During the first weekend in October, Scott and I hopped on a plane headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Growing up, I visited South Dakota a few times with my family -- which included trips to the popular destinations of Mount Rushmore and Sturgis. However, Scott had never been before and seeing this beautiful state was always on his travel wish-list. So when the kind folks over at South Dakota Tourism reach out to us about visiting the Eastern side of the state, we immediately said yes! A few weeks later we arrived in South Dakota and were greeted with the most beautiful autumn weather and an exciting itinerary that included spending time exploring their cozy downtown, apple picking, taking in the beautiful sights of the falls and visiting lots delicious restaurants and coffee shops -- sounds like our kind of weekend, right? After spending four days around the Eastern side of South Dakota, I have so much to share -- but today I wanted to start from the beginning of our trip and share our first evening in Sioux Falls, including our first sights of autumn, a delicious restaurant and their local art & wine walk that made us feel right at home! 

After a quick, direct flight from Phoenix, Scott and I landed in Sioux Falls and were greeted with the chilly weather we were hoping for! We hopped in the rental car and made the short, colored-filled drive to our hotel for the evening, the Hilton Garden Inn. Once in our room, we threw on a few extra layers and headed downtown for an evening out! SF's downtown is super cute and was full of life on this beautiful Friday night. Scott and I parked the car and headed toward Parkers Bistro for dinner, but not before snapping a few photos in front of this autumnal wall that caught our eye! 

Parkers Bistro is located in downtown Sioux Falls in an old brick building that had so much charm! We walked in and were quickly seated at a candlelight table for two. Scott and I were both wanting something warm, so we each got the chicken soup, along with salads and truffle fries for two. Everything was so delicious and ambience felt so cozy and inviting. We loved Parkers and would definitey suggest trying it out if you're in the area! 

After finishing up our dinner, we headed on over to Plum's Cooking to check out their cookie decorating demo, and also pick up a few goodies to bring home. The shop itself is a cooking lover's dream, filled with all the best cooking equipment, yummy eats and an amazing at-home coffee brewing section (totally our speed)! 

After browsing the store for a bit and looking in every nook and cranny, Scott and I made our selections -- pumpkin butter, salsas for our family, cookie cutters and some apple cider spice for a special occasion. We definitely could have spent a lot longer in Plum's, but it was time to explore more of the Sioux Falls Art & Wine Walk

After finding a parking spot, Scott and I bundled up and walked up and down downtown Sioux Falls -- stopping in every shop and art gallery that was open for the evening, including Coffeea Roasterie, Rehfeld's and our personal favorite -- Unglued! Unglued was full of handmade, local items, including prints, artwork, wooden home decor and just about every cool gift you could think of! We could have spent hours in there, but after awhile of browsing through each section we made our final purchases (wooden ornaments and a cactus pin, respectively).  

After leaving unglued, we decided to call it a night and get some rest before a very busy and exciting Saturday! Scott and I went to bed thinking how grateful were to be able to explore such a beautiful state together, and during our favorite season no less! 

I'll be back soon to share part 2 of our travel guide, which includes a trip to the apple orchard, the most beautiful gardens and an evening spent in Brookings, South Dakota! Also, I'm now curious to know -- have you ever been to South Dakota before? If so, what was your favorite part about your trip there? Any suggestions for things to do and places to eat? Share the wealth and please leave them below!

A huge thank you is also in order for the folks over at South Dakota Tourism for sponsoring this post! Scott and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to visit their gorgeous state!

-Chelsea xo


Hello! The weekend may be nearly over, but I wanted to pop in to share a few posts + pieces that caught my eye this week. Is it me, or do the weekends during autumn seem to go by way more quickly than any other month? We're doing our best to soak in all the fall vibes we can around here while we still have time, which may include watching all of the our favorite Halloween movies, bringing more pumpkins home from the pumpkin patch and spending more time outside during those crisp mornings that we're finally getting around here. But without further ado ---

-- Kitty Cotten is one of my favorite YouTubers and I loved getting a peek into her fall capsule wardrobe

-- I used the poll option on Instagram for the first time this week and ya'll just confirmed that we NEED this coffee table in our home! 

-- My gal pal, Chelsea, is looking so rad in these green, suede booties! 

