Sponsored by Shane Company

You may not know this about me, but jewelry holds a very sentimental place in my heart. I grew up watching my grandmother and mom put on their necklaces and rings every day, and the sentimental value of these small items never ceased to amaze. Traditions were created here – ones that I looked to bringing into my own everyday routine as I grew older and was gifted my very own heartfelt pieces. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Shane Company today to share my own #BigLittleGifts story and a few of my favorite pieces from their holiday collection. 

The Christmas before Scott and I got married is a Christmas that I’ll never forget. We spent the months leading up to the holiday prepping for our wedding, which included picking out our wedding bands. Scott had proposed earlier in the year with the most beautiful halo diamond ring, which he so carefully had chosen at our local Shane Company location, so it felt only natural to purchase our wedding bands from there as well. We went into their showroom together one chilly autumn day and left with two bands that would become heirloom pieces for our future children and grandchildren. We came home and tucked them away until our wedding day, although – I may have taken mine out of the box a few times a day shortly after – it was just too pretty to be stored away for that long! 

Well, come Christmas day – 24 days before we were set to say “I do,” I found a surprise under the tree – a maroon colored box wrapped up in a bow! I grabbed the box and started to open it, feeling a bit puzzled and with a confused look on my face (I’m sure of it!). Inside I spotted a ring – my diamond pave wedding band that we had picked out together just a few weeks back. At this point, I’m pretty sure I blurted out – “My ring! It’s my wedding band!” – looking at my parents and Scott with a smile on my face. I had a feeling, though, that something was different about this ring – and with a smirk on his face Scott confirmed that this was indeed not my ring, but instead a second band to complete my wedding set. This moment went by in a bit of a blur, but I know that I had tears coming down my face and the biggest smile that settled it – it was a big little gift that truly meant so much to me, and one that I would treasure for a lifetime.

Like my diamond pave ring, Shane Company has an array of beautiful pieces in different styles and price ranges for the holiday gift-giving season! Here I’m wearing their Mirrored Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold, which I think would make a great gift for a loved one or that special someone in your life. The design is simple and classic, and while it may be a “small” purchase, it’s sure to have a big impact on the one who is receiving it! 

Another “small” piece that I believe anyone would love to receive is this Pave-Set Diamond Band in Rose Gold. It would make the perfect the addition to a wedding set or could easily stand on its own! This one is very similar to my two bands, both of which sit on either side of my wedding band! 

I would love to hear your own story of your beloved #BigLittleGifts pieces – whether that be an heirloom ring that’s been passed down from generation to generation, or a newly gifted necklace that made such an impact on your heart. Don’t forget to check out Shane Company’s holiday collection and to stop by their showroom soon to see all of their sparkly, sentimental pieces in action. I’m sure that you’re bound to find a piece that suits your loved one’s style (and your price point) – one that I’m sure is bound to turn into a family heirloom as the years go by. Thank you so much to Shane Company for partnering with me on this post! Here’s to a season of gift giving, sparkles and the little pieces that can bring monumental love and happiness into the lives of those you love!

-Chelsea xo