Every Summer, the most gorgeous, wild sunflowers pop up in a field nearby our home. Some are short and stout, and others grow to be five, six feet tall and tower over me. This field usually has wheat growing in it, so these sunflowers are always a colorful surprise. I've taken photos here the past two years (20142015 -- and I'm now realizing that I named both posts the exact same thing -- guess I just really like that Strawberry Fields Forever reference, haha.), and looking back, it's hard to believe that come this fall it'll be three years since we move out to the orchard. Seriously, where has the time gone?

When Scott and I were snapping these photos Monday evening, we were greeted by an unexpected visitor -- a coyote! We were just standing there, barely in the field when he (or she) jumped out of a nearby bush and stopped just long enough to stare and make us feel totally uncomfortable. He then moved on and disappeared into the field -- the same one we were standing in. At this point, we didn't know if his friends would be joining him so we hightailed it out of there. Coyotes are pretty common in our area, in fact -- we usually hear a few howling in the evenings a couple times of week, but that doesn't mean they're friendly. We have wild javelins around here too, which we saw at our local park during a late night walk a few months back. I'm hoping that this was the last of our run-ins for months to come -- that's what we get for living in the country and the desert! 

This week has ended up being more jam-packed than I had anticipated, but Scott and I did squeeze in a quick date night yesterday with burritos at Cafe Rio and a stop at our local Whole Foods to grab some dessert to enjoy at home. We have a few more travel plans in the coming weeks, but I'm hoping that we can really hunker down and get a few house projects done before we take off again. On Monday, I made this giant list of home and everyday projects that I want to work on, some being quick and easy and others being a bit more time consuming. I'm thinking that if we mark off a few items each week, then we'll have it done in no time! Now, we just need to find the time to do those things, haha. We'll get there, though, baby steps -- baby steps.

Two of our sweet friends, Josh and Kenny, recently opened up their second local boutique -- Phoenix General! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you may have saw a few posts about our trip to visit their newly opened shop last weekend. Josh and Kenny have put so much time and an immense amount of hard work into bringing Phoenix General to life, and I truly couldn't be more excited and happy for them! This Friday, June 17th, from 6-9pm is their grand opening and they'll be having music, drinks + treats, giveaways and more! If you're local or visiting the area, I hope to see you there -- 5538 N. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Pieced Straw Hat 
Blue Arlo Button Front Denim Skirt c/o Francesca's
Vintage Turquoise Bracelet                                                                                                              Sperry Woven Flats (similar!)