Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a passion of mine that I don't chat about often enough on here -- hair! Ya'll may or may not know this about me, but I'm huge fan of all things hair. I've been obsessed since a very young age, in large thanks to my mom who is a licensed cosmetologist (and while she doesn't practice anymore, she still works her magic on my locks). I used to rock edgy layers, red highlights and very side swept bangs back in my teen years, and while I still love the idea of changing up my do (think short, red and wavy), I've been rocking the long locks for 10+ years now and don't see a drastic change in my near future (#longhairdontcare). That doesn't mean I can't rock what with I've got, though, and thanks to göt2b, I've been trying out a few fun hair products from their mess-merizing line that are helping me to achieve the perfect messy hairstyle -- a mess-terpiece if you, will (haha)! 

In honor of göt2b's Mess America contest, I gave their mess-merizing PUTTY and SPRITZ a whirl to add texture and a whole lot of volume to my otherwise stick-straight hair!

After working the putty (which smells amazing!) into the roots and ends of my hair, I gave it all a good toss before grabbing my curling wand and adding in a few waves to bring in a little more volume and a bit more dimension to my soon-to-be messy do. 

I finished the look off by running my fingers through my hair to separate the waves, and then used the mess-merizing SPRITZ to add even more texture and to set the whole style in place.

And there you have it -- my quick and easy messy do that can rocked day or night and will add just the right amount of style and edge to any outfit you may be rocking! Don't forget that you hair is one of your best accessories and it deserves just as much love and care, if not more, that your wardrobe does! 

Don't forget to participate in the Mess America contest by posting your own messy do on Instagram, tagging me over @chelseabirdd, along with the kind folks at @got2busa and using the hashtag #got2bMessAmerica. The grand prize winner will receive the trip of a lifetime to Berlin! For more information on the contest and for official rules, check out the Mess America website here!

I would to hear, what's your go-to messy style that's quick and easy for you to do, but makes you feel like a million bucks? After this style, a giant, messy top-knot is my go-to! Have a wonderful rest of your day, sweet friends! xo

Thanks to got2b for sponsoring this post!