Date night ready? You hear what I'm saying! For as long as I can remember, Scott and I have always loved going on dates! 10 tens years togethers, 3+ years married and our date nights are basically the same. Back during our dating days, when we didn't have much money to our names, we would go to Border's and spend hours digging through magazines, books and browsing through records and CDs. Most coffee shops also knew our names - we would split a hot latte or a cup of iced coffee and just talk for hours and hours about our dreams, what the future would hold for us and that week's school assignments (going through college together was such a blessing -- Scott was my forever study date). Today, our date nights look a tad bit different -- no school work to slow us down, but we do cherish our time together just the same. 

Our frequent date night haunts include a local American fare restaurant, the occasional movie, trips to our favorite local shops and sometimes -- just a long walk around the nearby desert park does the trick! We don't like to keep things very formal, but usually once a week we'll proclaim that it's date night and do something fun together! For us, this works perfectly for this time and place in our life. I have a feeling that one day we'll look back on this special time and remember how care-free our date nights once were -- maybe then we'll be toting around a little one with us and spending our date nights as a family! One day, one day! 

This look has been something I've been gravitating toward often -- a leather jacket, neck scarf, my favorite Billie Boots and the sweetest dress (that Scott picked out for me for Christmas) to pull it all together! I've actually been seeing the lovely Cait of Pretty & Fun rocking a similar look lately (in the same dress!), and now I'm determined to get as much wear out of it that I can before it's time to put it away for the season -- summer is nearly here in the desert, folks! 

Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket                                                                                 
Madewell Bridgewalk V-Neck Dress (on SUPER sale)                                                                            Madewell Crossbody bag (similar!)                                                                                                        Madewell Billie Boots

Whether you're just dating, in a long-term relationship or have been married for years -- date nights are always important! What do you and your significant like to do together? Dinner dates? Movies? Concerts? Oh, we love concerts too! We've been to four in the past few weeks! Happy Tuesday, friends!

-Chelsea xo