Well hello there, friends! The Christmas season has officially come and gone and Scott and I are slowly settling back into our everyday life, post-market season and all. Truth be told, the days after Christmas day always a feel a bit sad to me -- the celebrations are over and the excitement has subsided. This year, though, I'm trying my best to spend the days post-holiday and pre-new year focusing on the wonderful year we had and planning for the coming year -- it's going to be a good one, folks! With all that said, though, I wanted to share a peek into a little holiday shopping date Scott and I had a few weeks back at the loveliest local shop -- Camelback Flowershop

This Phoenix-based flower shop offers a variety of home goods and the most beautiful florals you ever did see. Their style is said to be a mixture of "Modern-Industrial" and a "Flowershop-Greenhouse," and with the recent switch to their new location -- this sweet shop has everything you could need. Whether you're in a pinch for a bundle of blooms and a thoughtful gift, or if you're looking to bring something beautiful into your home -- you'll find exactly what you're looking for right here in this bright and airy floral shop in the heart of Phoenix. 

During our first visit to the shop's new location, Scott and I couldn't help but take in every inch of their beautiful space. From the thoughtfully curated local and handmade goods, to the well-loved plants that lined the aisle ways -- it was hard not place everything into my basket and bring it home! Going into our visit I did, thankfully, have a little bit of a shopping list in mind -- with hopes that it wouldn't let me get too sidetracked, as I'm sure anyone could in a shop so beautiful. Among the "needs": winter peonies and a Christmas present for my mom, and while I didn't exactly pick out what I came in for -- we did leave with a beautiful bunch of items! 

The light that fills the shop just may be my favorite feature of the space! Scott and I were lucky enough to swing by during such a bright, light-filled hour before they closed up for the day, but I'm sure any hour that you were to go to their beautiful space will be just as bright and airy. Visiting Camelback Flowershop used to be a big more tough with their week-day only hours, but I was so thrilled to hear that along with their new space, their offering new weekend hours! This may or may not be good for my bank account, but I can promise you that you'll be seeing me around this space much more often [say hi if you see me in there next time -- ;)].

If you do find yourself at Camelback Flowershop on a Friday, be sure and take advantage of their #FRESHFLOWERHAPPYHOUR -- with all fresh flowers being half off from 1PM-6PM or until sold out! I picked up this sweet, grab and go bundle during our time there, but I could have easily picked out a whole bundle of happy hour flowers to take home. Their selection always seems to be filled with something unique -- winter peonies, dahlias, anemones and more!

Janessa Leone Alara Hat                                                                                                              Sezane Berenice Blouse                                                                                                              
Madewell 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                    Free People Royale Flats

Let me know if there are any other local shops you would like me to feature! It's always great to spread the love -- and it definitely takes me back to my earlier days of blogging when I shared more locally based spaces, diners, coffee shops, etc. I hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday -- Scott and I had a pretty special one this year -- low-key and filled with lots of family time, happiness and delicious food! Be back soon!

-Chelsea xo