Well hello there! Today I'm thrilled to be partnering with the sweet folks over at Framebridge on a post that is near and dear to my heart (and home!) -- how to style a photo ledge! When we moved into our home a little under a year ago, our photo ledge was one of the very first pieces we installed. I had this vision of a space where I could display not only our beloved photos, but also our favorite trinkets, plants and other small items that would really pull the whole space together. Last April, Framebridge was kind enough to help in getting my dream of my very own photo ledge off the ground (check out my post from last year here!), and this year I'm very excited to be partnering with Framebridge yet again to share a step-by-step on how to style your very own photo ledge! 

Let’s get started! Step 1: Start with a clean photo ledge (ours is from Ikea and was inexpensive). Before I start decorating, I like to give the ledge a good dust and wipe down to ensure a fresh, clean space for the frames and items we'll soon be adding in.

Step 2: Position your base frame. I like to start with the largest piece I’ll be displaying, in this case – a photo of Scott and I from our recent shoot with Dawn Photo in the Marin frame. Your base frame will act as your anchor, so place it in a spot where you see the rest of your items flowing from, whether it’s a symmetrical, asymmetrical style or something all your own. 

Step 3: Place your complementary frame(s), spacing it far enough from your base frame so that you'll have room to incorporate a plant, trinket, etc. into the area. Personally, I like my complementary frame(s) to be of a different shape, size and color from my base frame, but depending on the style you’re going for, your complementary frame(s) can be the same style or color, or even just very similar to your base frame.

Step 4: Start decorating! I like to incorporate small plants, favorite candles, mirrors and personal trinkets into my photo ledge. I tend to keep the colors seasonally appropriate, and often look for pieces around my own home that would fit into the space nicely, keeping in mind a color palette or similar tone.

These vintage milk glass vases were inexpensive and bring some height and dimension into the space -- they're also perfect for placing dried florals in! 

While the photo ledge maintains our main focus, it's also important to not forget the areas surrounding your ledge. Depending on your home and where you place your ledge, this will be a bit different for everyone -- but I like to place a complementary frame on the wall to the right of our ledge that will help tie the whole look together. We purchased this print from Schoolhouse Electric back in January during our trip to Portland and sent it in to be framed by the Framebridge experts. We chose the Richmond frame and are so happy with how simple the whole process was. We already had a shipping tube, so we opted for printing off a pre-paid shipping label and sent it out the next day. If you don't have a shipping tube handy, Framebridge can also send you one, along with a shipping label to print at home. This was our first time sending in an item to be framed, and we couldn't be more happy with the end result.

Step 5: Final touches! After I placed my base frame, complementary frame(s), plants, trinkets, etc., I like to take a step back to see where I might be able to add in an extra piece, take away an item or even just tweak an area of the ledge just a bit so the whole space really flows together. Don't forget that there is no right or wrong way to do this -- it's all about showcasing your personal style and favorite frames and photos to bring in some warmth and personality to your home. 

And that's it! Five easy steps for styling your own photo ledge! Need a little more inspiration? Or have a different style in mind? I've included two more styled photo ledge looks below that both Scott and I are fond on --- one is more of a symmetrical style, and the other leans toward an asymmetrical look. 

Ready to start working on your very own photo ledge? Use the code CHELSEABIRD15 to get 15% off your first Framebridge order through the end of July! A huge thank you is in order for the kind folks at Framebridge for partnering with us on this fun how-to! Let me know if you're planning on styling your own photo ledge now, or if you would like to see more posts like this in the future! Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

-Chelsea xo


#MyVans can often be found seeing me through daily adventures with Scott! We live in such a beautiful state, and our proximity to the mountains and desert landscape makes evening hikes to see the sunset a must! In partnership with Vans and Vans Girls, today is all about the SK8-HI's! I'm a huge fan of this classic style and dig the brightness this pair brings to my evening desert look!

Madewell Silk Bandana                                                                            
Madewell Pullover Top (similar!)                                                                                                            Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                      White Canvas SK8-HI's c/o Vans                                                                                                    

You know the drill -- share how you rock your own Vans by sharing a photo with #MyVans -- whether it's a dressed up look for a night out or a more casual outfit for an afternoon around town, we want to see! Hope ya'll are having the best evening! Be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


This past weekend, my Vans saw me through a two-day makers market in Tempe, Arizona! Scott and I have been selling at local craft shows since 2014, and since then my Vans have seen me through many hours of community events and pop-up shops with our friends -- I wouldn't have it any other way!

In case you haven't heard, I'm stoked to be partnering with the amazing folks at Vans and Vans Girls to celebrate their 5 classic styles! Today is all about the Old Skools, and I'm loving the classic style my black Old Skools bring to my makers market outfit (gotta dress the part -- ya know)! 

