I have a confession to make -- I have a bit of a succulent and cactus obsession! Even though I live in the desert and find myself surrounded by them in nature on the daily, I still love shopping for the perfect cactus or succulent to bring into our home! After visiting Portland and checking out all of their amazing greenhouses (seriously -- Portland is filled with them!), I now feel more determined than ever to visit all the darling nurseries we have here in our very own city! 

After visiting out friends over at UrbAna in Phoenix, Scott and I decided to check out a nearby garden shop, Berridge Nursery, before heading back to our side of town. This place is seriously huge and sells so many different kinds of plants, but of course -- I was most interested in the succulent section! At wandering around the nursery for a bit and running into an old friend, we decided to pick up a few new plants to add to our growing indoor collection, and a couple to help fill out our small cactus garden we've been working on in our front yard (which is a major work in progress, but I love the color and life it's bringing to the front of our home!).

The ponytail palm and string of pearls ended up coming home with us that day, along with two tall elephant bushes for our front yard. All of the employees here are super helpful and knowledgable in plant care, and were great in making suggestions for what would work best in our space. If you're local to the area, I would definitely suggest stopping by Berridge Nursery one afternoon -- don't be mad if you come home with ALL of the succulents, though! They have some seriously cute ones! 

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Scott and I are gearing up for a super busy week -- lots of prep for Phoenix Flea this week, but we're so excited and can't wait for Saturday! We're also going to see The Shins on Friday night, which is seriously a dream come true -- we've waited so long to see them live! What is your week shaping up to look like? Can you believe that March is almost here! Where has the beginning of this year gone? Weren't we just in Portland! ;) Here's to an amazing week, friends!

-Chelsea xo