Christmas is officially 19 days away and truth be told -- I have barely started buying gifts for my loved ones! This year I'm trying to focus more on quality than quantity when it comes to picking and choosing presents for those I love, but with that said -- I've also been feeling a bit in a rut with which kind of gifts to give. Now that we're all a bit older and have our own places, though -- the thought of gifting more home decor pieces has been on my mind lately. And while I know home decor can be a very personal choice, I also believe that gifting these type of pieces can be the perfect way of mixing beauty and functionality -- something that we all seem to craze. Plus, browsing the new-in home decor sections (holiday or not) is a pastime of mine and something I would be doing even if the gift giving season wasn't currently here. Raise your hand if you hear me!

In case you're also on the hunt for home decor pieces to gift this holiday season, or just feel like browsing those post-holiday sales -- here's a few of my favorite shops to browse + buy home decor gifting pieces from --

I would love to know if you have any home decor gifts you love to give? We're pretty big into gift cheese boards and framed photos around here! Anyways, I hope ya'll are having an amazing week and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo