Another beautiful weekend in the desert has come and went! Scott and I spent the majority of it prepping and working at the spring Phoenix Flea event, which was super fun and went by so quickly! On Sunday, we did get to catch up on a few extra ZZZ's, though, and took some time to chill out after a few weeks of prep! The weather has been SO beautiful lately, and since we know it won't last for long -- we're taking every opportunity we can to eat al fresco, go for little walks around the neighborhood and spend time outside in this beautiful desert we call home! 

Back to Phoenix Flea -- this was our first time sell at the spring event, which we had signed up for well before Scott's hand injury occurred. After it all happened, we knew it would be harder to get ready for the big event -- but we ended up getting a lot of help from Scott's dad, and truly just did the best we could with the time we had to prep. Ultimately, we had a lot of inventory (more than we expected we would get), and had a really wonderful time seeing lots of local friends, meeting a few sweet readers and getting to see our handmade pieces walk out the door with their new owners (sounds a bit silly, but it's seriously SO rad to see someone purchase a piece that you put so much time and love into!).  If you're local and missed this event, I promise to keep you posted on the next one we're at!

With the temperatures rising and rising, I've had my eyes and heart set on more spring tones and clothes the past few weeks. I'm just about ready to put away my heavy sweaters and coats (let's be real, though -- I haven't really needed them for awhile now), and I'm looking forward to pulling out more of my dresses, sandals and sleeveless tops.

After a slow morning yesterday, Scott and I headed to mall for a bit so I could scope out a few new items for Spring -- I haven't been shopping since before our trip to Portland, so everything felt fresh and a bit more inspiring now that a new season is about to roll around. I ended up picking out a new dress, a pair of overalls (that I'm SUPER excited about!) and fun bag that I'm excited to style up and share with you guys! This spring is going to be a really good season when it comes to fashion -- I can just feel it! 

Free People Sundae Pullover                                                                                  
Madewell Bandana                                                                                                                                   Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                          Madewell Billie Boots                  

And now we're off for another busy and productive week! We have lots of birthday celebrations, a sweet friend coming into town and two shows to attend (American Football and Owen)! Happy Monday, friends! xo


Hey, hey! Phoenix Flea is almost here and Scott and I are thrilled to have Citizen Home Decor participating again this spring! We can't wait to see all of you locals there this Saturday, March 4th in downtown Phoenix at Heritage Square Park from 10am to 5pm! There is a $5 cash admission, but you can also purchase your tickets ahead of time online! Come see us, pick up an ornament or two (it's never too early!) and shop 100+ local vendors on what's to be a beautiful afternoon! Let us know if we'll be seeing you there! :)

-Chelsea (& Scott too!) xo


We're less than four hours away from the month of March and I'm sitting here just thinking where exactly has this last month gone? Wow -- February was certainly a whirlwind! Scott and I spent a good majority of the month going through the trials and tribulations that came along with his hand injury, and subsequent surgery to repair a much needed nerve (they're all needed, really -- but this one in particular is very important!). In February, we focused a lot on rest and doing anything and everything we could to get Scott into a good place with his hand. Great news, though -- he's doing awesome and definitely on the mend! I promise to share a longer update soon, but really -- we honestly can't thank you guys enough for all of the love and well wishes you sent our way. Thank you, thank you!

Anyways, the tail-end of this month has been all about prep for Phoenix Flea (see you Saturday, local folks!) and beginning to prepare for a busy month of fun shows, family time and maybe even a bit of travel!

Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of February? Here they are --

-- It's true, I love switching up things on the mantle above our couch! I've noticed that even just the smallest of tweaks (an air plant here, a few vintage milk glass vases there) really changes the space up and makes the area feel new and fresh again. For reals, though, ask Scott -- re-arranging this space has definitely become an obsession of mine, haha!

-- Just about every season I feel the itch to update our bedding + pillow set-up in our bedroom! Lately, I've been loving our pillow combo (a mix of vintage mudcloth pillows from Maewoven and a few new cozy ones from West Elm) but I do have my eye on a new set of bedding from Parachute Home to really refresh this space for the coming warmer months! PS My sweet friend, Robyn, makes the most beautiful macrame wall hangings (she made the one above our bed!) and I can't wait to pick up a bigger piece from her this weekend at Phoenix Flea! 

- Our Kitty, Boots, was grabbing this particular Monday morning by the hor -- err, handles! Haha -- get it! ;) I picked up this sweet seagrass basket from my friend Hilary's shop, The Hill Shed, a few months ago and ever since bringing it into our home our kitties have been obsessed with it. It seems to make for the perfect nap spot, or just a place to hide from me when they want to be a bit naughty!  

How was your February? Can you believe spring is almost here? It has been awfully warm in Phoenix lately, but I'm not quite sure that I'm ready for those hot, hot temps just yet!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, friends! Here's to a fresh, new month! 

