For the past two+ years I've spent two days a week working from home (which I know is an absolute blessing - trust me!), and over the course of time I've found a routine that really works for me -- from my early morning podcast + music jam, to my afternoon lunch break away from my computer. Knowing that many of you either work from home or might be considering the transition, I wanted to share six tips that help me to be my most productive -- in hopes that they might help and inspire you to do the same! 


1. Have a clean + uncluttered work space! // On my work-from-home days, you can usually find me in one of two places -- at my desk in our office, or at our dining room table. I tend to bounce back and forth between the two areas, but I can almost always guarantee you that both spaces will be cleaned off and ready to go when my work day starts. Having a tidy space to work in sets me up for a super productive day (well, that and a big ol' glass of iced coffee!). 

2. Get ready! // Now, I know this may not be for everyone but hear me out -- getting dressed in my everyday clothes, brushing my teeth and pulling a comb through my hair does wonder for my mental state. I feel like I can focus so much better when I feel that I'm ready for anything that day may throw my way! I typically don't wear makeup on my work-from-home days, but every once in awhile if I'm feeling tired (and need a little umph to get me going) or want to be ready to go once I've wrapped up work for the day, I'll put on a pretty minimal makeup set-up first thing! Don't think that there aren't exceptions to the rules, however -- some days you will still find me in my loungewear at noon. It's all about balance, my friends!

3. Pick your tunes! // Music and podcasts are a huge part of my work-from-home routine! Come Monday morning I usually have a whole slew of podcasts just waiting to be listened to, so I tend to start there and then hit the music when I'm needing a little pick-me-up! And if you're in need of a few suggestions -- I love The Lively Show, At Home With... and the Breakfast For Dinner Podcast

4. Take a break! // When I'm feeling stuck or find my mind wandering to other things, I tell myself it's time to take a break. I usually like to get up from my work space, grab some coffee or water, a snack and just take a few minutes to refocus my mind. I know this sounds super basic, but I swear -- it works! 

5. Eat your lunch away from the computer! // Ok, I'll admit -- I'm actually pretty terrible at doing this. I usually each lunch while I'm working away, but I do know this -- moving to a different spot in the house and taking five minutes to eat and read an article or look at a blog can be such a great refresher! Here's to promising that I'll be better about actually doing this, this summer! 

6. Keep in touch! // And last but certainly not least -- don't alienate yourself! Keep in touch with your teammates - chat, call, email! I know that some days it can feel lonely working alone (especially for those that thrive off of community and good energy), so don't forget to keep in touch - I promise that you'll be happier and oftentimes more productive because of it!

And there you have it -- my six tips for working from home! And now it's your turn -- do you have any tips? Favorite podcasts? What's your pre-work morning routine look like (whether you're working from home or not)? Raise your hand if the absolute first thing you do when you wake up is make coffee -- guilty as charged! I'll be back soon, friends -- hope ya'll have a wonderful week!

-Chelsea xo

// PS both photos were taken by Ten22 Studio for our Design*Sponge feature