing, haha!).

Scott and I are both so grateful we were able to move into our home with a new and comfortable place to lay our heads at night -- something we realized the first night in was a huge blessing and the best way we could have hoped for starting this new chapter in our life!

If you've been considering a Tuft & Needle mattress, we say go for it! You can visit a showroom (with locations in downtown Phoenix and San Francisco, currently!), have it shipped to your home for free and sleep on it for a full 100 nights before making your final decision! Oh, and just in case you were wondering -- our kitty, Boots, is a big fan of our new mattress as well -- he's also a camera hog and just couldn't pass up a good photo opp! ;)

Thank you SO much again to the amazing team at Tuft & Needle for making our house feel more like a home and gifting us a set of mattresses that we know will be put to very good use. As always, all opinions are our own and we're very grateful for the opportunity to help spread the word about a company that's doing such great things right in our own backyard! 

Have you heard of Tuft & Needle? Love their mattresses? Let us know! 

-Chelsea xo