May 26, 2015


Oh, hey there! Sorry my posts have been a bit sporadic lately -- May has been one heck of a whirlwind, but in the most awesome ways -- graduation, family time, peach picking (more to come on that one!), amazing career opportunities and so much more. Scott and I have always said that good things come in waves, like that time we got engaged, I turned the big 2 - 5, scored my first big job out of college and both of us graduated with our respective degrees all in less than two weeks. While I don't want to compare May 2015 to May 2013 (too special to compare), I will say that this month has treated us real, real well. Anyways, I have hopes for hanging out here a lot more often (and even have a fun plans up my sleeve this old blog this summer) and hope you'll continue to join me through this crazy ride. I swear, I have the most amazing friends and readers -- thank you for your continued support, from the bottom of my heart! xo

You may have noticed something different here. Something fun and new, a little braid or two. Ok, I'll stop with the rhymes, but really, this quick and easy up-do has been saving me during these really hot days we've been having. I'm not usually a big fan of wearing my hair all the way up (hence my favorite half up, half down do), but there's something so fun about these braids that have me changing my mind. I've actually been trying to do my hair a lot more lately, not just my usual blow-dry and go look. I recently purchased a curling wand and have been loving the beachy waves I've been getting with it. Maybe it's time I share a few of my new favorite go-to hair looks? I did really enjoy putting together my top-knot and how to wear a twist scarf posts last summer! Tell me what you think! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Tailored Tee
American Eagle Jeggings

I hope ya'll had the best long weekend spent with family and friends. Other than celebrating our sweet nieces' second birthday, we kept things pretty low-key around here. Anyways, have a great short week, friends!
-Chelsea xo

May 20, 2015


Almost every Saturday morning, Scott and I visit our local farmer's market to pick up some fresh veggies, in-season fruit and the occasional pain au chocolat. My mom is also a huge farmer's market fan, so on Mother's Day weekend we all piled into the car and drove down to the market to purchase our weekly goods and do a little extra strolling, snacking and chatting along the way.

I often get told that I look SO much like my mom (which is a huge compliment!). What do you think? ;)

Scott and I definitely have our routine when it comes to our weekly trips to the market. First we grab a couple of coffee's,  then we usually head toward the Proof Bread booth just hoping that they still have a few pain au chocolats left. After Proof, we take a lap around the market and then hit up our two favorite veggie booths for eggs, carrots and anything else that we might want to eat throughout the week (we're not great meal planners around here, but we do love having fresh produce and fruit on-hand). 

I guess you could say that these are my farmer's market digs -- super comfy and casual, with a big hat to keep the sun off my face. Since this beautifully breezy morning the weather has definitely warmed up, so I'll probably be ditching the jacket for our next trip the market. No promises, though! Ya'll know how much I love my layers (even when I'm sweating through them -- the curse of a layer loving gal).

Outfit Details:
Etsy Circle Necklace (similar)
Nordstrom Rack Utility Jacket (similar and on sale!)

Scott and I are slowing adjusting to post-grad life over here, so we've been relaxing whenever we can, going on coffee dates and thanking around lucky stars that neither of us have to do homework EVER again. Well, as long as we don't pursue our Doctorate degrees, that is. Never say never, right? ;)

I would love to hear about your favorite farmer's market, so leave a comment and let a lady know!
Happy day, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

May 18, 2015


Sorry for the silence around here! Many of you might have seen on my Instagram or Twitter feed that Scott and I had an incredibly busy and exciting last couple of weeks. I've been staying busy with work and spent lots of time with my folks and my pups before they left for the summer, while Scott gave two amazing Capstone presentations, completed all of his course work, took seven finals (he was taking 21 credit hours both semesters, yikes!) AND graduated with 3.5GPA for his entire Master's degree program! 

To say I'm incredibly proud of him would be an understatement, because I am so much more than that. Scott has worked so hard for so many years now and to see him up there on stage accepting his diploma for a Master's degree in Real Estate Development from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University just brought tears to my eyes and an overwhelmingly rush of thankfulness and feeling of love for how hard Scott has worked to make life better for our family. I love you JSG, you did it! 

After graduation on Thursday we spent a few days with our out-of-town family picking peaches, going to the farmer's market and introducing them to our coffee shop family at Peixoto Coffee. We also made our way back to Peixoto on Sunday with our sweet friends Christina and Rob for some tasty treats and a long talk on all the exciting things we have going on in our lives. If you haven't checked out their blog, New Darlings (which I'm sure ya'll have), you should definitely make your way over there and leave them a little love!

Anyways, we had an amazing few weeks and lots of lovely celebrations, and I know that we both couldn't be more thankful for all of our friends, family, and all of you here that cheered us on through all of it! So thank you all for making this special time in our life so, so amazing and memorable!

Today is our first day back to a normal routine and I'm already on my second cup of coffee (whoops!), but I'm excited for such a sunny and beautiful day and all that it will bring. 

Hope ya'll enjoy this beautiful May day too, friends! 
Be back soon!
-Chelsea xo

May 4, 2015


With my birthday just two days into May, this month always starts off with a bang. This year, though, it's extra special because in just a mere10 days we'll be celebrating Scott's grad school graduation -- a day I've been looking forward to for so many years. It's almost hard to believe that this time two years ago, I was doing the exact same things -- pounding through finals and getting ready to dawn my cap, gown and grad hood (my favorite part of the whole ensemble). Anyways, the time has zoomed by way too quickly for my liking, but still, we've got a few exciting weeks on our hands and I'm ready to celebrate! I may have picked up the perfect dress for the occasion (this one -- and it's on super sale!), and now I'm on the hunt for an even more perfect pair of shoes. Dress clothes aside, I'm just so excited to see my honey graduate and celebrate all of his hard work! I may be shedding a proud wife tear or two over here ----- ;).

Outfit Details:
Nordstrom Top (similar)
Lucky Brand Taurus Necklace (similar)

I'm still recovering from a post-birthday daze over here -- way too yummy treats and a few fun celebrations. We spent our weekend up north in Cottonwood, AZ, enjoying the cool weather and visiting with family. I think we may have brought the cooler weather home with us, because it was only in the 80's today and that's just about unheard of during this time of year. Anyways, on our way back down the mountain we made a quick stop for pie, and then hit up the last hour of Junk in the Trunk -- our first time being able to attend! We walked away with a few goodies from Hello Apparel, and a sweet vintage swan planter that I'm dying to plant a succulent in -- oh, it will be cute haha!

Hope your weekend was great, friends!
-Chelsea xo

May 2, 2015


Another year old, another year wiser! Twenty seven, you're looking mighty fine!
The Birthday Girl