If you've been reading my blog, following along with my Instagram Stories or really just have known me for any amount of time, you probably know how much music means to me. Growing up, I was the little girl who carried around a cassette player (yes, one of those dinosaur contraptions) and proudly let anyone and everyone know that I was listening to Barry White (I have my mom to thank for that one, ha!). In elementary school, I was obsessed with CDs and picked out my very first one at the bold age of seven. Can you guess what it was? Alanis Morisettee's Jagged Little Pill, which, looking back -- was probably a bit too old for me, but thanks to an alt-rock obsessed mother and two older cousins who were listening to the same, it seemed pretty harmless at the time. 

In junior high and high school, my love and passion for music only continued and I could rarely be found without a pair of bulky headphones, a CD player, and later on - an original, pink iPod mini that I played into the ground. Between 2003 and 2006, I went to concerts almost every week, a tradition that I would continue on when I met the sweetest, piano playing boy at a local show in September of 2006 (can you guess who?). Music has always played a very big role in my life (in both of Scott and I's lives for that matter, although his journey is very different than mine -- maybe I should have him share sometime!), and is one that continues to grow and change as I've gotten older. And although I didn't get into records until later on in life, I always knew they were very special (I have my dad's passed down collection of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Beach Boys and other classic records to thank for that).

So here there are, a few of Scott and I's favorite records from our personal collection:

Is This It by The Strokes // This record opened my eyes and ears to a music style that I desperately needed at the time. Radio pop had been taking over my life and this album was refreshing, fun and led me into a lifelong obsession with Julian Casablancas and The Strokes. And while Room On Fire will always be my favorite album by them, there's just something so special about Is This It! 

Give Up by The Postal Service // We played this record during the best day of our life thus far (our wedding day!), and for that -- it'll forever be a favorite of ours. I remember listening to this in high school for the first time, and feeling completely obsessed with its romantic lyrics and poppy melodies. Years later, we finally were able to hear this sung live (just weeks before we got engaged), and less than a year later I walked down the aisle to Such Great Heights (the Iron & Wine version, of course). Truth be told, I don't think we'll ever hear this album and not think of our wedding day!

Brother, Sister by MewithoutYou // Scott here - MewithoutYou is one of my all time favorite bands! One of their concerts was one of the first shows I went to in high school, and I remember feeling instantly mesmerized by their energy and unique style. I've seen them about ten times since then, but it never gets old. Brother, Sister was a very influential record for me, and was released during a very important time in my life (the day before I met Chelsea, to be exact)! 

Set Yourself On Fire by Stars // Another high school throwback that shaped my taste in music for years to come! I used to play Your Ex-Lover is Dead on repeat back in the day, and still know every lyric from this album by heart! A few favorites include Ageless Beauty, The First Five Times and Reunion! 

Deja Entendu by Brand New - Deja Entendu was the record that impacted my musical preferences the most during my high school days. I remember the first time I heard The Quite Things That No One Ever Knows, and how I felt the immediate urge to listening to everything that Brand New had ever put out. Today, my obsession with Jesse Lacey is alive and well, and I still find myself listening to this record regularly. 

And there they are! Five records that we both love and have shaped our lives in some way or another throughout the years. To me, knowing someone's musical tastes is like seeing a peek into their soul -- different corners that you may not have expected, but somehow all make sense in the grand scheme of things. Do you have a record or two that you just love? Do you prefer listening to records, or find yourself turning on Spotify more often than not? While I love the convenience of listening to any and every song in a moments notice, there will always be something so special about putting a record on and just letting it spin!

Thanks for reading and be back soon, friends! -Chelsea xo