We all know it's true -- the weekends were made for brunch dates! A few weeks back, Scott and I stopped in at Peixoto Coffee for their Sunday brunch pop-up with Ennoble AZ! The folks from Ennoble are well known for their delicious pancakes, so we couldn't pass up a brunch date at our favorite place. After snoozing in a bit, we headed down to Peixoto to claim a seat at the window before it got too busy. We placed our orders for breakfast, and sipped on some iced coffee while we waited! 

Scott had one of Ennoble's speciality pancakes, carrot cake with goat cheese frosting, and I opted for an acai bowl with gluten-free granola from Chop Shop right around the corner. I've been eating primarily gluten-free since October of last year, after being recommended the Low FODMAP Diet after having my gallbladder removed -- and while I LOVE pancakes, I usually stick to the GF option and have a tiny bite of Scott's if I just have to try it. Anyone else feel my pain, haha? Anyways, it was the perfect Sunday brunch date with lots of good food, good coffee and sweet friends! 

Fast forward to this Sunday -- we took a last-minute trip to visit my folks and family pups up in Northern Arizona. The temps were in the 60's, and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day -- complete with lots of car sing-alongs, too many french friends and time spent walking through the woods! On top of all of that, I also got to celebrate my best friend this weekend who is getting married in October -- so I guess you could truly say it was the most perfect weekend (more on that soon, I promise!). 

How was your weekend? Do you have a favorite brunch spot? What's your go-to dish?

PS I'm wearing my favorite Madewell Courier Button-Back Shirt here -- the cut and pattern are just perfect! 

-Chelsea xo