Happy May, sweet friends! May is my birth month and has always been my favorite month of the year (aside from October and January, of course) --- my birthday, springing into summer, iced coffee and linen dress season and more are all the good things that come along with the month of May. The last few days have been quite eventful around here, but mostly because we celebrated my 28th birthday on the 2nd! It's still crazy for me to believe that I'm actually 28th (wasn't I just 18 and graduating high school?)! I don't have a fear of getting older, it's just nuts to think that I'm 10 years away from when Scott and I first met, and also the age my mom was right after she had me. So nuts to think about! Anyways, I had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends leading up to my special day and on the day of -- dinner at Liberty Market is always our go-to. This year Scott had a special GF cake made for me at Liberty, which was more like a lemon meringue tart and was incredible. We still have a few pieces in our fridge that I've been munching on after dinner every night -- I seriously need to see if they'll give me the recipe!

I've been a little more quiet on here than I would like, but thus is life and this busy season we're in. I have a feeling things will only ramp up over the summer, but I'm trying my best to soak in every second of relaxation that I can -- aside from now where I'm up at 6:30am writing this post because I just can't handle not chatting with you guys any longer, haha. I've got an iced coffee next to me, and two sleeping puppies at my feet -- so really, it's not too bad of a situation! 

Lately, Scott and I have been spending most of our free time working on our house. We're still getting things moved in and unpacked, but it's coming along. I've been meaning to post an update, which I'm hoping will be my next post -- you'll get to see our home bare bones. Looking back, we've made a ton of progress and I'm very happy with how everything is coming together. Scott did an amazing job on our floors -- I'm loving the dark contrast of the wood with our white walls. We're still waiting for our Article Modern (formerly Bryght) Sven couch to arrive, but we've got a living room full of chairs and furniture that's just waiting for that last piece to pull it all together -- well, that and maybe a larger rug! Rugs have been the hardest things for me to decide on. I need runners and a giant area rug, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way! 

This weekend is already shaping up to be a good one -- Scott and I are going to the Junk in the Trunk Vintage market on Saturday, which only happens twice a year in the fall and spring, so I'm very excited to go there this time around with treasures in mind to buy for our new home. We're also going to a dinner party at our friend Josh and Sarah's house, and I've got plans to clean, unpack and get organized before I head out on a quick, but very exciting work trip next week! What do you have planned for the weekend? If you're in the Phoenix area, let me know if you'll be going to Junk in the Trunk or will have a booth there -- I've got my heart set on a vintage dresser, entry table and bench -- so fingers crossed! Have a lovely day, friends! Chelsea xo

Outfit Details:
Madewell Fleet Jacket
Old Navy Linen Dress (similar!)
Seychelles Aquarius Sandals