September 16, 2014


Hello! I hope ya'll had a great weekend! I'm back today with an awesome giveaway from White Plum! White Plum is offering one lucky Tea Talk reader $50 in store credit to their lovely shop. This weekend I was rocking their Yellowstone Open Cardigan, and while it was a little warm for an evening out, I'm so excited to wear this fringe-ified cardigan all through the fall and winter -- it's such a nice layering piece! Plus, I'm a sucker for cozy sweaters! Anyways, Don't forget that if you use the code TEATALK20 at checkout you can get 20% off your entire purchase from until 9/25! Good luck! xo
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September 12, 2014


Happy Friday! Today I'm rocking this darling dress from White Plum. I love the fall tones, the aztec print, and the name -- the Phoenix Nights dress! It's super comfy and easy to wear, perfect for these warm pre-fall days we've been having around here. This morning there was a bit of a chill in the air, so I threw on a cozy gray sweater over my dress before I headed out to grab my morning coffee. Fall is so, so close! White Plum actually has a ton of cute fall digs right now, and if you use the code TEATALK20 at checkout you can get 20% off your entire purchase from now until 9/25! Also, be sure to come back Monday for a FUN giveaway from White Plum!

Outfit details:
Necklaces: Etsy & Anthropologie
Bracelets: Jcrew & Kate Spade
Booties: Sam Edelman

It's the weekend and I couldn't be more excited for tonight's double date night with Christina and Robert of New Darlings! I met the sweet duo at a recent Instagram meet-up and can't wait for Scott to finally meet them -- we all have so much in common! I've already had a busy morning, driving around town, getting my secret Dunkin Donuts drink and grocery shopping at Trader Joes. They had ALL things pumpkin at TJ's, so of course I had to pick up a few goodies and a pumpkin tree! Have a great weekend, ya'll!
-Chelsea xo

September 11, 2014


Good evening! I'm back with style number three from my LuLu*s Rustic Fall Collab! You may have notice that over the past year I've found my passion for hats, and this one is a true gem. I love the color, the wide brim, and how it has just the right amount of floppy to it! LuLu*s, you did good with this one! Also, these comfy boots have become a staple in my pre-fall wardrobe. You just can't beat a great black boot!

In other news, I'm listening to the new Ryan Adams album right now and just can't get enough. I've adored his music for years, and this new album definitely doesn't disappoint! If you're looking for some new tunes right now, it's a nice fall album. During this time of year I always find myself drawn to old favorites, like Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes, Copeland, Minus the Bear and more (get a peek at my September jams here!). It is nice to throw some new music into the mix, though, so that's why I've been listening to new T-Swift tune! Sorry, but it's darn catchy!

Outfit details:
Bamboo Battle 23 Black Lace-Up Ankle Booties c/o LuLu*s

Tonight, Bootsy the cat and I are cuddled up while Scott finishes up some homework. Although, Boots recently found a cozy spot in a Madewell shopping bag, so I guess it's just me here now (haha). I'm going to watch some Gypsy Wives and hit the hay. Goodnight!
-Chelsea xo

September 10, 2014


At the beginning of this month, Scott and I spent a few days in the woods of Coconino County in northern Arizona. I've been going to this national park every September since I was a kid, and each year it's just as beautiful, if not more, than the years before. I remember taking walks through these trees when I was younger, getting lost on occasion, but always making my way back to our campsite in time for dinner and s'mores. For me, this has always been a very special place, and I love that today I can share the beauty of the pine trees, the smell of campfires and the pre-fall weather with Scott every September. It will forever remind me of my childhood! 

Outfit details:
Handmade necklace
Gap jeans

Since coming back down the desert our day-to-day lives have been so busy! Scott is in full-on grad school mode and getting ready to give his first presentation of the semester tomorrow. I've been continuing to recover from my gallbladder surgery (still have a bit of soreness, but it's getting better), along with going to doctor's appointments and receiving some REALLY exciting (promise to share soon!). I've also found myself browsing through the new fall styles at my favorite shops more than I care to admit! I am truly SO ready for this new season and everything it will bring! Also, today is my dad's birthday and my mom and I got him tickets to see The Eagles -- one of his all-time favorite bands! Happy Birthday, Dad!

-Chelsea xo 

September 8, 2014


This morning I woke up to the sound of rain and a flooded front yard, so I thought I would share some photos from a sunnier day instead of raining on your parade (see what I did there, ha!). If you didn't hear, Phoenix had a HUGE flood today! In fact, today was the wettest day EVER on record for the city of Phoenix. CRAZY! Our streets, freeways, parking lots, parks and more were completely flooded and loads of businesses and schools shut day for a "rain day" so that everyone could stay home safe and sound. This crazy picture of the 1-10 has been floating around the internet today, and I'm still amazed every time I see it. They say this is a 100 year storm, so let's hope we don't see another one like this for another 100 years!

Outfit details:
Vest: Old Navy
Dress: Madewell
Purse: Coach

In other news, besides the rain, today was an exceptionally good day! Scott and I received some great news, we went on a coffee and cookie date to one of our favorite coffee shops (LUX!), and visited with some of our best friends and their little girl (our niece!). It's crazy because two of my best friends, one being my cousin (MOH at my wedding) are pregnant right now and due about a week a part in February! I'm so excited to be an aunty again, and have caught myself looking at newborn clothes more than once lately. Babies clothes are just SO tiny and cute! Another one of our friends just had a baby girl, so we can't wait to visit them and spoil little Miss Danger (her middle name!). It's kind even more crazy to think that we're in the time of our life now where our friends are married and having babies -- weren't we just like 18? I'm sure ya'll know what I mean! Anyways, I'm heading out but I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo