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With the start of fall officially two days away, my wardrobe is starting to go through an overhaul! Summer dresses and short sleeves are being tucked away until the next warm season, and the sweaters and boots are coming out of their hiding places for another season in the cooler weather. And while most of my fall pieces are coming back from previous years, I am excited to rock a few fall trend worthy pieces and share more about those finds here with ya'll! With these trends in mind, I'm thrilled to be partnering with Zappos and Rebecca Minkoff to share the newest booties in my collection, the Annette Too, along with a few thoughts on what I'm seeing and loving this season, including Rebecca Minkoff’s fall footwear collection via Zappos!

While trends may come and go, there is one thing for certain -- classic booties will always be in style! After browsing Rebecca Minkoff’s fall footwear collection, I knew the Annette Too had to make their way into my wardrobe. I love, love a classic, leather bootie -- especially when they've got a bit of an edge to them like these do with their alternating metal studs and grommets dawning the top of the boot. I'm also big on the shade cognac for fall, and love pairing it with black to add contrast and warmth to my autumn style. Rebecca Minkoff’s fall handbag collection is full of pretty cognac colors bags, so if you're in the market -- make sure you check out their newset pieces!

A few other items on my fall trends list? Mustard hued tops and accessories, neck scarves, ruffles, fisherman style sweaters, overalls, wide-legged trousers and so much more! This autumn is shaping up to be a great one, trends and adventures included, and I am officially ready to take on the season -- pumpkin spice iced coffee in hand and my favorite autumn album playing in the background (New Leaves by Owen, if you're curious)! 

I hope everyone's week is off to a very autumnal start! Scott and I had pumpkin spice iced coffees yesterday (unsweetened black iced coffee + one-two pumps of pumpkin sauce from Starbucks), and tonight we listened to new and old tunes from American Football (another band that always reminds me of the fall). Scott and I will be celebrating the first day of autumn this weekend with a showing of Hocus Pocus (the ultimate fall movie), time spent with friends and a trip to our local market to pick up a few goodies to get the season off to a delicious start -- and you can bet that I'll be rocking my Annette Too booties all weekend (and season) long! I hope ya'll have a cozy one and I'll be back soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo


Happy Sunday, friends! I wanted to quickly pop in here to share five thoughts I've had spinning around in my head lately. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the old skool days of blogging, so here's a piece inspired by the olden days of just sharing what was on your mind/what you're reading/what you're into at the moment (PS ABM has been writing similar pieces like this forever and they're some of my favorite posts come Sunday). Without further ado -- 

-- The fall collection from Sezane is AMAZING! I have my eye on this purse, but wouldn't mind having these boots either! 

-- Scott and I had the best time at the Junk In Trunk Vintage Market this weekend! We've been coming to this market for years, so it felt extra special to be a first-time vendor during their fall market. And even though we were working, I may have made a cheeky rug purchase in-between shifts -- promise to share about it soon!

-- I LOVE a good old YouTube haul video, so I really enjoyed watching this one from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles today!  

-- With autumn just around the corner, I've got delicious fall foods on the mind! First up on my must-make list, this white chicken chili recipe by Salty Lashes!

-- My old skool blogging friend, Steffy, wrote an interesting post on if/how Instagram has changed her lifestyle choices -- it's definitely a must-read!

I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend! The days went by so quickly around here, but it was such a good one!

-Chelsea xo


It has officially been one whole month since we landed back in the states from our European vacation! And truth be told, we got off the plane and basically started running once again - but only this time it was to prep for orders that came through for Citizen HD while we were gone, upcoming markets and and a whole lot of life admin (all good things, though!). With all that said, I'm feeling pretty stoked to revisit our time abroad and share with you all photos + stories from our adventures through the streets of London and Paris. To kick things off, we're going back to our first day in London! 

After landing in the early afternoon, we made our way to our hotel in Soho (The London EDITION -- which we LOVED) to refreshen up, stow our bags and get a recommendation for the nearest coffee shop. Much to our delight, there was a darling coffee shop nearby that was still open (a rarity we found on a Sunday) - so we made our way to Tap Coffee for a little pick-me-up and our first walk around the city. 

