Happy Saturday! I'm currently taking a little break after running errands and moving things into our tiny home all day. Things are coming along nicely around here -- Scott is over half way down with laying our flooring, and our cabinets are starting to fill up with yummy food, dishes and our coffee equipment, of course. In the interim, we've been shopping for bits and bobbins that will make our home complete -- new bedding, light fixtures and a little greenery to help even more brighten the space. We recently stopped in at The Farm At South Mountain after spotting their cactus greenhouse online.

I had read that the greenhouse isn't always open, as it's owned separately, but we were lucky enough to have it be open on the day we went. The two ladies running the open house shared that nothing was, sadly, for sale and that the owner really just a collector and kept the space as a hobby. While I was a bit sad to walk away empty handed, as they had some amazing pieces of greenery, it was so neat just to walk through and see every odd looking cactus and succulent in there.

On a side note, in a little over a week I'll be turning 28. I find it so funny that the photo above looks so much like 18 year old Chelsea (my forever age) and to think about how much I haven't changed. I still love loud music, coffee and wearing my hair with a side swept part. I do, however, feel wiser than I once was, having gone through 10 more years of life. I guess that's just what you get with more time, though -- so here's to being even more wise in my 28th year (and to hoping that my love for old skool punk music never changes -- haha).

Outfit Details:
Madewell Fleet Jacket
Old Navy Dress (similar!)
Madewell Zip Transport Tote
Salt Water Sandals

The sweetest lady snapped the photo above of us -- here we are, almost 10 years later and still up to the same shenanigans -- sipping on coffee and going on adventures together. Except now we're married and have a tiny house to call our home -- something I couldn't be more grateful for. Thank you to everyone who congratulations on our big news! We couldn't be more grateful for your kind words and love & support. Now, go enjoy the rest of your weekend!

-Chelsea xo