-- I recently added this hat to my fall wardrobe, after months and months of waiting for it to come back into stock, and I have a hunch that it will be THE hat that sees me through the rest of the autumn and winter months. 

-- Apple Turnovers? Yes, please! Household Mag always shares the best recipes! 

And in case you missed it on CB these past few weks:

-- I'm sharing a peek inside London's popular teahouse, Sketch

-- Need a little autumn inspiration? Here are ten things to do this fall!

-- A few thoughts on transitioning your summer to fall wardrobe when you live in a hot climate!

Are we friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook yet? Hope ya'll have a wonderful Sunday!

-Chels xo


And we're back to our days in London -- I swear, we'll get through all of these (one day soon, haha). Anyways, by our second day in London we were feeling a little more like ourselves and were ready to venture out a little further into the city. With a reservation at Sketch set for early afternoon (a reservation I made a whole month prior to our visit!), we made our way down to Carnaby Street for a little wandering, shopping and sight seeing on our first full day in London!

Carnaby Street is filled with darling shops, cute side-streets and is full of that real London charm. On our way to and from we stopped by a few London favorites - Liberty, & Other Stories, Pret a Manger (ya know, for a little mid-morning coffee to keep us going). 

Liberty was at the top of my list of shops to visit while in London! I've been a fan of their floral prints for years and loved the history that the shop and space holds. The building itself was so, so beautiful, and the items they were selling were just as lovely as the historic space (first opening in 1875). Scott and I spent time wandering each floor filled with home decor, house plants, floral prints and the most gorgeous jewelry at Maria Tash. Scott ended up buying his London souvenir in the men's shop at Liberty -- an English made fedora that left with us on the top of his head that day.  

After our stroll through Liberty and a little time spent admiring their lush florals, Scott and I made our way down to Sketch for a little afternoon tea! I'll be honest in saying that this afternoon was one of my very favorites during our time in London -- visiting Sketch felt slightly like a dream, a very Wes Anderson inspired dream! 

Sketch is a quirky, 18th-century townhouse tea room that transforms into a cocktail lounge every evening. Afternoon tea is set in David Shrigley’s The Gallery - a pink and gold space that would make any millennial swoon. Decked out in pink tulip seats, rose gold lamps and 300 pieces of hilarious and slightly inappropriate artwork, Sketch is unlike any restaurant I've ever been to before. Coming into this, we had seen tons of photos of the space on Instagram - but seeing every detail in person felt so incredibly special. 

Before arriving, we knew our time at Sketch would be about two hours long - which looking back, went by so quickly. Once greeted, you're taken to your table (in which Scott and I swapped seats a few times to get the best views in -- dorky, I know!) and greeted by your waitress - who, by the way - are all wearing matching mod style dresses for the occasion. The waitress helps you decide which of the afternoon tea selections best fits your wants (classic or champagne filled - they even have a GF options!) and then talks you through all the different types of tea selections, which you're allowed to chose as many as you like, and then gets your pots of tea from there.

The tea selection is quite impressive and it may have taken us a bit of time to comb through each page to pick our pots. In the end, we tried two different types of black teas, a chai and an herbal tea. We definitely could have tried more, but were happy with our picks and may have wanted a bit more room for their delicious sandwiches and treats!

With the classic afternoon tea, you're given caviar and a quail egg as a started. Scott is more of an adventurous eater than I, so he really enjoyed this part - but for me, well, we'll just say it was all a bit too salty for my liking. ;)

Once our tea arrived we did a bit of a swap-a-roo with our seats so we could each take in the whole space. Watching the wait staff as they moved to and from each table felt a bit like a movie -- with the waitresses in their mod dresses, the bus boys in white jumpsuits and the main man in charge in a light pink suit and hat. I told you the Wes Anderson vibes here were strong, didn't I! 

Wanna hear a funny story? While were waiting for our food to arrive, I noticed the sweetest little family walk in and get sat near our table. I remember thinking how pretty the lady's dress was, and how darling her little kids were (so well behaved in such a fancy place). Anyways, we went on with our tea and after leaving the teahouse I received a message from a long-time Instagram friend -- it was a photo of Scott and from the view of the table across from ours in Sketch! Turns out, this sweet friend knew the lady whose cute family I was admiring and had spotted us in her Instagram story. I swear, the world gets smaller and smaller each and every day -- haha!

