Last week, I shared a few personal thoughts that had been on my mind due to a pretty rough and stressful week. Today, Scott and I both shared a little more about what's been going on in our world as of lately. I know that a few of you might have already read this on Instagram, but continuing on in my effort to be more personal here -- I wanted to share.  

A little over two weeks ago Scott had a bit of an accident that resulted in a late-night trip to the ER (with a very panicked wife who had to put on her brave face and push away her fear of hospitals). The result -- stitches and a damaged nerve in his right hand. After two specialist appointments, Scott went in for surgery last Thursday to repair the nerve (which affected all of the feeling in his right pinky/side of his hand). We are super, super thankful to say that the surgery was a success and he's now on the mend! I know that I had asked for your good thoughts earlier last week and we both want to say thank you, thank you so much for all of the love you've sent our way. We could definitely still use your positive thoughts (we'll have a better idea of exactly how his nerve is doing in a week and a half once he gets his splint/wrap off post-surgery), and I promise to keep ya'll updated!

On a side note, the sweet photo above is from our anniversary shoot in Oregon with the amazing Dawn Photo! It reminds me of one of our wedding photos by Arrow and Apple and it's just the sweetest thing. Will share more of our shoot soon!

-Chelsea xo