I have some very exciting news -- Citizen Home Decor is featured on the Arizona Foothills Magazine website today! Over the past three years, Scott has worked tremendously hard and has poured his heart and passion into his wood working to bring Citizen HD to life. Oftentimes, it's a family affair -- you can find my mom and I stringing ornaments and tying up coasters during the autumn and winter craft season months, but this business truly wouldn't be what it is without Scott's desire to create and be involved in our local community, and I honestly couldn't be more proud of him for his dedication and persistence in finding something that he loves and just going for it! 

Aside for today's exciting news, I wanted to share a few photos from our first market of the season -- Flea After Dark! Leading up to the weeks and days before the flea, Scott put so much time and effort into not only creating and designing new pieces, but also designing and building a totally new booth for the season ahead! Along with selling his state pride plaques, ornaments and coaster, Scott has also added wood and brass serving trays, geometric cutting boards and more entertaining focused items to the shop. These new pieces are a labor of love, and would make the perfect addition to anyone's home -- if I do say so myself! ;) 

Scott just updated his online shop with a few of his new pieces, including geometric and long-handled cutting boards, brass + wood serving trays & more, and we would love if you gave the shop a good peek -- let us know what you're loving and would like to see more of! Oh, and If you're local to the Phoenix area, our next market is at Pineapple Triangle on Saturday, October 15th! Hope to see so many of you there!

I'll be back soon, but I hope everyone's week is off to an amazing start!

-Chelsea xo