It happened -- I jumped on the overall bandwagon! In the spirit of wanting to add a few fun and different pieces into my everyday wears, I recently added these Madewell overalls into my wardrobe! I've actually been on the hunt for the perfect pair for awhile now, but something about these just called my name. It's kind of funny, but I actually remember the last time I wore overalls -- on my fourth grade school picture day! They were brown corduroy and had a Winnie The Pooh embroidered patch on them -- I'm sure I have a copy of that photo around here somewhere, so I'll try and share it via Instagram Stories soon (this was also pre-braces, so you can see my cute, crooked teeth)! Anyways, I'm excited to style these up more this spring and summer -- so far I've just paired them with t-shirts, but I think they would look really cute dressed up a bit with a flowy blouse and a pair of strappy sandals!

How was everyone's weekend? On Friday, Scott and I tried out a new local restaurant -- Doughbird! They're actually set to open tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th, but we were lucky enough to get an early sneak peek. We had a little bit of everything -- from their gluten-free pizza to the roasted cauliflower, hummus platter, mac and cheese and this incredible Elvis inspired dessert. Everything was SO delicious and I'm really excited to go back again soon! If you're local, be sure and check out Doughbird soon! 

On Saturday, we mostly spent the day with family but did have a few minutes to check out a local, handmade market that had some of our most talented friends as vendors. Scott and I are excited to be hanging out with a few of them next weekend at the Tempe Festival of the Arts' Sixth + Mill Makers section! Come see us and shop Citizen HD (plus so many other awesome local makers) on Saturday, April 1st and Sunday, April 2nd -- 10am-5:30pm both days!

And Sunday -- well, that day was a mix of prep for the new week ahead, working hard for this Saturday's market and getting in a little rest while we can! I swear, sometimes the weekend goes by in a snap, and this one was no exception. Now we're onto a new week -- the last of March, which feels so crazy to say! Wasn't it just January? I am looking forward, though, to more days of warm weather, eating al fresco (while we still can!), going on a little weekend getaway and continuing to work hard on Citizen HD with my love. This spring is seriously going to be the best! 

Madewell Silk Bandana                                                                            
Marine Layer T-Shirt                                                                                                                    Madewell Overalls                                                                                                                       Madewell Marfa Crossbody Bag                                                                                                    Nisolo Huarache Sandals

I hope ya'll have an amazing week! Scott and I have plans to go out for tacos this evening and it's silly how exciting I am about it! I'll be back again soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo