November 20, 2015


Happy FriYAY, friends! This is my last Seattle post (finally! haha), and I'm going to try and keep this pretty short since it's the weekend and I know many of you might be reading this post while riding in the car on the way to dinner or during a couple down minutes before your big night out (or while you're curled in your jammies with your kitties and Netflix -- like me, haha. Just kidding!). Anyways, on our last full day in Seattle we spent 5+ hours driving around my mom's old stomping grounds -- we saw her childhood home, my great grandparent's home, the park where she spent all of her summer days and the burger joint where her and my uncle ate at as kids. It was a lot of driving, and for a girl who gets awfully car sick -- we'll just say that I had a bad few hours haha. After we ended our journey down my mom's memory lane, we headed down to the Puget Sound (my favorite in Washington State) for a fancy fish dinner. While waiting for our food to come, Scott and I snuck out to a nearby shore and snapped these photos -- it was so beautiful and peaceful out there that I never wanted to leave. 

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Seychelles Scoundrel Booties

Our trip to Seattle is certainly one that I'll not soon forget. We're already trying to plan a trip back there in March of next year, so until then I'll be dreaming of this chilly autumn days, walks along the water and all the amazing experiences Scott and I got to have together. Add Seattle to your travel list, folks! You won't regret it! Ok, I'm headed out! I hope ya'll have a lovely and chilly weekend!
-Chelsea xo

November 16, 2015


Ok, I'm gonna put this out there -- the Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle is GROSS, but -- it's also awesome and was one of the places I was most excited to visit while in Washington. Located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market, this chewing gum wall is basically a historic landmark in Seattle. I've been wanting to leave my gum mark here for years, so I was stoked when we finally made our way to the sticky alley, chewed our gum and added it to this unique (and disgusting) piece of art.

Can you tell how excited it was? Overall, I think my family was pretty disgusted at how jazzed I was at the idea of sticking my gum on top of layers upon layers of other people's gum -- I didn't let their comments bring me down, though, as I'm sure you can tell, haha.

I left my gum on top of someone's business card and just hoped that it would be there years to come. Unfortunately, shortly after our trip to Post Alley, Pike Place officials announced they would be cleaning off 20 years of gum from the infamous Market Theater walls in an effort to preserve the building for years to come. From what I can tell, it seems that used gum will still be welcomed here after an estimated 2,220 pounds of sugary, sticky gum has been removed and the 115 year old building has been preseverd the best it can be! Now, tell me -- would you or have you ever leave your gum mark on this sticky wall? Are you sad that they're cleaning it off? Are you completely grossed out by this post? SORRY, haha!
-Chelsea xo

November 15, 2015


Happy Sunday, sweet friends! I'm back with yet another Seattle adventure -- I promise they're coming to an end (soon!), but if you could just humor me with a few more posts than I'll get back to reality  soon (which is just as wonderful as our trip to the PNW -- life really has been the best!). Anyways, one early morning, when the sun was still rising and we were warmed and tucked into bed, I decided to peek outside to see if the fog had settled in the night before. Much to my delight, the fog was thick and seem to be calling my name, so we quickly threw on a couple of layers and headed outside to capture a few memories in this glorious and magical autumn morning. 

After venturing out into the cold, we spotted these giant, fallen leaves right next to my Aunt and Uncle's house -- natures best kind of props, if you ask me!

Hi silliness always gets me laughing and puts a smile on my face -- 9 years later and I'm so happy to be his.

Outfit Details:
REI Long Grey Sweater (similar!

It truly felt like there was magic around every corner in Washington state and I already can't wait to head back there one day very soon. And while it's complete Autumn on the blog, it's starting to feel like winter in Phoenix. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting colder and my daily outfit has included a sweater, coat and a scarf almost every day (that may be a bit overkill, but this desert rat isn't used to the cold!). Scott and I had a pretty calm weekend -- dinner with our sweet friend, Tish, and her darling kiddos. We also spent quite a bit of time with our family, cleaning our home and getting ready for another busy week. How was your weekend? I wanna hear all about what you did and the adventures you went on, so please share! Let's chat!
-Chelsea xo

November 11, 2015


Ya'll knew this post was coming, right? Well, I guess I may have mentioned it in Monday's post, but you knew I couldn't pass up the chance to check out the oldest Starbucks there is! While at Pike Place Market, I was on a mission to track down this caffeine-filled establishment. I knew it would be a bit touristy, but hey -- we were tourists and I definitely was in need of a venti iced coffee! ;)

After asking for directions from a local shop owner, we walked a down few blocks along the market and found ourselves in front of a teeny, tiny storefront with the longest line. As the story goes, the very first Starbucks burned down in a blazing fire in 1971. Whether or not that story is true, we may never know, but I do know that this miniature Sbux along Pike Street is now the oldest and definitely their most popular location.

After about a 20 minute way, which I definitely tried to talk myself out of, I finally had my beverage in hand and can now say I've been to the first -- errr, oldest Starbucks there is. Anyways, I'm currently sipping on some home-brewed coffee and getting ready for a busy day. It is icy outside -- like 48 degrees, which means winter has finally come -- just kidding. It is chilly, though, and I've been sitting in front of our space heater for the last hour, not wanting to pull myself away from the coziness of the heat blasting in my face and my kitty, Boots, curled up at my feet. It's time, though, and I hope ya'll have a beautiful and cozy day! 

Have you ever been to the Starbucks at Pike Place Market? What did you think?
-Chelsea xo

November 9, 2015


Hello! Wow, it's November and I still have so many photos and stories I want to share from our trip to Seattle. I'm hoping to wrap things up this week (or early next) with our PNW adventures, but for now, I'm gonna be chatty about our trip down to Pike's Place Market on the most beautiful autumn day! It had been years and years since I had last been to the market, and since this was Scott's first time, we decided to take in all the stops and sidewalk shops along the way -- we even stopped by the oldest Starbucks and the gum wall, but I'll save those stops for another day! 

If you've never been to Pike's Place Market before, it's something magical -- there are oodles of sidewalk shops lining the marketplace as you roam through, selling everything from fruit, fish, flowers and so much more. It was so hard not to buy something at every booth, but I did my best to walk through all of the shops before making my purchases (a giant bouquet of flowers and some delicious chocolate covered cherries!).

It's kind of crazy, but five dollars will get you a giant bouquet of gorgeous, fresh flowers at the marketplace! I must have peeked at all of the flowers shops before finally picking my $5 bunch (a gorgeous, autumn-inspired arrangment). My only wish is that I could have saved them and brought them home to dry, as they were so beautiful! 

This handsome guy was loving the PNW way of life, and while we're desert rats for life, Seattle will always have a special place in our hearts.

If a trip to Seattle is up next on your travel list, I would definitely suggest making a stop at Pike's Place Market. It may be a little touristy and kind of crazy at moments (I definitely saw a man throw a fish back and forth across his booth), it's such an amazing, iconic place. Promise you won't regret it! In other news, it's Monday and I'm fighting off a nasty sinus cold, so I'm going to go make some hot tea and call it an early night. We're in that weird transitional stage in Phoenix where one day it's really cold, and then the next it's in the 80's. So with all this back and forth, my allergies and sinuses are just a mess! It's starting to get colder, though, and I couldn't be more excited! Bring on the layers! Have great evening, loves!
-Chelsea xo