Eleven years ago we shared our first kiss and made things official in a parking in Tempe -- little did we know that would be the start of our forever! We were just kids back, unaware of what the years ahead would bring our way, but like I said last year on this very day -- I feel certain that we already knew that this was our forever. John Scott, there's no one in this world I would rather split an iced coffee with, stroll along the streets of Paris with or go through this crazy journey we call life with then you. Thank you for being my rock, my confidant, my person. I love you, sweet husband of mine! Here's to all of the exciting times and years ahead of us! I have a feeling that this next year will surely be a thrilling one!

With all of my love,

Chelsea xo

Photo by amazing Dawn Photo! And a huge thank you is in order to Kathryn Anneliese for filming our story + making this video happen!