-Chelsea xo


I have a confession to make -- I have a bit of a succulent and cactus obsession! Even though I live in the desert and find myself surrounded by them in nature on the daily, I still love shopping for the perfect cactus or succulent to bring into our home! After visiting Portland and checking out all of their amazing greenhouses (seriously -- Portland is filled with them!), I now feel more determined than ever to visit all the darling nurseries we have here in our very own city! 

After visiting out friends over at UrbAna in Phoenix, Scott and I decided to check out a nearby garden shop, Berridge Nursery, before heading back to our side of town. This place is seriously huge and sells so many different kinds of plants, but of course -- I was most interested in the succulent section! At wandering around the nursery for a bit and running into an old friend, we decided to pick up a few new plants to add to our growing indoor collection, and a couple to help fill out our small cactus garden we've been working on in our front yard (which is a major work in progress, but I love the color and life it's bringing to the front of our home!).

The ponytail palm and string of pearls ended up coming home with us that day, along with two tall elephant bushes for our front yard. All of the employees here are super helpful and knowledgable in plant care, and were great in making suggestions for what would work best in our space. If you're local to the area, I would definitely suggest stopping by Berridge Nursery one afternoon -- don't be mad if you come home with ALL of the succulents, though! They have some seriously cute ones! 

Free People Cardigan (similar!)                                                                                   
Madewell Bandana                                                                                                                            Everlane Linen T-Shirt (similar!)                                                                                                              Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                          Madewell Transport Tote                                                                                                                   White Converse

Scott and I are gearing up for a super busy week -- lots of prep for Phoenix Flea this week, but we're so excited and can't wait for Saturday! We're also going to see The Shins on Friday night, which is seriously a dream come true -- we've waited so long to see them live! What is your week shaping up to look like? Can you believe that March is almost here! Where has the beginning of this year gone? Weren't we just in Portland! ;) Here's to an amazing week, friends!

-Chelsea xo


"What we love most about our home much it feels like us - from our favorite photos, handmade art and a fridge full of iced coffee."

When Scott and I were working on the write-up portion of our Design*Sponge feature last August, the question of what we love most about our home felt like a daunting one. Do we share how thankful we are to have just have a space of our very own? Do we share that this space was something we dreamed of and prepared for, for many years before? Or do we share just the simple pleasures that we find in owning our own home? Well, I guess you can see that we chose the latter, but in all honesty -- we love so much more than just the fridge full of iced coffee, the favorite photos and handmade art -- we love that this tiny space is all ours and continues to be an incredible blessing in our life.

It's a space to keep us safe from the harsh Arizona heat (the air conditioner was terrible in our old place). It's a space that has allowed Scott and I's creativity to grow (hello, expansion of Citizen HD and my passion for home decor). It's a space where we've been able to grow our tiny family of kittens (three sassy cats and going strong), and one day -- one of our very own.

In the end, we're just so thankful to be able to call this little space our home! And in case you haven't read our story yet, you can read about our decision and a bit about the process here -- so crazy to think that I shared this almost a year ago! I also have so many more photos to share from our shoot with Rennai Hoefer that didn't quite make it into our Design*Sponge feature -- promise to share those really soon! Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend! 

-Chelsea xo


January 18th, 2017 marked three years as husband and wife! Every year for our anniversary Scott and I take a trip to celebrate our love, marriage and passion for having new experiences together. This year, Portland, Oregon made the cut -- a city that had been on our list to visit together for years and years now. Once our tickets were booked, I reached out to Dawn of Dawn Photography -- an amazing PNW-based photographer whose work I'd been admiring for months after seeing her photos of Tonya from The Moptop and Jeremy and Audrey Roloff (among many other bloggers and gorgeous couples!). 

With the forecast full of snow and sleet the day we arrived, I chatted with Dawn in a bit of a panic that our shoot wouldn't go as planned. However, it seems that we brought the sunshine with us and our second day in Oregon was sunny, warm and snow-free! After meeting up with Dawn for our shoot, we hopped in the car and drove toward the Columbia Rive Gorge for a morning of adventure and the most beautiful Pacific Northwest views!

Having the opportunity to take fun and unique photos together is something both Scott and I cherish. I know many couples only have professional photos taken leading up to and during their wedding, but for us -- having someone capture our love throughout the years of our relationship feels just as important. I know we'll be looking back on these photos for years to come and will be able to remember exactly how we felt and what our life was like back then -- ten years together, three years married and so in love with one another (awwwww!). 

On our way back to Portland, we spotted this cabbage patch and had to pull over! The smell was something I never care to describe again, but it sure felt quirky and unique to be standing in a field of rotting cabbages in the Oregon countryside. 

If you're ever in the Portland or Eugene areas of Oregon, be sure and reach out to our new friend Dawn for a shoot with you and your loved one -- she'll make you feel like a million bucks and take you on quiet an adventure! And now to pick out which photos I want to frame -- the very first photo is my absolute fav, but I think having a photo of us standing in a rotting cabbage patch would be quite a conversation piece, don't ya think! ;) Hope you have a great day, friends!

-Chelsea xo