On Monday's I work from home, which is a huge blessing! I posted a little about my routine on Instagram earlier today, but I thought it would be fun to open up the conversation here. I start each Monday morning off bright and early as I send Scott off to work, then I get my coffee going and put on some tunes. From here, I get ready for the day and dive into full-on work mode with my three kitties by my side. My Friday's generally look like this too, with a little side of weekend excitement sprung in there for good measure!

Here are a few of my Monday morning necessities --

-A giant iced coffee (the cold brew from Peixoto Coffee is my favorite)

- Comfy "work from home" wear, which includes Everlane linen t's and Birkenstocks.

- Our Amazon Echo (it's kind of hilarious to talk to this thing as you pick out music to play)

-A comfy place to work, which lately has been on our Article Modern Sven Sofa!

I would love to know what your morning routines look like -- do you wake up early or snooze your alarm? Coffee or tea? Music or podcasts? I'm working hard to refine my morning routine and would love to hear your tips and tricks for helping to get your day started off on the right foot!

Have a great evening, sweet friends!

-Chelsea xo