Happy February! The coldest month of the year is now over and I can see spring on the horizon (even if it doesn't technically start until March 20th). With warming weather calling my name, I've been dreaming of sprucing my home (and wardrobe) up with a few pops of spring inspiration -- lighter materials, brighter colors and new plant babies all around our home. Scott and I recently stopped by Dig It, a local garden and urban nursery that's nestled away in Central Phoenix. Scott and I had first came here a few months back when it was scorching hot outside and almost melted when we stepped into their muggy greenhouse, but on this day -- it was a bit chilly outside and the greenhouse was a nice warm escape. 

Dig It has tons of plants -- from your everyday succulents, to ones that look like they came straight out of a Harry Potter movie (you'll see what I'm saying below). Their staff is super knowledgeable as well, and they even offer the occasional class -- I'm now feeling a bit bad that I missed their last one, Succulent Success! Scott and I went into Dig It with a few things we wanted in mind, but really enjoyed just exploring the grounds and learning more about caring for our plants from the rad employees. 

After spending way too much in the greenhouse (I just loved it in there), we made our way outside to look at some of their outdoor plants, including a GIANT fiddle leaf fig, and then inside to check out their pottery, plant food and air plants. We left with quite a haul, and now our home is feeling a bit more springy and green. If you're local to the Phoenix area, I would highly suggest checking out Dig It -- it's the cutest urban garden shop you've ever seen.

Now that our house is feeling extra green, we're ready to move onto more projects -- my spring wardrobe, and our hallway closet that is almost complete! Scott recently built a few cabinets and put them above our washer and dryer -- some much needed storage space that I'm really excited to now have. What about you, what's on your pre-spring cleaning + honey-do list? 

Don't these remind you of the squealing Mandrakes in Harry Potter? After I saw the one on the far right I couldn't stop thinking it would start shrieking at me if I tried to pick it up -- haha! 

Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket                                                                                    
Madewell Mockneck Button Back Top                                                                                                Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                        Coach Saddle Bag                                                                                                                                 Madewell Billie Boots

The weekend is almost here and I'm really excited to celebrate our nephew's second birthday, work on more home projects and just rest (something that I'm not always great at doing -- I have that go, go, go kind of personality). What are you looking forward to this weekend? PS if you're in need of a good read, might I suggest Steffy's Pros and Cons -- I've been reading her blog for years and today she did the best Instagram Live! 

Have a great weekend, friends!

-Chelsea xo