With the last week of November on the books, I've been reflecting on a month that seemed to go by in the blink of an eye! Holiday prep, market afternoons, celebrations with family and friends -- November was full of activities and people we love -- what more could we have asked for? While I am sad to see another autumn month go by (fall, come back!), I am especially excited for all the holiday cheer the new month will bring. Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of November? Without further ado -- 

-- We've started to slowly deck the halls around our tiny home -- fresh garland, boxwood wreaths and all! Next up -- setting up our tree and getting the rest of our holiday decorations out from storage. I can already feel our space getting more cozy by the second! PS that West Elm pillow is my fav!

-- It's true what they say -- it's always sunny in the desert! We've been enjoying some much needed cooler weather around these parts and I think we all couldn't be more grateful! Open window season is finally here, haha! PS the chair on the left is one of our favorite investment pieces we've purchased for our home!

-- While the mirror may not be completely decorated for the holidays just yet, it's still one of my favorite places to snap a quick photo in our home! Our DIY entryway will forever be one of my most fav areas, and one I'm actually thinking of writing a little more about. Would you be interested in learning how to design + style a DIY entryway? Let a gal know! 

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful week! Scott and I have been resting up after a busy weekend, but we are so excited to decorate more for the holidays + watch Christmas movies! The Santa Clause is a classic, but I also really love The Holiday! What's your favorite holiday movie? 

-Chelsea xo