If you were to peek into our home, it would be easy to see that we have a soft spot for vintage and vintage inspired furniture! Before moving into #TheApplebyHome just over a year ago, we began the hunt for a few well-loved pieces that could easily bring some character into our then blank space. The leather library chair pictured above was a score from a local vintage market -- a piece that Scott spotted while I was out of town and one that he quickly sent me photos of before anyone else could purchase it. Already knowing the answer, really, he waited for my heart eyed emojis and bought the chair on the spot. Today it's one of our most loved and used pieces in our home -- it's a real fan favorite with our kitties, and is easily one of the comfiest spots in the house. Anyways, our home is filled with other vintage and vintage inspired odds and ends, including our dining set from Living Spaces, our office desk and more -- and truly, we wouldn't have it any other way. In case you're also on the hunt for vintage or vintage inspired furniture, here's a few of my favorite pieces from around the web --

And just for good measure, here's a few of my favorite shops for vintage or vintage inspired furniture --

Do you like a mix of new and vintage in your home? What's your favorite vintage or vintage inspired piece in your place? I have a vintage dog portrait next to my bed that looks like my little pup Piper and it's of my absolute favorite pieces! Oh, and don't forget that the hunt is part of the fun -- it took us ages to find a few of the pieces in our home, but the wait was truly worth it! I hope ya'll are having a great day, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo