Sponsored by 6pm!

Happy New Year! When the clock dawned 12:00am last night a new year began and everything started fresh again. To kick things off around here for what's set to be an incredible year, I wanted to share a few thoughts on winter wear! With the winter season in full swing, I find myself looking for any and all ways to stay warm and cozy during these abnormal temps we're having here in the desert. Growing up, my mom always told me that as long as I kept my head and feet warm I would never be cold. That little piece of advice has stuck with me ever since and is something I always think about when bundling up for the day. In high school, I dawned a cozy pair of fur-lined boots almost every day during the cooler months -- the nickname "Boots" was given to me during that time period and is still something I'll respond to -- just ask my longtime friends. Becuase of this, partnering up with Bearpaw & 6pm felt like a natural fit, because really -- it was time you knew of my love for cozy and comfy boots!

And now that 2018 is officially here, it's time to get working on laying the foundation for a truly wonderful year to come! Today is all about rest and relaxation, and tomorrow Scott and I go full swing back into our everyday work routines. We've been contemplated a lot on what we want to accomplish this year, personal and work related, and I have to say -- things are really shaping up to lend their way to a beautiful year!

I hope your new year's day is off to a great start, friends! We're keeping this pretty cozy and spending time at home with our kitties in tow (they've been glued to me lately, which is SO sweet), but come sunset you can plan on finding me right here in truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! Don't forget to peek these Bearpaw booties if you're in need of something cozy and comfy to start 2018 off right! Here's to all the good that this year will bring!

-Chelsea xo