I have something to admit, before moving into our tiny home we were sleeping on a mattress that was way past its prime -- creaky, a bit sunken in and in need of being replaced. Since our budget was on lock down with the new home expenses, we know that buying a new mattress wasn't in our immediate future. So we were incredibly thankful when our friends over at Tuft & Needle (an amazing local company that's doing great things!), gifted us the most amazing housewarming present -- new mattresses for us and our future guests! 

In case you haven't already heard, Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 by two friends who were sick of the lack of fairness and transparency in the mattress industry. Today, their headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., are selling their adaptive foam mattresses at a true cost and are rated #1 online! Needless to say, Scott and I have so many reasons to love this company (their also made in the USA!) -- but in all honesty, their mattresses are incredible and so comfortable! 

Taking a step back, let me paint a picture for you -- we were one month into homeownership and were finally going to spend our very first night in our home. I was nervous, we had no furniture (we were still in the finishing stages of our home at this point -- flooring, appliances, water, electricity, etc.) and the only things in our unfinished bedroom were a metal bed frame, a fresh set of bedding and our new Tuft & Needle Queen size mattress (that was super quick and easy to unbox). I went into that first night with my nerves racing high, but as soon as we laid down all of my worries seem to subside (cheesy, but true). Our first night in our new home was quiet, cool and comfortable -- basically, everything I could have hoped for, and every day since has been just the same (well, other than those evenings when the high school band just won't stop playing, haha!).

Scott and I are both so grateful we were able to move into our home with a new and comfortable place to lay our heads at night -- something we realized the first night in was a huge blessing and the best way we could have hoped for starting this new chapter in our life!

If you've been considering a Tuft & Needle mattress, we say go for it! You can visit a showroom (with locations in downtown Phoenix and San Francisco, currently!), have it shipped to your home for free and sleep on it for a full 100 nights before making your final decision! Oh, and just in case you were wondering -- our kitty, Boots, is a big fan of our new mattress as well -- he's also a camera hog and just couldn't pass up a good photo opp! ;)

Thank you SO much again to the amazing team at Tuft & Needle for making our house feel more like a home and gifting us a set of mattresses that we know will be put to very good use. As always, all opinions are our own and we're very grateful for the opportunity to help spread the word about a company that's doing such great things right in our own backyard! 

Have you heard of Tuft & Needle? Love their mattresses? Let us know! 

-Chelsea xo