Happy Saturday! I hope ya'll are doing well today! Scott and I decided to high-tail it to northern Arizona for the weekend to spend some time with my folks and beat the heat that decided to hit Phoenix this week (100+ degree temps already - yikes!). It's mighty windy up here, but we had the best stroll around downtown Cottonwood where we found the cutest Southwest inspired shop, and a rad coffee spot that had a darling walk-up window and served the tastiest iced americanos! Aside from all of that, here's a few links from around the web that I think you'll like --

-- I got these Birks for my birthday and I'm SO excited to wear them this summer! Anyone else love their Birks as much as I do?

-- My sweet friend, Nicole, is rocking this mustard hued Madewell skirt! And now I've got serious heart eyes for this piece and might just have to make it mine too, haha! 

-- Have you heard the new Paramore tune "Hard Times" yet? It's SO good! 

-- Austin is on our shortly list of places to visit in the coming year! My rad friend, Jane, shares all the best places in Austin, and I swear that I add a new place to my "must-visit" list per her recommendations every day!

-- Have you taken a peek at our shop lately? Scott has been working on and dreaming up so many new pieces! Can't wait to share more soon, friends! 

I hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Be back soon!

-Chelsea xo


I have been given compensation for this post by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Happy Friday, friends! With all the fun festivities we had going on this week, the days seem to have gone by way too fast! It's crazy to think that it's already been a whole week since Scott and I attended the spring Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market! We go every year, and this year the sweet folks at Jeep and Chrysler invited us to the VIP Friday night opening where we got a sneak peek at their Ride and Drive event, along with a full evening of shopping, yummy food and delicious Mama's Cold Brew Coffee! Oh, and we got to hear Clint and Kelly Harp from Fixer Upper speak too! Scott and I are huge fans of the show, so it was super rad to hear to their own unique story! 

Scott and I are also in the market for a new car, which has been a bit of a slow process over the past few months -- so when we heard that we we're going to have the opportunity to take a few of the new 2017 Jeep and Chrysler models out for a spin, we jumped at the opportunity! We're looking to upgrade our current hatchback for an SUV and were so impressed with the 2017 Jeep Cherokee. Neither of us have ever owned a Jeep, but were really excited about all of the safety features, the roomy back seat and trunk (the perfect size for everything we need to haul for our markets + road trips!), and how much get-up and go this SUV had! 

It was SO windy the first day of the market, but that didn't stop us from giving the 2017 Jeep Cherokee a good look over from the inside out! 

Along with the Cherokee, they also had a few other models on display -- including the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. Both were super nice, but Scott and I found ourselves leaning more and more toward this pretty blue Jeep! The folks at Chrysler and Jeep do events like this often, so if you ever find yourself near one -- you should definitely check it out! The folks there are super knowledgable and it's an easy way to test drive their latest models!

After the Harp's wrapped up their super inspiring talk (seriously, they're so awesome!), the doors opened up and the shopping began! Every year Scott and I seem to find so many great pieces at Junk in the Trunk, and also have such a fun time seeing so many of our friends who are selling at the market -- it's like a big reunion every spring and fall! 

Right before last year's spring market we had just moved into our house, which left us with a hefty list of pieces we really wanted for our new space. This year, our list was much shorter and we had such a nice time perusing each booth for exactly what we had in mind (well, or something that just seemed to speak to us -- which happened too, haha)! 

We ran into our sweet friend Marci of Lucky Air Plant and were so excited to spot the recent collab she and Scott have been working on -- these rad state magnets with tiny air plants affixed to each one! They were selling fast, but I heard that you can still find them online! ;)

We spent the rest of the evening shopping with friends, chowing down on some delicious food (they have all the best food trucks there) and taking in every nook and cranny of each booth! We actually ended up coming back on Sunday to take another peek at all of the vehicles on display, and pick up a few pieces that I decided I couldn't live without! 

We may have also gotten a few waffles from the Waffle Love food trunk! The GF strawberries and cream is my favorite, while Scott is big on their churro waffle! 

We ended up taking home a vintage brass wood holder (yes, I know we don't have fireplace - but I couldn't help myself), along with a kilim pillow case and a few vintage brass candlestick holders! Scott and I honestly had the best time, and if you're local to the area or live in San Diego or LA (they have markets there too), you should definitely check out the next Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market! I promise that you'll have the best time! Anyways, I hope ya'll have an amazing weekend, and I'll be back real soon! 

-Chelsea xo


Happy May, sweet friends! May marks a very special month around, as tomorrow is my 29th birthday! In the spirit of reflection and celebration, I wanted to share 28 thoughts from my 28th year! 

1. Being a home owner is the absolute best!

2.  Tell your loved ones that you love you them - often!

3. Don't be afraid to try something new (overalls, bandanas, thai food)! 

4. Less is more -- truly!

5. Even after 10+ years together, you will still have things to learn about your partner or spouse and vice versa!

6. Sitting during a concert is never a bad idea (especially when you get a birds eye view - raise your hands, short gals)!

