Uber Driver-Partner Kevin Explores Phoenix While Supporting His Family

A big thank you to Uber for sponsoring this post!

Say hello to Kevin, a fellow Arizona native, road trip enthusiast and ASU grad who recently shared with me his story of how he became an Uber driver-partner!

Kevin and I met up for coffee at The Normal Diner, a favorite local restaurant, and became quick friends after finding out we had mutual friends. He was kind enough to share his story of giving up his full-time career in engineering to focus on spending more time with his family, something he says Uber has helped him to accomplish. Kevin is also a big fan of Phoenix and shared with me a few of his favorite restaurants, stores and coffee shops that he’s discovered while driving for Uber!

If you’re not familiar with Uber, it’s a ride request app that’s available in over 500 cities around the world. I’ve used it from San Francisco to New York, and in lots of cities in-between. Scott and I found ourselves requesting rides during our honeymoon, and I used it while exploring The Big Apple on my own. It’s our preferred method of transportation while exploring a new city, as it’s fast, safe and affordable!

Talking with my Uber driver-partners about their life stories has always been one of my favorite things about using Uber, and chatting with Kevin felt no different. 

Kevin’s story starts with such a simple wish – wanting more time to spend with his young son. A former engineer, Kevin decided to give up his full-time career for a life of flexibility.

“Being able to work whenever I want – that’s the ultimate thing that drew me to Uber.

Today, two years into his time with Uber, Kevin not only enjoys the flexibility of making his own schedule, which includes working evenings so he can spend time with his son during the day, but has also been able to explore other passions – like tuning pianos, a job he said he fell into and has been able to pursue further in large thanks to Uber. 

“It (Uber) is the one thing that has allowed me to spend more time with my son and still build my business.”

Throughout his 3,000+ rides, Kevin has been able to explore the Phoenix Metropolitan area from end to end – from Apache Junction all the way to Glendale, his riders throughout his time have helped him to explore and discover the area like he has never done before. 

“Every night is a road trip where I get to explore Phoenix!”

Curious as to what his favorite places are that he’s discovered during his short and long rides? I’ve got you covered –

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that Kevin and I have quite a few favorite places in common – including The Coffee Shop where Scott and I used to spend our college days writing papers, snapping photos and sipping coffee together. 

“Driving for Uber has really expanded my view of the city,” Kevin shared – a common bond that I found between us, as being an Uber rider has expanded my own view of some of my favorite cities. 

While there are also many other benefits to being an Uber driver-partner, one of Kevin’s favorites are the Local Perks – which are exclusive deals from local businesses available to Uber driver-partners only. All they have to do is show their Uber Driver app at participating locations to claim their perks, something that Kevin has used while having new tires put on his car at a local tire business. Sounds like a local and safety perk wrapped up into one!

Once our coffees were gone, it was time to say our goodbyes as Kevin prepared for his next drive. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll be my Uber driver-partner for my next local ride! Kevin’s story is incredible and just the thought that he’s able to spend more time with his son brought tears to my eye. I already knew that I was thankful for this ride request app, but his story truly gave Uber a whole new meaning!


Hello and happy Sunday! I am so sorry for the crickets around here, but truth be told -- I've been enjoying a little and much needed break. Life has been so (wonderfully) busy lately, but it has also left me with just wanting to take a short pause and focus my full energy into all that's going on, including some time for myself to reset, refresh and relax. With all this said, though, good things are a comin' to this ol' blog of mine and I can't wait to share more SOON! Until then, though -- here's a few links + thoughts that came across my mind/caught my eye this past week:

-- I could easily call this dreamy beach house home -- via Glitter Guide! 

-- Chrissy of Harlowe James knows her home decor and this post spoke to me (as Scott just gifted me the most beautiful handmade coffee table tray)! 

-- Our small biz, Citizen Home Decor, will be selling at the spring Phoenix Flea on Saturday, March 3rd in downtown Phoenix! Will we be seeing you there? 

-- My gal pal, Tieka, has the best winter wardrobe -- just peek this darling outfit of hers! 

-- I've been dreaming of owning a blush leather jacket from allsaints for YEARS now and recently one found it's way to me (in big thanks to my love for surprising me -- he's a real keeper)! 

-- I've been catching up on my friend's Nicole blog and I LOVED this remix post she recently shared -- totally inspiring me to mix and match my wardrobe more! 

And in case you missed it on CB these past few weeks:

-- Favorite shops to browse + buy hats from!

-- Five tips for making your bedroom comfy and cozy!

-- My favorite coffee tables books and a peek into how I styled them! 

Hope ya'll are having a cozy and restful Sunday. I'll be back soon!

-Chels xo


I'm just going to throw it out there -- I was destined to be a hat person! Most, if not all, photos of my dad and I growing up show him wearing a ball cap (or even sometimes a straw hat), so I feel like it was in my blood to be the same. While ball caps aren't necessarily my thing, I do love a good sun shader! I even brought one all the way across the Atlantic with me to London, Paris and back over the ocean again -- it was one of my most worn accessories during that trip, as it was great for hiding my dirty hair, haha. With all that said, though, to each their own comes without saying when it comes to hats (everyone's shape + style is so different), but if you're like me -- you like hearing about someone else's favs! 

