Feeling inspired from my recent Instagram post, I thought I would share here (just in case you were enjoying your own stormy Sunday). I believe that rainy afternoons call for magazines and autumn candy! This bag of candy corn is my first of the season, and while it may seem a little too soon to be celebrating autumn -- this desert gal just can't help herself and is so ready for days that are not 100+ degrees, and to finally being able to wear her beloved boots and scarves once again. So tell me, what's you favorite fall treat? I LOVE candy corn, caramel apple suckers and PSLs!

Other than dreaming of fall, Scott and I have been enjoying a quiet day and evening at home -- cleaning, creating and resting before the week ahead. Is it just me, or do Sundays always seem to go by way too fast? And If you're curious --

- this blog post really sparked my interest this weekend.

- i can't stop watching reruns of Fixer Upper. 

- i recently purchased this Madewell top and think it'll be a perfect, transitional piece for summer to autumn.

Hope you have a great rest of your evening, friends!

-Chelsea xo