Hello there! I didn't mean for the bit of silence around here, but geez -- the days are whizzing on by and now Christmas is less than a week away! In the same vein of our DIY hot coco party, we thought it would be fun to throw together a little DIY cheese board evening for our family and friends! Curious as to how we put together this beauty? Places to shop beautiful cheese boards? Tips for easy entertaining? We got you covered, friends! 

Cheese boards are those tried and true holiday "dishes" that pleases just about everyone. They can also be super colorful and really add a festive (and delicious touch) to any table! Scott and I are not only big fans of the cheese, fruit, crackers, olives, etc., that dawn the boards -- but we're also really into to the cheeseboards themselves. In fact, Scott made both of these cheeseboards just for the occasion! The one on the left has brass handles and is perfect for carrying to from, and the one on the right is the perfect piece to hang in your home and use day to day.

DIY Cheese Board Get-Together --

Here's what you'll need:

1. Two to three different kinds of cheeses! For our board, we had two hard cheeses (one with cranberries in it), and one soft cheese -- that way there's a bit of variety and hopefully something that everyone likes. 

2. Lots of Fixin's! Crackers, olives, grapes, blueberries, nuts, dried fruit, meats, etc! While the cheese is the main focus, the fixin's are arguably just as important. We love a good variety around here, so don't be afraid to include a variety of sides that will max and match well with your cheese.

3. A beautiful board + bowls and plates to pull everything together! Scott handmade these boards and we sell them in our online shop -- wink, wink! Oh, and the bowls are from Target and the plates are from Crate and Barrel

4. A little holiday flare! We decided to keep things extra simple this time around and just wear festive sweaters. Encourage your guests to wear something festive -- whether that be an ugly christmas sweater, a little bit of green and red -- or if they're feeling it, one of those full holiday suits they're selling everywhere nowadays (because they are hilarious)! 

5. Party guests! Gather your friends and family around for an evening of cheese, crackers, lots of fixin's and a few fun games! Charades is a classic, but Balderdash is really fun too! 

While Christmas is just around the corner and would be the perfect place to flex your charcuterie knowledge, a cheese board get-together would also be perfect for New Year's as well! What holiday parties will you be attending in the next week or so? A white elephant party? Ornament exchange? Last minute get together with your best girlfriends? Please sign me up for all of these -- I love being with the ones I love the most during the holidays! I'm also a big fan of snack foods, so don't forget to sit me real close to the cheese and Christmas fudge! ;)

While you're out shopping for your cheese board treats, don't forget to keep your Gluten Free friends in mind too! All of these crackers are GF, most of which I picked up at Target -- and I promise they taste just as delicious as the non-GF versions. If you do have both types of crackers at your party, though, I would suggest keeping them on separate boards -- just so there's no accidental mixing and matching for your GF friends.

And there you have it -- an easy DIY cheese board that will satisfy every one of your party guests! Truth be told, I've definitely put together this exact spread numerous times since this day! Cheese boards feel like Christmas to me, and mixed with some holiday tunes and a sparkling drink -- you have yourself a mid-afternoon snack fit for the holidays!  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will be having your own DIY cheese board get-together with your loved ones soon! Please let me know if you're planning on doing so! // PS Christmas is almost here and we have just two more markets with Citizen Home Decor before taking a little break for the season! Who will we be seeing tomorrow at Desoto and at Phoestivus on Thursday? Here's to a wonderful week, my friends!

-Chelsea xo