With the Christmas ornaments all packed away, the pine wreaths taken off the doors and the twinkle lights placed in their boxes, our house is now feeling back to normal (and maybe even a little bit bare). Scott and I had a really lovely Christmas -- time spent with both sides of our family, exchanging of very thoughtful gifts (rose gold earrings that have been on my wishlist!) and lots of delicious food eaten until our bellies were way too full. The holidays are my jam, and while I may be feeling a bit of the post-holiday blues (it's always over way too quick!), I really loved our first holiday season in our new home and feel very grateful for our cozy, and very Christmassy space this year. With the New Year up next, I have one last things to finally do -- send out our holiday cards! 

Scott and I's sweet friend, Rennai, shot these photos of us back in November! I had all intentions of using them for this year's holiday cards, but was a tad behind in getting them ordered -- so New Year's cards they became! And in case you're wondering, I ordered these from Artifact Uprising and love the quality. Anyways, we love shooting with Rennai (she shot us and our house for our Design*Sponge feature), so it was such a treat to spend some more time with her out in the beautiful desert on a gorgeous fall day. 

2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year, and while I don't have any big goals or resolutions in mind (as of yet, anyways), I know this year has so much potential to be great. And now, I hope you don't mind if I share a few of my favorite snaps that didn't quite make the Christmas card, but rather all came in second place --

Here's to the New Year, sweet friends! May it bring you something (or someone) sweet!

-Chelsea xo

All photos by Rennai Hoefer of Ten 22 Studio