Hello! Well, we're half-way into December and this is the first outfit I've shared all month! How did this happen? Well, in honesty -- these short days are kicking my butt and we just haven't seemed to be able to squeeze in any photos lately! I have been sharing lots over on Instagram, though -- including photos from our recent handmade markets (where we've been spending most of our free time lately). Anyways, busy-ness aside -- it feels good to be back sharing an outfit and an evening that I particularly loved back in November. 

It's funny, but this cotton field has been calling my name for years. Every October, we drive by this big open field as we make our way to the local pumpkin for some autumn fun. This year, I told Scott that I just couldn't let this pretty scenery pass us by anymore, and that we had to check it out for ourselves before it was picked and gone until next season. One evening, we drove down this old dusty road in hope that we would make it here in time before the sun fully set. Needless to say, we made it just in time!

These pretty little cotton buds get me every time -- each beautiful in their own unique way. 

This heavy-weight linen dress has been on heavy rotation in my closet lately. I posted about my crush on Pyne & Smith awhile ago (handmade, mostly linen dresses), and shortly after purchased my very first piece from them. This dress is made of their winter-weight linen and is perfect to wear on its own on a warmer day here in the desert, but is also great for layering up with black tights and a cozy sweater. I already have my eye on a few other of their dresses for this winter and the coming warmer seasons, but for now -- I'm just loving on this handmade dress.

So how has your December been? Cool and calm? Crazy and a bit frantic? I think I'm somewhere in-between. This holiday market season was by far our busiest (and most successful!), but now that we've wrapped up our last market -- I'm already dreaming of our next. Scott and I have been dreaming up new products, and I'm really excited to see where 2017 takes our small business! It's hard to believe that it's been almost four years since Citizen Home Decor first started! 

This guy has been working all sorts of crazy hours and days lately, but its been amazing to see him love and enjoy everything that he's putting his time into and watching our business grow! This year also marks our 11th Christmas together, and while I'm feeling a bit behind getting into the holiday spirit (we haven't even started our holiday baking yet!), I'm really excited to take in every bit of the holidays over the next 10 days (what?!)! 

Outfit Details:                                                                                       
Pyne & Smith Linen Dress
Gigi Pip Claire 2                                                                                                                        Madewell Billie Boots 

Ok, friends -- I'm out for the day! But I want to know -- how has your holiday been so far? Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Finished all of your shopping yet? Favorite Christmas song?

-Chelsea xo