Happy Monday, friends! After a very restful weekend I'm stoked to be back here, blogging and focusing more time into this little space of mine in the blogosphere. I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm terrible at resting. I constantly feel like I need to "go, go, go" -- which I've learned is a blessing and a curse -- but this weekend just felt like the best time to take a rest and get recharged for the rest of the month ahead of us! While Scott and I didn't venture out too much, a stop in at our favorite local coffee shop in our darling downtown was a must. 

At least once (and sometimes twice) a week, Scott and I carry our one gallon growler down to Peixoto Coffee for a refill. During the wintertime, we usually make hot coffee at home -- but in the summer, iced coffee is a must and we try never to let our growler go empty. It's actually a pretty cost effective way for us to get our daily coffee in, and while we definitely could make our own own cold brew at home -- we would miss going into Peixoto way too much. For us, coffee is more than just a drink -- it's a community, and one that we're incredibly thankful for in our little downtown area. 

Now that we're well into August and through most of the summer months, I'm really feeling the itch to switch up my wardrobe. While warm weather clothing is a necessary in the desert (almost always), I keep grabbing for a few of my fall favorites and just wishing it was cool enough to wear them longer than five minutes outside in this heat. Is anyone else starting to feel this itch? Recently, I picked up this shirt at Madewell on a whim and its become my new go-to (seriously, I just took outfit photos in it two weeks in a row and didn't even realize it until I pulled up the photos on my computer, haha). I love the cut, how lightweight the fabric is and that the print is just summery enough, but could also work well in the fall paired with a chunky sweater. Madewell has made a few different versions of this shirt, and I think the plaid version is next up on my fall wishlist. Anyone else buy the same piece of clothing in different colors? Guilty as charged over here! 

This guy has been working so hard lately on his handmade business, Citizen Home Decor, in prep for the upcoming craft season, and I couldn't be more proud of him. The Flea After Dark was a great way to kick off the season, and now he's gearing up for his next market in October -- Pineapple Triangle! In the meantime, we'll be selling his handmade pieces wholesale and online -- promise to share when all of his new items are live in the shop! You're going to need one of his brass and wood cheese boards for all of your autumn get-togethers, I promise! ;)

Madewell Courier Button-Back Shirt
Madewell High-Riser Skinny Jeans
Vince Camuto Remme Sandal 
Original Boyfriend Sport Chronograph Watch c/o Fossil                                                                     Madewell Zipper Transport Bag

I hope your week is off to a great start, friends! Scott and I are currently sitting side by side, both working on our computers and listening to a very sleep kitty snore between us. I swear, our kitty Peter has become more and more snuggly in recent months. I'm a big animal lover (I'm sure you've figured that out now from my Insta stories, haha!), and it warms my heart to have him be so loving. Ok, this sap is out, but I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo