Happy Sunday, friends! We've been laying pretty low today -- making breakfast at home, sipping on some cold brew from Peixoto and watching old episodes of Fixer Upper. Scott actually just scooted out for a bit to work on some Citizen Home Decor projects, so I wanted to post here about our trip to Millsap Farm for their weekly pizza club while we were in Springfield, MO, a few weeks ago. We headed to Millsap on our first night in town and even before we arrived we had heard so many goods things abut this place -- so we knew we were in for a real treat! 

Every Thursday, Millsap opens up to the community and offers an all you can eat pizza night on their beautiful farm. Our group arrived pretty early on and and the place was already packed! 

The pizza is made right their on site, in their handmade brick ovens, with lots of fresh ingredients from the farm. Scott and I were pretty excited to check out their process (we would love to have a brick oven here at the orchard), and to chow down on some pizza. Everything tasted so fresh and was delicious -- the beet at kale pizza was by far my favorite! 

Once we felt like we just couldn't eat any more, we decided to take a walk around the farm to check the whole place out. I love that the owners were totally ok with this and encouraged visitors to take a peek around their gorgeous farm. 

The first place we stopped in was one of their greenhouses, which was chocked full of fresh veggies, flowers and more. Scott and I were in awe of everything they were growing in there, and also amazed at how differently things were growing there compared to how they grow here in Arizona -- their kale was out of control, while the kale we used grow in our garden was always a labor of love! Needless to say, we could have spent hours in here -- if the humidity didn't eventually get to us, I'm sure we would have.

While exploring the greenhouse, Emma of A Beautiful Mess joined us and offered to snap a photo of the two of us (at the very top of this post). We had first met Emma a few months back while she was visiting Arizona, and it was so nice to see her again. She spent the evening with us at Millsap, and then hosted us at her new new restaurant, The Golden Girl Rum Club, just a few nights later -- more on that soon!

After leaving the greenhouse, we found ourself surrounding by what I can only call -- quintessential farm life! These three baby pigs quickly won us over and we couldn't help but watch and laugh as they chased each other around and slid through the mud together.

Before the evening wrapped up, we found ourselves on the outskirts of the farm taking in a sunset I would only imagine you could see somewhere in the Southwest (due to all of the colors in the sky that usually come from the mass amounts of dirt we have flying around in the air). While the sun was setting, we kept our eyes open just in case we might see some fireflies. Growing up in Arizona, catching fireflies isn't something we get to experience -- in fact, I didn't see my first firefly until I was 25. On this night, we ended up getting lucky and got to experience the magic of fireflies once more as they jumped around and flew through the fields nearby. It was the perfect way to end our first night in Springfield!

I'll be back again soon to share day two of our trip, but until then I hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Happy Father's Day!


A huge thank you is in order to the Springfield, Missouri Convention & Visitors Bureau for sponsoring this post! Scott and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to visit their charming city together!