Back again, and two days in a row? That mid-afternoon coffee must have really made a difference! ;) While I'm only sort of joking about this, I am feeling extra thankful for all of your kind words and thoughts on yesterday's posts. Sometimes it feels really hard to put yourself out there and share your stresses and faults, but the truth is -- we're all human and feel the same things. I've learned that sometimes it's just nice to read that someone else is feeling the same way you are and to let you know that you're not alone -- wouldn't you agree? On that note, I wanted to share a few more positive thoughts here today to keep the week of good thoughts rolling. I have a new found love for the color blush, and for a gal who admittedly hasn't worn any hue of pink in years and years -- this is big news! 

I picked up this sweater at Madewell on a whim toward the beginning of fall. The cut is just my style, but the color felt out of my normal territory and something different and unique. I know blush has been a big trend the past few years, and while this blush hue is darker than most -- I've been pleasantly surprised to see how much wear I've gotten out of it. I guess you can say that I'm my love for blush now runs past my favorite makeup product! ;)

Now that the days are beginning to get a little longer, Scott and I have been able to squeeze in a few more daily outfit photos this past week. I'm always so excited when fall rolls around and the days get cooler, but it's safe to say that I'm equally (if not more) excited when spring comes early and the days get longer once again. Who else is loving these longer days? Is it starting to feel like spring in your hometown? Punxsutawney Phil said six more weeks of winter, so I'll guess we'll see!

This sweet guy and I have a big day tomorrow and would really love your good thoughts and positive vibes! I kind of adore this photo of him -- watching his hair blow in the wind and laughing as I try and get the perfect shot. He'll forever be my high school sweetheart , even if he was the one who was still in high school when we met -- haha! 

Madewell Pullover Sweater (similar!)                                                                                   
Madewell Bandana                                                                                                                                 Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                               Coach Crossover Bag (similar!)                                                                                                               Madewell Billie Boots

Here's to a happy, healthy and positive day, my friends! Be back soon! Chelsea xo