Christmas week is here! I had all intentions of putting this post up early in the week, but the days have seem to be going by way too fast! Scott and I have been spending our evenings finishing up our holiday baking, wrapping gifts for our loved ones and getting into the Christmas spirit with a little pre-holiday celebration with two of our closest friends (which ended in a blush-worthy game of Cards Against Humanity, might I add -- haha). With one full day to go before Christmas Eve, I think we've done pretty well for ourselves this year -- presents wrapped, cookies baked and our fridge is stocked full with everything we need to make for Christmas morning brunch (a tradition around here). We'll just call it a Christmas miracle, ok! ;)

Now that the shortest day of the year has finally come and gone, I'm really looking forward to longer days and more hours with the sun! I know that winter has just begun, and it may be awhile until we see the affects of longer days -- but I'm happy to know that they're on their way. I've also been really thankful for these cool and rainy days we've been having around here lately -- makes it feel like it's actually time for Christmas and not just a warm spring day here in the desert. Since I know our cold days are limited, I've been doing my best to wear my warmest sweaters and jackets while I can! This snowflake inspired sweater was a Black Friday purchase and one of my favorite purchases of the season. Pairing it with red lips and a red purse made the outfit feel so festive! Red has always been a color that I've felt drawn to (I like how it pops with my bright hair), and I'll gladly being wearing it throughout the rest of the season. Do you have a color that makes you feel like you? Or one that you just naturally gravitate toward? It might sound silly, but my Dad's is blue -- always and forever. And now I'm seeing Scott pick up his trend! It's actually pretty cute! :)

What do your Christmas plans look like this year? Every year they look a bit the same around here (which I'm totally ok with!), but I'm always looking for a new tradition to add into our routine. This holiday season is our first in our very own place, which has been magical and a very humbling experience in its own. I've done my best to add a bit of cheer to every nook and cranny, whether it be with a pop of red, tiny woodland animals with scarves on them (a favorite Target purchase from year's past) or a fresh pine garland -- our home is feeling mighty Christmassy, warm and bright! So I guess you could say this year's new tradition is decorating our own home, together. AWH! Now you've got me all teary eyed, haha!

Vince Camuto Hat (similiar!)                                                                                           
Loft Fringed Snowflake Sweater 
Weekender Watch c/o Timex
Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                         Piper Leather Crossbody c/o Fossil                                                                                                       Madewell Billie Boots

Ok, friends, I'm out for a bit but hope to be back here soon! If you're in need of another read, my sweet friend Sarah just posted her first #TiredLadyStyle blog post and I'm in LOVE with her realness! Plus, this lady is such a gem and a true friend that I'm so grateful to have in my life! So give her post a read! Happy Thursday!

-Chelsea xo