At the end of June, after a whirlwind week in Colorado, Scott and I hopped on a plane headed toward Salt Lake City to visit my family for the 4th of July weekend. Its become a bit of a tradition to visit my folks around this time of year, and its the perfect excuse for us to get out of the heat and explore the great state of Utah! This year, visiting the Young Living lavender farm in Mona was high up on my list, so I was so stoked when we had a couple of free hours to take my folks car and go exploring -- all the way to the tiny town of Mona for a peek at those gorgeous fields!

After about a 45 minute drive from Provo, we jumped off the highway and took a few backroads through the town of Mona, finally making it to the YL lavender farm -- which is gorgeous and so well kept. We first made our way through their visitor center to get a feel of where we were allowed to explore, and then headed out on our own. We were we greeted by rows and rows of fresh and fragrant lavender, along with a beautiful reception area, a tiny lake and jousting arena (yes -- the farm has a medieval theme to it)! YL has 1,400 acres filled to the brim with lavender, and while we weren't able to explore the bulk of their fields, the area we did get to roam around in was so beautiful and very fragrant!

The YL lavender farm is not only a great place to snap a photo, but they offer so many fun activities and events throughout the year -- their annual lavender days (which we missed by a week!), essential oils classes, a 5K run, distillery tours and more. The whole farm is so pretty and very calming -- Scott and I both would suggest checking it out if you're in the SLC area. The drive is especially nice in the summertime, and there are so many fruit stands and markets you can stop at along the way. If we would have had more time, going cherry picking was also on our list --- next time, next time!

We walked away from Mona with a bundle of fresh lavender and an even greater appreciation for these gorgeous fields. We ended up taking the backroads through the rest of the town and back toward Provo, stopping along the way at cutest farm store that had homemade fudge, ice cream and more. It was such a beautiful day, and I feel so lucky that we were able to make our way out to the YL lavender farm -- hopefully next year we'll be there in time for their annual celebration! I hear it's a huge party! Anyways, today i'm sorely missing this place -- especially with it being over 100 degrees before 9am! July is almost over, though, and I can see fall on the horizon -- cooler temps are coming fellow desert dwellers, so stay strong (haha!). I hope ya'll have a great Wednesday! I'm off to work, but first -- coffee, coffee, coffee! Chelsea xo

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