US -- IN MARCH 2017

How have I not shared these photos yet? Back in March, our sweet friend Dawn (who we met in Portland this past January) came to town for a wedding and stayed with us for a few days. On a rather warm, early spring evening she snapped these photo of Scott and I in one of our favorite places -- the Salt River! I'm obsessed with the orange glow, and how Dawn captured our love of the desert, adventure and each other. 

I know I've shared these words before, but don't ever underestimate the power and joy of having photos taken with your loved ones -- whether that be your spouse, family of four, parents, grandparents or furry friends. It's surely true what they say -- a photo is worth a thousand words! Have fun with them and don't forget that dancing under the moonlight is never a bad idea! ;)

I hope ya'll have a wonderful day! Here's to love, my friends -- and photos, lots of photos!

All photos taken by the lovely Dawn Photo!

-Chelsea xo