Once our sandwiches and sweets arrived, Scott and I knew we were in for quite a treat! I was actually super surprised that they had so many GF options, and was very happy to see that my spread wasn't much different than Scott's. Among our favorites -- the pistachio cherry cake, homemade scones (with GF options too!) and macaroons!

Scott and I did a pretty swell job of polishing off our trays, which kept us feeling full for the rest of the day! Oh, and if you're wondering about the price -- it is a bit pricey for afternoon tea (about 58 pounds per person) but I will say that this is still one of my favorite memories from our time in London and is something that I would love, love to get to epxerience again one day in the (hopefully near) future. 

And you didn't think that I had forgotten about their ever-so-popular spade pod loo, had you? Taking a peek at these was hilariously at the top of my list of things to see in Sketch -- with lots of bright white from the floor to the ceiling, space pod style restrooms and a pop of color from the ceiling to bring it all together, the loo at Sketch was quite a sight and just as popular as you would think. While entering the loo, I may have been scolded be a cleaning lady in a french maid's outfit to go up the other set of stairs (I'm assuming now that the right side is for women and the left side is for men), but other than that -- my experience here was normal and strange all at the same time. Defintiely a space not to be missed while visiting Sketch! 

I hope ya'll enjoyed hearing about our second day in London! We ended up chilling at the hotel for the rest of the day with our full bellies and tired feed. Yet again, writing this led to a whole rush of emotions coming back to me! I really need to get back on the bandwagon with sharing our time in this beautiful place (and Paris soon after that), and promise to share more days from our trip very soon! I'm already dreaming of going back to Paris next summer, but we will see! Au revoir, friends! 

-Chelsea xo


Happy Monday, friends! Back again after a busy weekend in the Valley of the Sun! Scott and I spent the last three days with family and friends, helping at our local Oktoberfest and getting completed roasted by the sun. It may have only been in the 90's, but it sure felt hot! And speaking of the heat -- I just found these photos from one of the last days when I was still feeling those summer vibes. Totally forgot we shot these on a very hot day in September, but I still wanted to share them because I'm rocking a few my favorite summer pieces - along with a few new pieces I've been loving this fall! 

My Cuyana hat, Nisolo flats and Madewell basics were staples in my summer wardrobe this year -- seeing me through most days when the sun was shining and easy, breezy clothes were a must. I brought along this top, bandana, jeans and flats to Europe with us, each piece acting as part of my European capsule wardrobe -- which ended up treating me well even though I was so worried I didn't pack the right items or wouldn't look Parisian enough (a real thought I had while packing, haha). In the end, I felt like this summer (vacation or not) really taught me a lot about my style and wardrobe -- from favorite styles, cuts and accessories, to how to pack for 2 weeks away from my closet. Each season seems to bring change within my wardrobe (metaphorically and physically, that is) and for that I couldn't feel more grateful -- gaining a better understanding of my style and who I am each and every season. And to think -- you can find EIGHT whole years of this evolution here on this ol' blog of mine! Where has the time gone?!

Now that autumn is here, I've been working in a few of these summer staples (because let's be real, it's still hot here) + a few new fall favorites into my fall wardrobe for a more cohesive closet for the coming months. Fall staples so far? Bandanas, my Campbell Crossbody purse, Vans and wide brimmed hats! What about you? Have you been able bring any of your favorite summer pieces into your fall wardrobe with ease?

Cuyana Summer Hat                                                                                                                 Madewell Bandana                                                                                                                   Madewell Button-Back Top (on sale!)
Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                    Campbell Crossbody and Neely Watch c/o Fossil                                                                          Nisolo Huarache Sandals (on sale!) 

Ok, I'm off for a bit to catch up on a few house chores + get in a good, long walk in before the evening ends! Here's to a rad week full of rest, relaxation and hopefully some of that GF apple crisp I talked Scott into baking yesterday -- he's a keeper, I tell ya! ;) I hope ya'll have a wonderful week and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


Happy Friday, sweet friends! Since arriving back home from South Dakota I've truly been in an autumn state of mind! With the season officially here (and one that always seems to go by way too fast), I thought it would be fun to share 10 of my favorite things to do this autumn with the hopes that it will get your own creative ideas flowing and excited for this beautiful season we're in. Without further ado --

1. Go apple picking and use the apples to make something delicious! May I suggest some cinnamon maple applesauce or apple butter? Amanda at the Homesong Blog has got you covered with a couple of her own easy recipes! 

