If you've been following me for any amount of time, I'm sure you're fully aware of how much I love coffee. This caffeinated drink has been intertwined into my daily life as long I can remember, and even plays a big part in Scott and I's love story. On my Instagram, you'll usually catch an iced coffee in my hand (beats that desert heat!), but my heart equally sings for a hot cup of coffee. Our favorite local coffee shop, Peixoto Coffee, sells 1 gallon, re-fillable iced coffee growlers that Scott and I refill once a week (makes getting ready for work super easy!). However, when it comes to the weekend -- we can often be found making a hot cuppa with our Chemex or Aeropress at home.

We usually have a bag of whole beans from Peixoto or a coffee shop we visited during our travels on hand, and tend to grind the beans right before we make our coffee (it's all in the process, right?). While we've got our eye on a fancy hand grinder, we've been using the same electric coffee bean grinder for years now (this one in case you're in the market). Lately, our Aeropress has been our coffee method of choice -- makes the perfect cup, but we do have to use it twice! We're big fans, though, of how simple the clean-up process is for this (so much better than cleaning a french press). If we're wanting to make more coffee at once, using our Chemex is our best bet. I picked up our current one from a vintage shop in Denver around six or seven years ago (it's from the 1960's), but you can pick up a new one online and in many coffee shops nowadays.

Collecting coffee making tools has also become a hobby of ours -- the copper water kettle pictured above was a gift I gave to Scott for our second wedding anniversary, and the brass scoop is something we picked up during our trip to Schoolhouse Electric in Portland. I know I've said this before, but for us -- coffee is so much more! It's about an experience, time together and the memories that we've made over a cup of coffee. Now that you know our weekend coffee routine, I would love to hear your coffee story -- are you an iced or hot coffee kind of person? Pick-up, or make at home? Favorite coffee shop? Favorite coffee beans?

-Chelsea xo