Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! While i'm a big fan of any holiday where we get to celebrate our loved ones, Scott and I like to keep things pretty low-key. This year. though, we decided try out a new-to-us restaurant, Pomo Pizzeria, that we heard had super yummy gf pasta and pizza! After dinner, we had a little ice cream date and called it an early night -- just our speed! Since Scott's surgery, we've been trying to get in as much rest and relaxation as we can since we really want to give his hand the best chance to heal properly. Scott and I both want to thank ya'll so much for all of your kind words and well wishes regarding his injury and surgery -- we feel so lucky to have so many positive vibes being sent his way! Ya'll truly are the best! xo

Now that the days our a little longer, getting photos in has become a lot easier -- thank goodness, because those short, dark days of winter were tough! We actually shot these a couple of weeks ago at the prettiest park near our home when the sun was close to setting and beautiful golden light was coming into full focus. This outfit felt really fun to wear, and while my everyday look is usually jeans, boots and a sweater (well, t-shirt lately with these 70+ degree temps we've been having), I'm trying to be better about pushing myself outside of my winter uniform and into something that feels a little lighter (because spring is on its way ya'll!).

I have a few items in my spring wishlist that I'm currently lusting over, a new Free People dress being one of them, but I'm wanting to take it one piece at a time and be really intentional about my wardrobe. My sweet gal pal, Tieka, has been talking a lot about her own personal style lately and she has me really thinking about my own. So much has changed since I first started sharing my outfits here all those years ago! What about you? Have you noticed your style changing over the years? Or even just recently? I definitely wear less dresses nowadays, and I'm not as adventurous with my color choices + accessories, but ya know what -- I'm ok with that! It's all in the journey, right? :) 

The weekend is almost here and Scott and I have plans to celebrate one of our sweet friends' birthday at a local restaurant on Friday night! We also have Phoenix Flea coming up in a few short weeks, so we'll be starting to prep for that the best we can together (watch out -- I'll be using the laser cutter this time, haha). I hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of your week! -Chelsea xo

Vince Camuto Oversized Fedora (similiar + on sale!)                                                                      
Madewell Necklace (similar!)                                                                                                           Free People Dress (similar!)                                                                                                             Free People Cardigan (similar!)                                                                                                         Madewell Billie Boots