We're less than four hours away from the month of March and I'm sitting here just thinking where exactly has this last month gone? Wow -- February was certainly a whirlwind! Scott and I spent a good majority of the month going through the trials and tribulations that came along with his hand injury, and subsequent surgery to repair a much needed nerve (they're all needed, really -- but this one in particular is very important!). In February, we focused a lot on rest and doing anything and everything we could to get Scott into a good place with his hand. Great news, though -- he's doing awesome and definitely on the mend! I promise to share a longer update soon, but really -- we honestly can't thank you guys enough for all of the love and well wishes you sent our way. Thank you, thank you!

Anyways, the tail-end of this month has been all about prep for Phoenix Flea (see you Saturday, local folks!) and beginning to prepare for a busy month of fun shows, family time and maybe even a bit of travel!

Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of February? Here they are --

-- It's true, I love switching up things on the mantle above our couch! I've noticed that even just the smallest of tweaks (an air plant here, a few vintage milk glass vases there) really changes the space up and makes the area feel new and fresh again. For reals, though, ask Scott -- re-arranging this space has definitely become an obsession of mine, haha!

-- Just about every season I feel the itch to update our bedding + pillow set-up in our bedroom! Lately, I've been loving our pillow combo (a mix of vintage mudcloth pillows from Maewoven and a few new cozy ones from West Elm) but I do have my eye on a new set of bedding from Parachute Home to really refresh this space for the coming warmer months! PS My sweet friend, Robyn, makes the most beautiful macrame wall hangings (she made the one above our bed!) and I can't wait to pick up a bigger piece from her this weekend at Phoenix Flea! 

- Our Kitty, Boots, was grabbing this particular Monday morning by the hor -- err, handles! Haha -- get it! ;) I picked up this sweet seagrass basket from my friend Hilary's shop, The Hill Shed, a few months ago and ever since bringing it into our home our kitties have been obsessed with it. It seems to make for the perfect nap spot, or just a place to hide from me when they want to be a bit naughty!  

How was your February? Can you believe spring is almost here? It has been awfully warm in Phoenix lately, but I'm not quite sure that I'm ready for those hot, hot temps just yet!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, friends! Here's to a fresh, new month! 

-Chelsea xo