Tap had an ultra cozy feel to it and reminded us one of our favorite local coffee shops, Cartel Coffee. Before coming to London, we had been reminded numerous times that "iced drinks" weren't really a thing around here - which for these daily iced coffee drinkers feels like a bit of a deal breaker, but much to our surprise -- the first coffee shop we wandered to not only had iced lattes, but even cold brew (which they were out of at the time, but it's still the thought that counts)! Anyways, after grabbing an iced latte and quick snack we found a place toward the back and settled in to enjoy our coffee, people watch and get a feeling for what we wanted the rest of the day to hold. 

We were feeling pretty jet lagged at this point, so dinner seemed like our best option before turning in early for the night to get some rest and hopefully feel more awake for our first full day in London. We came to London (and Paris) with a full list of restaurants to try out, and it seemed that the closest to us was Percy & Founders, a recommendation that I found via one of my favorite UK based vloggers, Lily Pebbles. After taking in the sights and sounds of Tap for just a bit longer, we made our way down the road, past our hotel and onto the restaurant for an early dinner.

After scoring a table outside on the patio (even though the inside looked SO quirky and charming), we searched the menu for something delicious that would fill our bellies until morning. The menu was a mix of traditional English dishes and seasonal options, and since it was Sunday -- a traditional Sunday roast felt like a must! We started with the most delicious house pickles and enjoyed the cooler weather while we waited for our feast. To say it felt surreal sitting in London in the most beautiful space would certainly be an understatement.

Once our dinner arrived, Scott and I both dug in to our respective plates -- him the roast, and I the pea risotto that looked so delicious after a full day of travel. We left the restaurant with warm bellies and smiles on our faces as we walked back to our hotel on a gloomy London day. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our first day in London! Writing this led to a whole rush of emotions coming back to me -- ya'll, London was so, so good to us! I'll be back soon with our second day, but until then I would love to hear about your summer travels or fall travel plans! We don't have anything on our calendar just yet, but I'm already itching to take a drive (or fly) to a favorite destination! 

-Chelsea xo


Back in August, Scott and I had some BIG news to share -- our home was featured on the West Elm blog, Front + Main! I said it once and I'll say it again -- we truly could not be more honored and can't thank the amazing team at West Elm enough for writing up such a wonderful piece on our small space! With that said, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the photos featured + a few more of our space as it is/was in the summer of 2017. Since moving into our home, I've really enjoyed being able to look back at how it was three months ago, six months ago, a year ago, etc., so for memory sake (and because I just really enjoy sharing our space + hear that a few of you are into seeing it too) here's part 1 in the series -- our updated living room! 

Our living room still remains one of the coziest areas in our home! With three large windows pouring in sunlight on the daily, this area always feels light and bright, but also oh so cozy and warm. These black leather and dark wood chair still stand as focal points in front of two of our large windows, and continue to be some of my favorite purchases to date (the one on the left is from West Elm and the one on the right was a vintage find!). 

Ya'll know I love a good statement photo or print, and this Anthony Burrill piece that we picked up in Portland has been a favorite since we brought it home. I'm also a big fan of the gold Framebridge frame that we ended up going with for this extra special piece! 

Our Article Sven couch was one of the first purchases we made for our new home and over a year later I have to say, we're very happy with it! It's comfy, cozy and pretty to look at! ;)

This West Elm marble and wood side table is a recent purchase that has really helped the space feel whole. I've got my eye on the matching coffee table, so you might be seeing that around here sometime soon. ;)

We'll just call this one the view from the coziest spot in the room! PS that fiddle fig leaf is my pride and joy! He has grown SO much since we moved in last year.

This small media console from Urban Outfitters was a bargain and is still one of my favorite pieces -- it's the perfect size for this space! While this piece is sadly not available anymore, this media console is similar and is definitely a style I could see in our home.  

My love for indigo mudcloth pillows is still going strong! I shared a whole post awhile back on my favorite shops to find the perfect pillows from -- take a peek if you're in the market (or just interested in perusing some pretty pillows). 

Our DIY entryway is still one of my favorite areas to style up! I'm really look forward to decorating it for autumn again this year -- bats + spiders will dawn this space soon! PS this mirror is such a steal for the style + size!

