We all have those staple pieces in our wardrobes -- those unsung heroes that we reach for time and time again that help make an outfit feel complete (or really just go with everything). Over the past few years I've been noticing a pattern in my closet -- five pieces that I reach for almost daily. If you been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for any amount of time, I'm sure you have a hunch about my top five, but in case you're curious (or in need of a few new staple pieces in your own wardrobe) -- 

1. Madewell Fleet Jacket - I LOVE this jacket! I wear it SO often that the sweet folks over at Madewell have even featured me wearing it on their website! The Fleet Jacket is the perfect shade of green and is lightweight enough that I can wear it even during the summer in AZ. In the warmer months, I wear it to work almost every single day -- seriously, ask my coworkers! They make this jacket in a few different shades of green, sometimes a grey and khaki color too. Even with so much wear, this jacket has held up great and looks even better than the day I bought it (a little more broken in and relaxed fitting). Truth be told -- this is my most worn item in my closet and is well worth the investment! 

2. Straw Hats - Ya'll know I'm a hat girl through and through, and while I love a good wool or felt fedora -- neither of these fabrics cut it during the summertime! That's why straw hats are a staple in my wardrobe! The one pictured above is a boater style hat from Forever 21, but my absolute favorite (thus far) is a straw fedora from Madewell (the one I have isn't available anymore, but this one is similar)! I've heard great things about Janessa Leone's straw hats as well, and I already have my eye on of her beautiful pieces for this upcoming summer! 

3. Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket - I have wanted a real leather jacket for years and years, and when Scott surprised me with this beaut for Christmas it was love at first sight! As someone who has gone through many "leather" jackets in their life, I can tell you that the cut and fit of this one is just right (not too short in the back, and not too bulky overall). Lately, this has been my go-to piece for dressing up my date night looks, and adding in a bit of edge to my everyday style. I know this is quite an investment piece, but trust me when I say that you won't need to buy a new leather jacket for years and years to come after you introduce this one into your wardrobe. 

4. Madewell Transport Satchel - Ya'll know how much I love the whole Transport line from Madewell, but the Satchel just might be my favorite! I'm a crossbody bag kind of gal, and this one is just the right size and goes with just about everything! I have it in the black and brown combo as well, and love how well they've both worn over the past few years. The monogramming Madewell offers is kind of fun too -- I have my initials on my black and brown satchel! 

5. Madewell Billie Boot - I had a pair of the Billie Boots in my online cart for ages, but was hesitant to pull the trigger because of the heel (I'm more of a flat boots kind of girl). After receiving the true black shade as a gift, I knew that I would be adding the english saddle color into my wardrobe sometime in the near future. I love how easy these are to walk in, and how they can instantly dress up any outfit you're rocking. These boots are probably my most worn this season, and I'm sure that I'll find myself pulling them out year after year -- they're just so classic! 

And there you have it! My 5 Wardrobe Staples - which happen to almost all be from Madewell! I swear I didn't plan this when I first started writing this post, but truth be told -- I love a good piece from Madewell! I would love to hear -- what are your 5 wardrobe staples? Do we have any of the same ones? Are you currently shopping for any staples as we speak? I have my eye on this Sézane Messenger Bag and think it would work nicely with my whole wardrobe!

-Chelsea xo