I've said it before and I'll said it again -- farmers markets are my jam! When we were in Utah last month, we had the chance to stop by Provo's farmers market on a beautiful Saturday morning. Summer is not the ideal time of year for outdoor markets in Arizona, so it was so nice to be able to take a stroll through the booths, grab an iced coffee and enjoy the cool weather while we did a bit of shopping.

This farmers market had a great mix of fresh fruits and produce, plants, handmade goods, flowers and delicious treats. I'm a big fan of summer fruits, so I loved grabbing a big bag of these sweet cherries and eating them as we walked around the market.

Scott was really into these handmade wooden spoons and utensils that a really sweet older man was selling. Scott has been trying his hand at carving spoons lately, so it was fun to see him chat with the man about his technique and any tips and tricks he had for getting each piece just right. Scott ended up picking out a spoon made out of walnut for us to bring back home -- a sweet, non-touristy souvenir that has become a bit of a tradition for us since we picked up a set back in Springfield early on in the summer!

After spotting this handmade, woven basket in a nearby booth -- I knew this would be my  souvenir. I love a good market bag, and this one seemed perfect to carry around at our own local farmers market in the fall. I actually just spotted a similar one on Etsy, so if you're in the market -- this one is super cute! Anyways, I really enjoyed the Provo Farmers Market and look forward to going back next year. In the meantime, our FM season is just gearing up around here and I'm really excited to start shopping at our local market on a regularly basis again -- we're probably going to miss it this weekend, but I'm really excited for our booth at Phoenix Flea in the evening on Saturday. Hope to see all of you local folks there! Chelsea xo