And a year later, I'm still fond of having the "necessities" sprinkled throughout our home -- The Magnolia Journal, fresh flowers and Standard Wax candles!

There you have it -- the full view of our updated living room, summer 2017! I'll be sharing our other spaces + rooms here soon, but in case you can't wait -- get the full scoop on our house here

-Chelsea xo


"Nobody on the road,
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
The summer's out of reach."

With only fifteen days left of summer, I'm doing my best to enjoy the season we're in -- even if that means holding off on my favorite autumn drink (pumpkin spice iced coffee!) and fall wears just a bit longer (mostly because it's been 105+ degrees lately - yikes!). Even though I haven't shared this dress around here as of yet, this Free People beauty was a favorite this summer! The color is striking and out of my norm, but the second I saw it I knew it had to be mine. And while that sounds a bit dramatic, it's definitely true -- I was not leaving the store without it! Have you ever had that happen before? This dress just felt all mine!

How was everyone's long weekend? Scott and I spent it in Northern Arizona with family and friends and the weather up there was SO beautiful! Warm during the day, but definitely sweater weather in the evening. This weekend we're headed back up north, albeit not as far as last weekend, and I have a feeling that it's going to be chilly up there as well! It's crazy what a quick two or three hour drive can do for the scenery and weather here in Arizona -- one minute you're looking at saguaros and feeling the heat, and the next you're seeing pine trees and feeling cooler temps! 

While this dress feels so summery with its bright tones, I think it could be perfect in the fall months paired with a chunky, black knit sweater and a pair of black heeled boots! A maroon version of this dress is also available now, so I've got my eye on it and just might be bringing it home with me soon. It's seriously such a quality piece that I see lasting for seasons to come! 

Pretty clothes and autumn thoughts aside, this short week has been a bit of a doozy! We've been car shopping (ugh!), getting ready for two birthdays in our family, prepping for the Junk In Trunk Vintage Market next week and also trying to take a bit of a breather through it all. Almost two weeks ago, I tweaked something in my back that has been keeping my left foot numb and walking a bit of a challenge (my doctor says it's a pinched nerve and not to worry) -- so I've been a bit slower than usual and trying to spend more time resting, which is so hard when you live a life of go, go, go (by choice, of course -- I usually wouldn't have it any other way!). Long story short -- I'm on the mend but have just been feeling a bit more achey and moving at a slower pace. Here's to hoping all heals up ASAP -- I've got a market to sell at! 

Madewell Bandana
Free People Maxi Dress                                                                                                                     Alex and Ani Bracelets                                                                                                                   Ellen and James Bag                                                                                                                          Madewell Sandals (on sale!)    

I hope you guys are enjoying the short week! Before we head off for the weekend, we're seeing Death Cab For Cutie at a new venue and I am STOKED! This will be our second time seeing them this year and I've got my fingers crossed that they'll play my favorite song -- Photobooth! Be back soon, friends!  

-Chelsea xo


When we purchased our home last year, one of the many pieces of the puzzle that we didn't have input on was the style, color, etc. of the lights that would soon be screwed into the ceilings of almost every room. Looking back, walking into our home for the first time was a bit of a surprise -- what would the cabinets look like? what would the closets be like? what kind of lights would we find? All in all -- most things were fine or fixable, haha! The lights we found were basic white globes and nothing fancy -- perfect to start our home with, but something that I always had in the back of my mind that I knew I wanted to change. A little over a year later, the day finally came when we started to change the lights for something a little more us -- these West Elm beauties that you see hanging in our kitchen! The lights in our hallway, office and bathroom will come later, but for now -- I am SO happy with this trio we have going on! They're the perfect mix of light and bright mixed with warmth and coziness that our home needed. With all that said, I know that the lighting in your home can be very personal choice, but if you're like me -- you find it fun just to see what's new or dream about what you'll have in your own home one day! 

In case you're on the hunt for new lighting for your home, or just feel like browsing through some pretty fixtures, here's a few of my favorite shops to browse + buy lights from --

I would love to hear if you have any lighting favorites! This pretty little desk lamp from Schoolhouse is next up on my wish list, but I also have my eye on this beautiful piece for our office from Lucent Lightshop! Anyways, I hope ya'll are having a great short week and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo