Welcome to Chelsea Bird, friends! This transition has been a long time coming and I'm absolutely stoked that it's finally complete. If you're here, you've probably heard my story before, but just in case -- I started this blog back in June of 2009 as a way to keep in touch with my then boyfriend (now husband!) while spending the summer apart. I had always been a writer and blogger of sorts, leaving my beloved LiveJournal and Xanga to start fresh and share bits of my daily life here -- mostly for Scott to read and see, but also for a few other bloggers that I later connected with that same summer (hey, Rachel Denbow and & Elsie Larson!). From here, the summer came and went, and here I am -- almost 7 years later and still sharing bits about our life, my personal style, our travels, coffee and much more. This blog has seen me through so many years of growth, change and utter delight, and I can't image life without it. 

With that said, I'm thrilled to introduce to you my new and approved blog, lovingly called Chelsea Bird. Ok -- so now you may be wondering if that means I'll be leaving the name Tea Talk behind? To answer that -- yes, yes it does. However, Tea Talk will always hold a special place in my heart, and when it comes down to it -- I've always been Chelsea Bird. 

A huge thank you is also in order for Chelcey Tate who took my vision for a fresh design and ran with it! Chelcey also designed my new logo, which I'm in love with, and was incredibly encouraging through every step of the way. You may noticed a few different things around here, like the lifestyle and travel sections linked at the top, along with a new shop tab where you can see/shop my favorite products + recently featured items from my daily wardrobe. Aside from that, I'm still the same old Chelsea -- just with a fresh new do! 

As always, thank you all so much of your love and continual support! I'm so excited for this next chapter of the blog.

Chelsea xo