Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Chelsea and I've been blogging here since June of 2009. I'm 29 years old and grew up in the heart of the desert in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a wife, influencer marketing professional, coffee connoisseur and Phoenix supporter. I married my sweetheart of 10+ years on January 18th, 2014! I spend my days blogging, going on adventures with my husband, Scott, sipping on iced coffee, playing with our two pups and kitties, Piper, Scout, Boots, Shadow and Peter, and spending time on our 10-acre orchard in the outskirts of Phoenix. I'm passionate about my local community, our small business, coffee, photography and encouraging others to follow their dreams. This blog is where I share my personal style, our travels, home and daily life. Enjoy -- oh, and don't forget to say hi!

How did you get the idea to start to Chelsea Bird?

I started blogging when I was in junior high back on Livejournal and Xanga and absolutely loved it. I started blogging here in June 2009 because I wanted a space where I could show my then boyfriend, now husband, what I was up to while spending the summer away in Colorado. After our summer apart came to a close, I continued writing and now I'm here today!

What's your career?

I'm a part-time blogger, as well as the Influencer Relationship Manager at Find Your Influence, an influencer marketing platform and community.

What are your thoughts on grad school?

Grad school was an amazing experience and I'm so happy that I continued on with my education. If have any specific questions about the process or about my degree, please feel free to email me!

How did you grow your hair so long?

I haven't seriously cut my hair since I was twelve or thirteen, only trims to keep the ends nice and bangs if I wanted them. I condition my hair well, but I don't take vitamins or use any kind of special products on it. Long hair runs in my family!

How do you style your top knots?

Great question! This was one my most requested blog post, and you can get the full scoop on how I do my top knots in my tutorial right here!

What's your favorite coffee drink?

Unsweetened iced coffee with no room!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

Yes! I love Peixoto Coffee in downtown Chandler.

Do you really drink a ton of coffee?

No, not really. Maybe one or two a day! ;)

Who's Scott? 

Scott is my husband! We've been together for over ten years and we tied the knot on January 18th, 2014!

Where can I see your wedding photos and video?

I blogged about our wedding and you can see an overview photo post here, my getting ready photos here, our first look here, a few portraits here, our ceremony, and our bridal party + I still have more posts to write! Also, our wedding highlight video is here, and our reception highlight video is here.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I love shopping at Madewell, Free PeopleModcloth, and Nordstrom.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

I read all kind of blogs, from personal style blogs to foodie blogs and everything in-between. Some of my favorite blogs are Arrow and AppleNew DarlingsSelective PotentialTruelane, Jen Loves Kev, A Taste of Koko and A Beautiful Mess.

What are some of your favorite places in the Phoenix area?

I love Lux Central, Lola Coffee, Frances, Phoenix General, Nami, Cibo Pizzeria, Liberty Market, Peixoto Coffee and The Original Chop Shop Co..

Who created your blog design?

Chelcey Tate!