Now it's your turn -- show us how you style your own Vans by sharing a photo with #MyVans! I'll be back soon with my last three looks, but until then -- where and when do you usually rock your Vans? Favorite color and style? And how has your Tuesday been so far? Scott and I have already had a bit of a busy week and I don't foresee things slowing day anytime soon -- but that's alright! April, we're ready for you!

-Chelsea xo 


It’s true - Vans have played an integral part in every chapter of my life! From rocking my first pair as a baby during our summers in California, to having my very first job as a Vans sales associate and loving every minute that I got to help other people celebrate the Vans lifestyle and community. And now to the present day where I can be found wearing my classics as a part of my daily uniform as a desert dwelling small biz owner, content creator and marketing specialist -- almost 30 years later from the days of rocking my very first pair!

This week I'm thrilled to be partnering with the amazing folks at Vans and Vans Girls to celebrate their 5 classic styles! Today is all about the Authentics, and I'm loving how their classic red adds to my favorite everyday combo of black and white!

Now it's your turn -- show us how you rock your own Vans style by sharing a photo with #MyVans! I'll be back soon with my other four looks, but until then -- what's your Vans story? Have you been rocking them since you were young or did they become your go-to later in life? Favorite style and color? I'm partial to the Authentics, but also love a classic Slip-On! Happy Monday, friends!

-Chelsea xo 


Hello Friday! The weekend is almost here and Scott and I have a REAL busy one ahead of us! We'll be selling tomorrow and Sunday at the Tempe Festival of the Arts' Sixth + Mill Makers section with Standard Wax, Keep it Wild Co. and so many other amazing local makers -- 10am-5:30pm both days! If you're local, be sure to come and out, shop and say hi! Aside from that, here's a few links that I really think you'll enjoy --

-- I'm loving everything about Chelsea's outfit and this cool location! And now I'm in need of a trip to a rainy place just so I can order and rock this rad rain jacket! 

-- Two of my sweet friends and incredible makers, Robyn and Krista, just debuted their amazing collaboration - CLAY & CORD! For all you local folks, their three piece collection is on sale today, March 31st at the Petite Party Studio pop-up shop from 3-9pm in downtown Gilbert! Can't wait to get my hands on one of their blush wall hangings! 

-- Are we friends on Instagram yet? Just thought I would check! ;) 

-- Sandal season is here and I've got my eyes on these beauts from Madewell! 

-- It's true, I love a good lifestyle/fashion/beauty/home decor YouTube channel! Lately, Kitty Cotten's videos have been some of my favorites! Have you checked out her spring capsule wardrobe video yet?

I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend!

-Chelsea xo


March was a whirlwind, wouldn't you agree? It feels like we were just selling at Phoenix Flea, which by the way -- was amazing and we're so thankful to everyone who came out and stopped by our little booth! The following days included lots of rest and a few concerts that we had been waiting months for -- mewithoutYou, Circa Survive, American Football and Death Cab for Cutie! Toward the middle of the month, our sweet friend Dawn was in town and stayed with us for a few days. While she was here, we decided to do a little photoshoot out in the desert, and then another fun one in our home! Like our photos from Portland that we shot with Dawn, I promise to share these as well (and here's a little sneak peek from our desert shoot in case you haven't seen)! 

The second half of the month seem to truly whiz on by, but we've had some really exciting things in the works and I just know that we've set April up to be an amazing month! To kick things off, we'll be selling at the Tempe Festival of the Arts' Sixth + Mill Makers section with Standard Wax, Keep it Wild Co. and so many other amazing local makers this Saturday, April 1st and Sunday, April 2nd -- 10am-5:30pm both days! If you're local, be sure to come and out, shop and say hi!

Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of March? Here they are --

-- My bedside table has been feeling awfully cozy lately thanks to our friends over at Standard Wax! Their Saguaro Blossom candle, from their spring collection, is my new favorite scent and I'm loving how subtly sweet it makes our whole room smell. You might also notice that my hand collection/obsession is growing -- all I need is a mini one to make my set feel complete, haha!

-- I am SO exciting to be working on something fun with the kind folks over at Framebridge and this is a little sneak peek -- a photo from our first shoot with Dawn Photo in the countryside outside of Portland. I'm loving this warm, wooden frame (the Sonoma) and how silly but special this photo feels. One of my most favorite memories from this trip was holding hands and running through this giant cabbage patch together! 

- A sneaky little photo of my love, admiring this gorgeous piece from Bright Star and Buffalo! We actually gifted this dreamcatcher to Scott's mom for her birthday, but I couldn't help but take a photo of it before we wrapped it up. We recently bought ourselves our own BSB piece -- a gorgeous triangle form that looks similar to this one -- promise to share a photo soon!

How was your March? Are you loving the new season? April is set to be a busy one, but I'm excited to see everything it will hold! Plus, we're one month closer to my birthday -- ahh! Can't believe I'll be 29 so soon!

Hope you're having a lovely week, friends! Can you believe that April is almost here?

-Chelsea xo