As the month goes on, our days are beginning to feel shorter -- with the sun setting earlier, and earlier each day. I'm always slightly surprised when this begins to happen, even though we go through this every year. For now, though, I'm going to try and savor these last few weeks of long summer days and pretend darker days aren't on the horizon (ok -- that sounds a bit much, but I seriously have such a problem when the sun sets at 5pm -- it just doesn't feel right). Sunsets aside, our monsoon season is still in full swing around here and we've been having the dustiest of days. Our "haboobs" always seem to make the national news, and our home sits right at the beginning of where the wall of dust usual starts -- making for a terrifying view that feels like something straight out of the mummy, and also the most beautiful of sunsets as the dust swirls around and colors the clouds the most beautiful shades of orange, red, purple and grey. If you've never experience a haboob before, I wouldn't say you're missing out -- but it's quite the sight to see!

Aside from these stormy days, things have been pretty low-key around here. Scott and I have spending our evenings going on walks and trying to stick to a work-out routine -- nothing too crazy, but we've been having fun trying out different apps and figuring out ways to keep each other motivated. During the summertime, our level of activity tends to go way down because it's just too hot to be outside. We've tried going the gym route, but we both just like to do our own thing and have fun sweating it out together at our local park or even in our backyard. If you have any app suggestions, we would love to hear them -- so far the Seven app has been our favorite.

This combo of a cargo green vest (or jacket for the office), mixed with a black/white top, dark denim and my Nisolo Huarache Sandals has been my uniform as of lately. I work in a pretty laid-back office three days a week (and two days at home), and while I want to feel pulled together and professional around my teammates, I also want to feel comfortable -- so having a "uniform" for those days that I know will always look nice and be easy to pull together in the rush of running out the door is a huge bonus for me! I'm not big into labels, but I feel like the idea of a capsule wardrobe could easily apply to my work week wardrobe (and who am I kidding -- probably even my weekend wardrobe too - although, I do have a better mixture of dresses and giant hats mixed into that bunch -- ha!). Do you relate to the capsule wardrobe concept? Sometimes I worry it may make me feel too limited in my wardrobe, while other times it feels like exactly what I need and where I want my style to be! Ok -- I might be rambling at this point, but I would love to know your thoughts! 

Old Navy Cargo Vest (similiar!
Madewell High-Riser Skinny Jeans
Black Blakeslee Embroidered Top c/o Francescas
Nisolo Huarache Sandal                                                                                                           Madewell Zipper Transport Bag  

Be back soon, sweet friends! 

-Chelsea xo