2. Take a road trip to see the changing leaves! If you're local to Arizona, the 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff is a beautiful, colored-filled drive this time of year!

3. Bake a pumpkin cheesecake! Scott's birthday is at the end of October, and every year (almost) for the last 11 years I've baked him a cheesecake to celebrate his big day! Oftentimes I will make a plain cheesecake and top it with a homemade raspberry sauce, but pumpkin is always a favorite around here. 

4. Refresh your home for fall! A few mini pumpkins, cozy blankets and orange colored lights can go a long way when it comes to giving your home that extra cozy touch - so why not dress it up a bit for autumn and the holiday head -- ghosts and ghouls welcome! Need some inspiration? Check out our autumn home decor refresh from last year! 

5. Carve, paint or decorate pumpkins! Whether you have little ones or not, having a little pumpkin fun is always a good idea during the fall season. I personally love to carve pumpkins, but have also really enjoyed painting them over the years. If you're in need of a little inspiration, ABM has you covered

6. Visit a pumpkin patch with your loved ones! With living in the desert, pumpkin patches can be few and far between - but driving out to Schnepf Farms has always been worth it for us! Pumpkins, chili, treats, corn mazes, hayrides and more! 

7. Host a harvest party for your family and friends! I've been wanting to have a little get together in our home, and this sounds like the perfect excuse -- caramel apples, kettle corn, and pumpkin chili will be included, of course!

8. Find the perfect sweater for the season! Hunting for the perfect sweater is a hobby of mine and something I look forward to every year. Right now I'm loving this one from Madewell, but also have my eye on this Sezane beauty

9. Make an autumn playlist! Owen, Cursive, The Early November, American Football -- just a few of my favorite bands with those fall vibes throughout their albums and lyrics. Let me know who you would include on your autumn playlist! 

10. Make your own costume for Halloween! Homemade costumes will never not feel special, so make your own this year and get creative with it! ;)

Happy Autumn, friends! I hope ya'll have an amazing weekend! 

-Chelsea xo


Hello, sweet friends! After a whirlwind long weekend in South Dakota, Scott and I are officially back in the desert heat. We spent four days exploring Eastern SD and our time there was filled with lots of adventures, autumn fun and delicious eats! I'll be sharing a few posts soon to recap our trip, but for now let's just say that we're officially huge fans of South Dakota! Love the vibe in Sioux Falls and plan on going back one day soon! Oh, and if you missed them -- I shared a few peeks into our trip via Instagram over the weekend! If you're in need of an autumn color fix, I got you covered! ;) 

Before Scott and I hopped on a jet plane, we spent a few days getting into the autumn spirit around here. Fall in the desert is a funny thing -- it's definitely not the iconic fall that everyone dreams about with colored leaves and sweater weather galore, but it still has it charm. We have a darling pumpkin patch on the edge of town that celebrates the season all month long with pumpkins, chili, sweet treats and more! Our local coffee shop switches up their menu to include all of the fall classics we love -- pumpkin spice, hot apple cider and even a pumpkin chai for the occasion. The weather, albeit still hot, starts to cool down day by day -- and sometimes, you may even be wearing a coat on Halloween. And the spirit of fall can surely be found throughout town -- everyone knows that it may not ever feel like actual fall around here, but we're all certainly going to try! 

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bang-Bang                                                              Madewell Sweater Top (on sale!)
Madewell 10' High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                     Sezane Claude Messenger Bag                                                                                                         Halogen Flats (similiar!

It's Wednesday and Scott and I are stoked to be heading to the Arizona State Fair with a few of our friends from the Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market! Scott is looking forward to eating ALL of the fried treats, and I've got my eyes set on some sweat and salty kettle corn! I'll be sharing our adventures via Instagram Stories, and would love if you followed along for the evening! I hope ya'l have a great day and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo