Another beautiful weekend in the desert has come and went! Scott and I spent the majority of it prepping and working at the spring Phoenix Flea event, which was super fun and went by so quickly! On Sunday, we did get to catch up on a few extra ZZZ's, though, and took some time to chill out after a few weeks of prep! The weather has been SO beautiful lately, and since we know it won't last for long -- we're taking every opportunity we can to eat al fresco, go for little walks around the neighborhood and spend time outside in this beautiful desert we call home! 

Back to Phoenix Flea -- this was our first time sell at the spring event, which we had signed up for well before Scott's hand injury occurred. After it all happened, we knew it would be harder to get ready for the big event -- but we ended up getting a lot of help from Scott's dad, and truly just did the best we could with the time we had to prep. Ultimately, we had a lot of inventory (more than we expected we would get), and had a really wonderful time seeing lots of local friends, meeting a few sweet readers and getting to see our handmade pieces walk out the door with their new owners (sounds a bit silly, but it's seriously SO rad to see someone purchase a piece that you put so much time and love into!).  If you're local and missed this event, I promise to keep you posted on the next one we're at!

With the temperatures rising and rising, I've had my eyes and heart set on more spring tones and clothes the past few weeks. I'm just about ready to put away my heavy sweaters and coats (let's be real, though -- I haven't really needed them for awhile now), and I'm looking forward to pulling out more of my dresses, sandals and sleeveless tops.

After a slow morning yesterday, Scott and I headed to mall for a bit so I could scope out a few new items for Spring -- I haven't been shopping since before our trip to Portland, so everything felt fresh and a bit more inspiring now that a new season is about to roll around. I ended up picking out a new dress, a pair of overalls (that I'm SUPER excited about!) and fun bag that I'm excited to style up and share with you guys! This spring is going to be a really good season when it comes to fashion -- I can just feel it! 

Free People Sundae Pullover                                                                                  
Madewell Bandana                                                                                                                                   Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                          Madewell Billie Boots                  

And now we're off for another busy and productive week! We have lots of birthday celebrations, a sweet friend coming into town and two shows to attend (American Football and Owen)! Happy Monday, friends! xo