I can't say this officially, but January 2017 may be the rainiest January to date here in Phoenix! I know, I know -- it's winter, but we're just not used to all this rain in the un-official sunshine state! Rainy days aside, before Scott and I headed out on our Portland adventure last week (where it also rained - ha!) we did a little exploring around our own town. This darling neighborhood was a place we hung out often during our college days and holds so many good memories of coffee dates, sunny day walks to see all the darling homes and old friends who once lived in the area. It was a bit nostalgic, to say the least, but it felt good to get outside while the rain subsided and get in a walk with my favorite guy. 

This Hackwith Design sweater is a recent purchase from one of my favorite local boutiques, Phoenix General. This is the second piece from Hackwith I now own, and both items feel like a work of art. I know that might sound silly, but they're beautiful pieces and I love that I'm investing in items that are unique, well-made and from a US designer. Pieces like this are a step in the right direction that I've been trying to take with my closet -- pieces that are well-loved, well-made and overall just make me feel really great when I'm wearing them. It's also a total bonus that I could pick up a gorgeous piece like this locally -- best of both worlds, ya know! 

Now that January is almost over (it went by so fast!), I'm doing my best to focus on better preparing for the next few months on the blog -- which I'm thinking will be quite busy and fun! My writing is often on the fly, but I have so many topics and stories I want to share (literally pages of ideas written down that I just need to share!), so I'm working on creating plan that will allow for a little more structure (while still keeping that fun flow - because I really do love quick and easy posts -- like the old blogging days!). If there is anything that you would like to see more of (style, interiors, beauty, ???) -- let me know! Seven and a half years into this this 'ol blog of mine and I truly still love it as much as ever (and that's in big thanks to you!). 

This cutie and I are gearing up for another fun weekend around here -- pop-up shops, plans for coffee dates and lots of home projects. We also haven't seen La La Land yet, so I'm thinking that might be a date-night must! Have you seen it yet? Love it? Feeling meh about it? I've only heard great things!

Hackwith Design Mockneck Sweater                                                                                         
Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                 Leather Watch c/o Fossil                                                                                                             Seychelles Impossible Booties

How has January been treating you? Loving it? Over it? // PS I'm on the hunt for a few new blog reads! Tell me a few of your favorites! Right now I'm loving Almost Makes Perfect, A Taste of Koko and Thoughts By Natalie

-Chelsea xo