Hello! I'm back again today to share more of our one jet jaunt to Springfield, MO earlier this month. One of the areas I was most excited to explore was C-Street, or Commercial Street, as I've heard so much about it over the years -- this is where Elsie and Emma's vintage shop was back in the day, and also where Askinosie Chocolate is located (more on that in a later post -- I need more space to share that inspiring experience). It was a bit of a gloomy morning when we arrived, but the rain didn't stop us from exploring and taking in the full C-Street experience. 

We made our first stop at Creative Escape Glass, a locally own studio where you can create fused glass creations. Scott and I are always up for a little arts and crafts, so the plan to make sun catchers was right up our alley. After we learned about how to be safe with the glass and about our tools of the trade, we picked out our colors of choice and went to work. 

Scott went for a very detail, Mondrian-esque design, and I went really simple with shades of blue and white -- lined up so they almost resembled keys on a piano. I don't know if any of you out there are Cursive fans, but my design ended up reminding me of their Ugly Organ cover art -- a forever favorite album of mine! Anyways, we both really enjoyed our time at Creative Escape Glass and would highly suggest their classes if you're local or just stopping by! 

After working up an appetite, we all headed up the street to Ms. Gilmore's Team Room for lunch! Known for its quirky charm, Ms. Gilmore's had a fun atmosphere and the most delicious desserts. Scott had their famous strawberry soup (and a side of grilled cheese, haha) for lunch, and while he wasn't quite sure what to expect, he was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just like strawberry ice cream -- not a bad lunch if you ask me!

We both couldn't resist getting dessert after hearing so  many good things about their treats, so we split a piece of key lime pie and a lemon torte! Both were, of course, delicious! We heard their Coca-Cola cake and fruit tart were also yummy -- next time, next time! 

After lunch, we took a little stroll around C-Street -- up and down, peeking in shop windows and looking through their many vintage store for treasures to bring back home with us. Our sweet friend, Stephanie, snapped the photo of us at the very top of this post as we ventured around and took in all of the old, beautiful brick buildings. C-Street was sure charming, and we loved checking out all of the local shops that lined the historic area. 

Our next stop, and the last on our C-Street adventure, was a tour at Askinosie Chocolate, but I'll be saving that for another post! If you're local or ever visited Springfield, MO before -- have you checked out C-Street? If so, what's your favorite shop in the area? Have a great Wednesday, sweet friends! -Chelsea xo


A huge thank you is in order to the Springfield, Missouri Convention & Visitors Bureau for sponsoring this post! Scott and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to visit their charming city together!