It's nearly the end of July, and monsoon season has finally decided to show its face around here. As the sun beings to set on a 115+ degree days, the winds pick up, the dust begins to fly and the rain starts to pour down -- usually just enough to make your car dirty, but also enough to cool the desert down and make these summer days feel bearable once again. Since we've spent most of July working and playing at home in Arizona, I'm feel extra thankful for these cooler evenings and daily rainstorms we've been having around here -- now, if only it would get below 80 degrees in the evening (yikes!). 

Other than beating the heat, Scott and I have been spending time working on our home, getting ready for Phx Flea's The Flea After Dark (come see us on August 6th!) and seeing a few of our favorite bands from back in the day at the Taste of Chaos tour. The concert was a complete blast from the past with The Early November, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional all playing sets of my favorite songs from the early-mid 2000's. Saosin's Seven Years and TEN's Ever So Sweet were among my favorites of the evening! It's also nuts to think that Scott and I had never saw Anthony Green in Saosin until then, and that we can still remember going to TEN's final tour back in the day at The Clubhouse (RIP). This show felt nostalgic in so many ways, but I'm super stoked that were were able to attend and see all of these bands once again -- some 10+ years later!

Now that monsoon season has finally started, I'm already dreaming about cooler weather and the earliest signs of Autumn (aren't we all!). Fossil recently launched their Camp Fossil fall collection, and this is definitely adding to my excitement of the new season on our horizon. I have a feeling that their Emi saddle bag and this boyfriend style watch will be on heavy rotation in my pre-fall and autumn wardrobe -- something I'm already starting to build up for the new season! 

Outfit Details:
Madwell Mesa Hat (on sale!)
Target Who What Wear Peplump Top (similar!)
Madewell High-Riser Skinny Jeans
Sperry Woven Flats
Original Boyfriend Sport Chronograph Watch c/o Fossil                                                                Emi Saddle Bag c/o Fossil 

It may only be Wednesday, but I already have a weekend getaway in mind --- somewhere up north where the weather is cooler and the water is flowing! Its been a few years since we checked out Slide Rock, but I'm thinking a quick, day trip up there to enjoy the flowing water and red rocks is just what we need! Do you have any plans for the weekend? Do you have a favorite Dashboard, TEN, TBS or Saosin song? Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

-Chelsea xo