7. Driving an hour out of the way to run through a field of lavender is alway a good idea!

8. Trust your gut -- in all aspects!

10. Eating gluten free is hard, but so worth it!

11. Going to New York City by yourself may sound scary, but you're brave and you'll have the best time (so just do it!).

12. Binge watching Gilmore Girls is a completely acceptable way to spend a Friday evening.

13. Life is short, so do what makes you most happy!

14. Staying at the Ace Hotel is always a good idea!

15. Take care of your skin NOW -- I promise, you'll thank yourself later.

16. You too can have a green thumb (just don't forget watering day)!

17. Listen to your body, always.

18. Don't underestimate the power of a good iced coffee.

19. Cannon Beach is as beautiful as they say!

20. Work hard and be nice to people (Anthony Burrill said it best)! 

21. Get the Espresso Tonic at Peixoto Coffee -- you won't regret it! 

22. Don't be afraid to be different -- your differences are what make you unique. 

23. Palm Springs is as crazy and rad as they say! 

24. You'll never regret dancing in the moonlight

24. Take photos with your loved ones, even if it isn't a special occasion. 

25. Have fun with decorating your home -- you can always change it later! 

26. Cherish those in your life who just get you!

27. You're beautiful, inside and out (and don't ever forget it).

28. In the end, all that matters is this

I have a hunch that 29 is going to be an extra amazing year! And if you have any wisdom of your own to share (whether you're 28, 18, 58 or would just not care to say - haha) I would love to hear your thoughts on life and love during this season of your own life! Be back when I'm 29!

-Chelsea xo


It's true - I've got ice cream on my mind thanks to the launch of #MadewellxJoeyPasko! This sweet, limited edition t-shirt was illustrated by Joey Pasko for Madewell as an ode to his favorite snack -- which I can totally relate to! It's also super soft and lightweight -- perfect for those hot summer days that are on their way! Speaking of ice cream, what's your favorite flavor? I've always been a mint chip kind of gal, but lately I've been loving the classics -- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry! 

How's everyone's week been? I feel like the past few days have just flown on by -- Scott and I have been pretty busy most evenings, but tonight we decided to just lay low at home! We're usually not one for tv shows (I know, I know -- I'm just terrible at watching a series anymore), but we started Girlboss on Netflix and I'm kind of loving it! The humor is right up my alley and I'm loving the flashbacks to the early and mid-2000's when Teenage Dirtbag was on the radio and deciding who was going to be on your Myspace Top 8 was a serious concern, haha. I also love that there was a Strokes reference toward the beginning of the show -- those guys and their loud tunes will forever have a place in my heart!

Tomorrow is set to be another busy day, but I'm really excited to celebrate one of my dearest friends and her sweet baby girl that's due in May! There's a chance that she might be born a Taurus, so I've got my fingers crossed that she arrives before the 21st (I'm big on zodiac signs and love having fellow Taurus in my life)! Either way, though, I'm just so excited to see their family grow once more and hold that darling baby girl in my arms -- so soon!

Madewell Silk Bandana                                                                            
Madewell x Joey Pasko Ice Cream Graphic Tee (c/o)                                                                            Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                      Madewell Transport Satchel                                                                                                     Madewell Boardwalk Sandals     

If you haven't checked out the Madewell X Joey Pasko collab yet, be sure to jump on over there ASAP -- I'm sure these darling pieces won't last for long! Be back soon, friends -- I hope ya'll have a great rest of your evening!

-Chelsea xo


And just like that, the last week of April is already here! I'll be honest when I say that oftentimes the spring months aren't my favorite -- March, April - those months hold some tough memories of passed loved ones and hard days from years past, but as I've gotten older (and a bit wiser) I've promised myself to try and turn those months around and take those days one at a time. I know this may be a bit deep, especially for an intro to a post -- but now that the month is almost gone, I can say that I'm happy to see it go and feel good about the progress that I've made this year during a period of time that always feels a bit hard, year after year. I have a hunch that I might not be alone in my feelings, and if so -- please know that you are also not alone in this. Oh man -- sending a giant hug to all of you reading this! So thankful for this amazing community where I can spill my guts, pull myself together, and continue on -- in three, two, one...

Now, we're onto the month of May in just a few days! May is an extra bright month around here because my birthday kicks off this warm and sunny time of year. On the 2nd I'll be starting my 29th trip around the sun and celebrating the last year of 20's. Oftentimes, I feel pretty sentimental about age (I'll always feel forever 18 in my heart), and to think that my 20's are almost over feels a bit strange. I do know, though, that the years to come are said to be even better than the ones before - and I have a hunch that 29 will be pretty darn fine!

On another note -- while blue hues have been taking over our home for quite some time, I realized that they're also slowly starting to conquer my wardrobe too. I snagged this pretty tunic after seeing it on my sweet friend, Robyn, and have been rocking my Maya Hobo purse from Fossil non-stop lately -- it's the perfect for my everyday commute and holds everything a gal could need - plus, the golden accents are quite cute (and may also remind me of my home too -- blue + golden accents = a perfect match in my eyes)! 

Anthropologie Yarn-Dyed Tunic                                                                           
Maya Hobo Purse c/o Fossil                                                                                                          Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                  Kersten Bootie c/o Cat Footwear      

Here's to a great week, friends! What has you excited this week? The sunshine? A new favorite recipe or song? Please share with me! 

-Chelsea xo