With the holiday season right around the corner, I'm doing my very best to get ahead of the game and start planning this year's festivities -- a cookie party, a day of fudge making, a trip up to the snow and more! I'm also starting to think of presents I would like to gift my loved ones this year, as I'm terrible under pressure and really need time to mull things over. Sentimental gifts do have a special place in my heart, though, and while I love gifting those perfect boots or a favorite tool (in Scott's case), I love even more to give a present with heart - something that hits a chord and can be cherished long past that year's styles and trends. Gifting photos has always been a favorite of mine -- photo albums, lockets with tiny pictures inside (of me or our family pets - haha), and this year I've found the perfect "mini" gift that holds an extra dose of love and meaning -- the Instagram Mini from Framebridge. With this holiday season being the first of many in our new home, it feels extra special to gift an item that was one of the very first pieces we hung up on our walls when we first moved in. 

These perfectly framed memories will make the best (and easiest) gifts for our loved ones, and if you're interested in doing the same -- you can get 15% off of your first Framebridge order with the code ChelseaBird15! Now, who's ready to start decorating the tree? Just kidding -- not until after Thanksgiving for me!

-Chelsea xo 

Thank you to Framebridge for sponsoring this post!