The holidays are here and I love nothing more than getting together all of our friends and family for an evening of fun! Over the years, we've done Christmas cookie parties, gingerbread house making parties, and even the occasional bonfire on a particularly cold evening in the desert. This year, though, I thought it would be fun to have a little holiday wreath decorating party! The kind folks over at Welch's recently challenged us to share how we plan on bringing the sparkle this holiday season, and with a delicious and festive drink to share with everyone -- it was an easy challenge to take on! Here's a few tips and tricks for throwing your on holiday wreath making party --

Gather your supplies and set your table! Since we decided to use store-bought wreaths to avoid the mess and  have blanket canvas ready to go, we gathered a few bits and bobs that would take our wreaths to the next level. We gathered pine cones from our backyard, sticks of holiday berries from our local grocery store, popcorn, whole cranberries, and a few pieces of our own holiday decor that would make our wreath that much more personal. 

To bring a little sparkle and sweetness into our party, we poured a few glasses of Welch’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling to get in the holiday spirit. Growing up, we always had their white grape juice in our home for special occasions, a tradition that we plan on carrying into our family celebrations. Welch’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling also makes a great hostess gift, and is something we often bring with us to parties -- because everyone loves a sparkling drink, especially during the holidays!

Now that we have our supplies and a delicious drink, it's time to decorate our wreath! Like I mentioned, to save time and be a little more mess-free, we opted for a pre-made pine wreath that was under $20 from our local grocery store. It came with a few pine cones and fake berries already attached, so we decided to go with the theme and continue our decorating with similar items. One of my biggest tips I have when it comes to decorating is to always "fluff" out your wreath before your start attaching your bits and pieces. I like to make sure nothing looks squished and gently pull apart the branches so it looks more full and lush.  

Once you feel happy with your base, it's time to start decorating! We started with a few of Scott's handmade ornaments that are special to us, like this shape of Arizona with a big heart right in the middle.

We also added in a handmade banner that a close friend hand-lettered our last name onto, and then another one of Scott's cactus ornaments to even more represent our home in the desert.  

We added in a few pine cones next to round out the few that came with the wreath. We found these in our backyard, but I know they carry them at craft stores this time of year if you're on the hunt for them.

A Swedish Dala Horse to represent my heritage was the last piece we added on! I've been loving the Scandinavian holiday vibes that have been floating around Pinterest lately, so I thought it would be fun to bring a little of that into our own home and pay homage to my ancestors. To me, it's all about those little details that make your wreath unique and truly you. Don't forget that strung berries and popcorn are always a nice festive touch, along with a giant a red bow or even battery powered LED lights to bring a little sparkle and shine to your wreath during the evening time. 

And that's it! Super easy and fun, and a perfect way to spend time with and host your friends and family this holiday season! I would love to know you've done a wreath decorating party in the past, or if you have a special memory tied to Welch’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling juices! I'm sure this will be the first of many wreath parties in our home, and I look forward to sharing this tradition for years to come. 

Thank you so much to Welch’s for sponsoring this post!