In case you're on the hunt for a new hat for the spring season, or just feel like browsing -- here's a few of my favorite shops to browse + buy hats from --

I would love to hear if you have any favorite hat shop favorites? Or favorite hat styles? I've been loving berets this winter season (well -- actually ever since we got back from Paris!), but I know that straw hats will be making their way back into my everyday wardrobe so soon! Anyways, I hope ya'll have an amazing week and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


Hello there! The first week of February is here and with it has come warmer temps and longer days -- aka winter in the desert at its finest! Now that our cold snap has passed and we're back to our regularly scheduled days, I've been doing my best to pull out the warm layers while I still can. This sweater has been a favorite since October when I picked it up before our trip to South Dakota, and the skirt is my new obsession from Free People (spoiler alert -- it's a set). The mix of the two felt a bit wild, but somehow seemed to fit together so nicely for a warm desert day! 

Speaking of personal style, I shared this thought on Instagram the other day and still think it holds so much truth -- as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized a few things about my personal style — it is as different and just the same as it was growing up. I’ll forever love those causal and cool California vibes (much of those included in this outfit), and will always be open to showing my inner music gal who worked at Vans, wore band t-shirts and lots of black. I like to think my style is just an elevated mixture of the two nowadays! What about you?

Outfit Details -- 

Shop Clay Armando Hat                                                                                                              Madewell Sweater (similar!)                                                                                                              
Free People Sunset Midi (skirt only)                                                                                                  Madewell Brenner Bootie                 

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! We've just been chugging along around here -- working on a few projects, one that you may get a peek at very soon! ;) Here's to an amazing rest of the week!

-Chelsea xo                                                                                 


January singlehanded felt like the longest and shortest month of all-time! The first few days of the year seem to zoom on by post-holidays, but the rest of the month seem to creep by slowly. No complaints around here, though! We spent time re-cooping after our busiest market season yet, headed to Seattle to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary and got ready to hit the ground running for another busy and exciting year! Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of January? Without further ado --  

-- We kicked off the first day of the year with sandal weather! Winter never seems to stick around Phoenix long, but this year's cold temps seemed unusually short-lived. We're not complaining, though -- as long as it stays below 90 we're golden! Also, have I ever shared that I think our bedroom is my favorite room in the whole house? I love how light, bright and airy it is -- perfect for relaxing after a busy day. 

-- Can you spot our little Shadow girl? She's the eldest, tiniest and most feisty of our bunch! She prefers to not be bothered much, but does let me sneak in a few snuggles on occasion. Her bed is situated under the kitchen table, but only because this is the place she felt most safe in when we brought her in for the first time (she was an outside kitty before she moved on to house cat status). It was a not-so-secret wish of mine to own a black kitty one day, and she just fits perfectly into our brood! 

-- And here's my first -- gosh, I really do sound like a cat lady! Haha! Boots is as sweet and as naughty as they come. Somehow he seems to balance the two perfectly and is the biggest baby of them all. You'll often find him enjoying a window seat throughout the house, or tap, taping on the nearest plant to get our attention (insert hand over eyes monkey emoji here). 

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful week! Scott and I opted for skipping the Super Bowl festivities and enjoyed a nice home cooked meal + some time drawing and blogging instead. If you are watching, though, give JT a little wink for me -- will ya?! Haha!

-Chelsea xo


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I somehow forgot to share these photos that we shot with our sweet friends Kelsey and Michael on a chilly November morning. Up before the sun, Scott and I hopped in the car and headed toward the Superstition Mountains for a sunrise film photography shoot -- a first for us! Having both grown up shooting film for fun, wanting to have film photos of us taking together was on our list of things to do for quite some time. And after seeing the most beautiful photos Kels and Michael took of our dear friends, Nadia, Ernest and their gorgeous family (for real -- look at those babies!), we knew we had to make a shoot happen ASAP! 

I'll admit -- being shot on film felt a bit nerve wracking, but Kelsey and Michael made the whole experience so easy and fun. Kelsey is a master at getting "the" shot and knowing exactly how to help settle you into the the perfect position. Michael is great at keeping the mood light and throwing in a good joke here and there. I really enjoyed seeing them work as a team throughout the entire shoot and felt an instant connection to their process -- one very similar to Scott and I's when we're shooting photos or working on our small business together. 

Seeing Kelsey and Michael shoot has also inspired me to explore film photography once again. I took photography classes in high school, but have been focused on digital for the past 10+years. Shooting film feels almost like a lost art -- one I am very interesting in exploring more in 2018. 

This shoot was actually the first of two on this day with Kelsey and Michael. The second shoot was with my mom and dad + Scott and I. My folks and I hadn't had professional photos taken together since Scott and I's wedding, so it felt extra special to capture their smiles and us as a family on film in a beautiful grove near our home. We also had a big win during our second shoot -- Kelsey got my dad to smile with his teeth showing - something I'm always encouraging him to do more! 

If you're in need of family, couple, engagement, wedding or newborn photos -- Kelsey and Michael should definitely be on your radar! They're currently based in Southern California, but travel all over. They even went to Paris recently and their photos from there are breathtaking!

Madewell Kent Cardigan                                                                                                                   Ali Golden Dress via Local Nomad                                                                                                      Madewell Brenner Boot

When was the last time you shot with film, or had your photos taken with a film camera? There are so many presets out there that can create a film like look, but I swear -- nothing is quite like the real thing! 

-Chelsea xo